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The Things I'll Do To Have You Here With Me (Part 3)

Summary: Ryou is beaten by Bakura continuously and is able to forgive him every time. What will he do when Yami sends him to the Shadow Realm?

Main Pairing: Ryou x Bakura.
Side Pairings: Yugi x Yami, Malik x Marik


\Bakura to Ryou\ Mind Link

/Ryou to Bakura/ Mind Link

/\Yami to Yugi/\

//Yugi to Yami//

--- --- ---

Ryou sat under the tree that he and his friends sat up but instead of sitting on the bench he sat on the ground, leaning against the tree. He and his friends met up just as the bell went and there was no time to talk really before they headed off to class. Ryou was glad that it wasn't long till school started because it had already gotten colder than before he stopped going to school and right now he was close to freezing and he'd blocked it from Bakura. He had also not realised how cold it was now and didn't have anything warmer with him.

--- --- ---

The morning passed slowly for Ryou. He was worried what his friends would say when they saw Bakura. The bell rang and Ryou packed his stuff away and headed out of class the fasted and to his locker and then ran to the tree and sat again on the ground. He felt Bakura pull away from the ring and was sitting next to him in black leather pants, black sleeveless shirt and long coat. Ryou blushed when he saw it.

He heard people shouting and looked over to see Malik, Marik, Honda, Jou, Seto and Tea running over. Ryou whimpered slightly and moved closer to Bakura. Bakura slipped his arm around Ryou's shoulder and held him comfortingly, a smirk plastered on his face.

"How in Ra did you get out?" Jou said angered.

"Jou please..." Ryou tried.

"You were sent to the Shadow Realm." Tea said.

"Please..." Ryou tried again.

"You shouldn't have been able to get out." Malik said a bit fearfully and was moved behind his own Yami a bit.

"I..." Ryou tried again, tears forming in his eyes.

"Let him go you basturd. Haven't you hurt him enough?" Honda said.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Bakura roared angered causing all to back up a step.

Ryou let out a soft sob and Bakura turned his attention to Ryou and wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into his lap and Ryou buried his face in his shirt. Bakura rubbed his back soothingly and glared up at them.

"Hey what's going on?" A voice called out.

All apart from Ryou looked around and saw Yami and Yugi coming towards them quickly after hearing the commotion. Yugi notice Ryou's sobbing and hurried over and knelt down next to Ryou.

"Ryou you alright?" Ryou nodded. "Are you sure?"

"Y...Yeah." Ryou said his voice soft because his face was still buried in Bakura's shirt. /I'm sorry./


/You're shirts wet because of my crying./

\It doesn't matter, it's just a shirt.\

Ryou looked up at him, smiling. Ryou moved his up and wrapped around Bakura's neck. Ryou moved up a little and kissed him on the lips. The group behind him were gaping at the two. Ryou held his lips there but didn't deepen it any further. Bakura pulled his hand from Ryou's back and cupped his lights cheek. After a minute they pulled back and Ryou blushed and buried his face again in Bakura's shirt, a little embarrassed.

"!" Yugi said. "That was a bit of a surprise."

"Ryou get away from him. Stay with me and you'll be safe." Jou said moving forward.

"Touch him and you'll lose your life."

"Bakura no!" Ryou gasped and looked at him. "Don't you dare try and hurt my friends."

\Fine.\ Bakura sighed through the link not wanting to look defeated in front of everyone.

Ryou smiled and curled back up in his lap and looked at the others.

"Things have changed so don't say anything."

"Ryou he's dangerous." Honda said.

"No, not anymore." Ryou cried out.

"Yami do something." Tea said.

"At the moment there is no need. He isn't being hurt and he doesn't want Bakura gone because he loves him. Also Bakura loves him, so I'll leave him alone for now. But if I suspect something and I find that he's hurt him. I'll send him to the Shadow Realm and take the ring and tie it to a tonne of cement and toss it into the deepest ocean I can find. He already knows this."

"I don't believe it. Ryou you're just seeking comfort because of fear. Come with me. I'll help you." Tea said reaching out to him.

Ryou's eyes darkened and Bakura slapped her arm away before pulling Ryou closer. Ryou cuddled back up to Bakura but was still angry with her.

"No Tea. I love Bakura and if you can't live with that then we aren't friends anymore."

"Fine! I'm going whose coming?"

Everyone stared at her before moving towards Ryou, Bakura, Yami and Yugi. Tea growled before turning and storming off. The others stared as she walked off before a dark shadow slinked along the ground and lifted up without her knowing and she tripped over it, falling flat on her face. Everyone had moved and sat at the table laughing at her. Ryou was laughing a little as well be looking at Bakura with a glare.


"It wasn't me."

"It was me." Marik said.

Bakura smirked and looked back at Tea who was just picking herself up and dusting herself off and hurrying back inside. Ryou leaned against Bakura gaining a little warmth he could. Bakura slipped his arm around Ryou's shoulder and pulled him close. Everyone started talking and Ryou had explained what happened and how Bakura got back. Ryou shivered slightly at a small gust of wind and Bakura caught onto this.



"You ok?"

"I'm fine."

"You're cold."

"No, I'm fine."

Bakura glared at him and Ryou looked down at his lap. Bakura reached past Ryou's weak defences and found what he was looking for. Bakura sighed and removed his coat and wrapped it over Ryou's shoulders. Ryou looked up at him and Bakura wrapped it tighter around Ryou's body before putting his arm back around his shoulder pulling him closer.

/Thankyou Bakura./

\You should have told me sooner.\


\It's fine.\ Bakura kissed Ryou's forehead before going back to the conversation beforehand.

--- --- ---

Ryou smiled as he entered his home and hurried into the living room and lit the fireplace to produce more warmth in the house. Ryou sat down in front of the fire and as he got warmer he removed his school jacket. Bakura had to take the coat back when he left because it was against school rules. Bakura had actually not returned to the ring but left on foot. Ryou didn't know what he was doing but didn't bother thinking about it.

Ryou smiled slightly at everything that had changed and lay down on the ground by the fire, his jacket used as a pillow. Ryou yawned softly before falling into a light sleep.

--- --- ---

Ryou jumped slightly when he heard the front door slam shut and he whimpered and looked around to see Bakura strolling into the living room. Ryou shivered as the cold air drifted into the room from when he had opened and shut the door. Ryou moved back a little towards the fire to keep the cold from his body.

"Ryou you alright?"

"Y-Yeah I'm fine."

"You look a little scared."

"I was asleep when the door slammed shut it just scared me a little. Nothing to worry about." Ryou smiled.

"Sorry I didn't realise you were asleep. Why don't you go and get changed and then we'll order takeout."


Ryou got up and picked up his jacket. He shook his head a little when he got dizzy as he stood up straight from picking up his jacket. Ryou smiled as he passed Bakura who was stripping off his coat and shoes. Ryou started up the stairs when he felt dizzy and he was almost to the top when he felt faint.



Ryou felt darkness start to cloud his vision. /Help./

Ryou felt himself fall backwards as he passed out. Ryou's unconscious body fell down the flight of stairs before resting on the first floor.

--- --- ---

Bakura had just received his lights call for help when he heard something tumble down the stairs. Bakura acted instantly and hurried towards the stairs before staring in horror. Ryou was laying face down on the floor in the front of the stairs. He wasn't even moving.

Bakura hurried over and lifted Ryou into his arms and saw him shaking slightly. Bakura frowned and pried into Ryou's mind and found he was sick. Bakura stood up with Ryou in his arms and hurried upstairs to Ryou's room and into the bathroom where he rested Ryou against the bath and turned it on and got the water warm before filling it up.

As that was happening he turned back to Ryou and gently stripped Ryou for the second time in one week before gently setting the boy in the tub and gently cleaning him off. He then took him out and dried him off and dressed him in warm pyjamas. Bakura placed him in bed and put the covers over him before heading downstairs and looking in the phone book for something to eat. He'd learned all this sort of thing from Ryou.

--- --- ---

Ryou whimpered when he woke later that night. He looked over at the clock and saw it was 11:30. Ryou groaned and went to climb out of bed when something restricted his movement. Ryou looked behind him to see Bakura laying there sleeping with his arms around Ryou. Ryou smiled and moved Bakura's arms from his body and went into the bathroom.

He didn't feel all that well and looked in the mirror. He was pale and had a thin layer of sweet on his face. Ryou sighed and closed the door to hopefully let Bakura sleep more. Ryou turned to the shower/bath and turned the water on to a warm temperature before putting the plug in and slipping his clothes off and laying down in the bath. Ryou sighed as the water slowly soothed his body and washed away the sweet.

--- --- ---

Bakura's eyes fluttered open as he heard the bath running. Frowning, he looked around and found that Ryou wasn't in his arm. Bakura groaned as he sat up and heard the water was turned off. Bakura walked over to the door and knocked on it lightly. He heard a 'come in' before he entered and saw Ryou lying in the water, looking at him. Bakura smiled and walked over before sitting on the ground beside the bath.

"You ok? You took quite a fall down the stairs."

"Yeah there's a bump on my head but that's about it. I'm alright just don't feel well."

"Yeah I know you're sick."

Ryou sighed softly and played with the water a little. Bakura watched him before noticing Ryou pointing to a towel. Bakura smiled and handed it to him and looked away. Ryou stood up and slipped the towel around his waist and stepped out and let the water out. Bakura stood and wrapped his arm around Ryou's waist and grabbed another towel and started to dry off his arms, chest and stomach which just caused Ryou to become bright red.

Bakura chuckled as he finished and wrapped his arm back around Ryou's waist and pulled him to the bed.

"Bakura I have to get dressed."

"No you don't. It's one thing I've learned back in Egypt is that when you're sick with what you have it's best to not be dressed and to have another body up against you. Don't worry I won't rape you if that's what you're thinking."

"It's not that... it's just."

"Don't worry." Bakura said putting Ryou in bed and putting the covers over him before slipping his hand under the covers and pulling the towel from Ryou's body and Ryou made a move to get it back. "Now, now you don't want to get sicker do you?"

Bakura dropped the towel and undressed himself and Ryou couldn't get his eyes off Bakura's body. Ryou gaped when Bakura dropped his pants and was left in nothing. Ryou could defiantly say he wasn't small at all. Ryou finally realised what he was doing and looked away. Bakura crawled over the other side of the bed and under the covers and pulled Ryou close who couldn't help but blush.

"You can look all you like Ryou. I'm only for you."

Ryou still blushing looked up at Bakura and smiled. Ryou turned and looked at Bakura's chest and ran his fingers over his chest. Bakura smiled as Ryou continued to trace small patterns there, before he closed his eyes as Ryou continued.

Ryou noticed that Bakura had closed his eyes and grew bolder now that he wasn't watching him Ryou pulled a hand away from Bakura's body and let it slide under the covers and Ryou knew where Bakura's penis was because it was touching his thigh and Ryou wrapped his fingers around the organ and stroked it gently. He watched as Bakura's eyes shot open and he moaned. Ryou smiled and stroked him gently before pulling away causing Bakura to groan in protest.

"That was bold Ryou."

Ryou smiled slightly and Bakura leaned forward and kissed him gently before running his tongue along Ryou's lips. Ryou hesitated before opening and Bakura slid his tongue inside Ryou's mouth and stroked his tongue and the roof of his mouth pulling soft moans from him.

Bakura in return slid his hand down Ryou's body and his fingers curled his fingers around Ryou's own penis and started to stroke it like Ryou had done to his, coaxing Ryou's to life. Ryou gasped pulling back from the kiss and moaned softly. Bakura smiled and started to suck on Ryou's neck leaving a small hickie there.

Ryou was so close to release when Bakura pulled his hand away. Ryou whined at him and Bakura smiled at him before leaning down to Ryou's ear.

"Ryou may I?"


"Suck you."

Ryou eyes widened and stared at Bakura. Ryou slowly nodded and Bakura leaned down and kissed him gently before pulling back.

"If you don't like it say so but I have a very strong feeling that won't happen."

Ryou blushed and Bakura moved the covers from their bodies and this gave him a good view of Ryou's own pale body. Bakura leaned over the top of him and kissed down Ryou's body before coming to curly white hairs. Bakura looked up at Ryou who was panting softly and a blush dusting his face. Bakura kissed down Ryou's erection before taking it in his mouth that caused Ryou to buck his hips and moan. Bakura held Ryou's hips down and continued to suck him gently. Ryou who moaning continuously before he felt his end coming all too quickly. Bakura knew this and sucked a little harder before Ryou screamed and his seed shot into Bakura's mouth. Bakura drank it all and looked at Ryou who was panting softly.

Bakura smiled and lay down next to the boy. Ryou was now exhausted because one he was sick and two because of their activities. Bakura wrapped his arms around Ryou and pulled him close.

"Sleep Ryou. I'll be here when you wake. I'll look after you."

Ryou nuzzled his head in Bakura's chest. "I love you Bakura."

\I love you too Ryou. Forever.\

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