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All I Wanted Was A Freck'n Cookbook!

Bella P.O.V

It started with Charlie going out fishing yet again May I add, and my dorky self going.

"Hey why don't I go to Port Angeles tonight to get a new cook book?"

And of course Charlie being preoccupied with the pre fishing prep he mumbled back "Sure, whatever Bella."

Again like a newbie dork I had this feeling that horrible hidden eyes were watching me. I just marked that down as moving jitters cause well I just got here little over a week now and with my new school, friends, and well all a round newness. (wait is that even a word? Hummm…)

My drive down to Port Angeles was uneventful the usual slow ride. Went to the book store bought the "BIG Book O' Fish" and was heading back toward now dark parking lot getting out my keys when I felt a hand around my mouth, arms, and waist! I felt the cold sweet breath on my neck that made my hairs stand on end and it said…

"You are perfect darling. You are my 10th and final virgin, a sweet smelling one at that, for this semester's stock. It was actually a pleasure watching you this week" my attacker purred.

Okay the very first thought in my mind, was "How the hell did he know I was a virgin!!! Is it written on my freck'n forehead!!" then of course I give my classic blush then I went in my head "wait! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING JUST STANDING THEIR BASICALY GIVING YOURSELF UP TO HIM! DO SOMETHING!!!"

As I was going to bit down on his hand I felt a sharp prick and then…

Edward P.O.V

I can't believe I'm doing this!!! I can't believe I'm doing this!!! I-CANT-BELIEVE-I'M-DOING-THIS!!! Well maybe I can cause I have to much of a view in to what the people think before i get to feed to hunt people like the other Volturi.

Well, ever since Carlisle and Esme disappeared and Rosalie and her hubby Emmett ran off to God knows were, the Volturi took us in (by us I mean Alice, Jasper, and myself). We have had to live in Italy, and I had to put up a show by taking part in their bloodlust feast and all around lust orgies. It wouldn't be so bad if I couldn't hear their thoughts! Its either.

"OH MY GOD HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE!" said the face/nameless victim


"Yummy I cant wait for tonight I swear he will be mine!" said the vampiress and once even a male vampire!!! Can you say weird!

Back to the story at hand, Aro gave me a note on the semi-annual auction after noticing my behavior. Just to show him up I went to the auction. But what I found there was as I expected nothing until the last five minutes in the auction…