Hey my beautiful (and hopefully merciful too) readers. Know I am a bad bad author I give you only taste and only 4 or 5 chapters in I take a hiatus. The truth is that I had a MAJOR case of writers block. I have some of the next chapter done but I need to write more, so I decided to slate your thirst for another chapter by putting a little fluff in!


Walking down the street: I'm a woman

Meet a hot vamp: I'm a woman

Take him out to the forest: I'm a woman

He gives me a kiss on the cheek: I'm a woman

He whispers in my ear: …you don't own twilight or any of its characters

I think I would have liked it better if he was a woman cause then I would've had a new vamp friend!!!


Victoria P.O.V
"James! Dear God the things that...that ruff voice puts me through and your little 'tracking the pray then going to dominate you' bit is H-HOT! I finally get to see you again after this week of James less existence, but mmmmm I got a few ideas for how you can make it up to me!!!" I said to myself as I was driving the car to pick up my beloved.
I got out of the car in front of the building where they held the auctions. I hoped James got a runner this time 'cause that Brazilian chick from last time just broke down and started crying saying 'p-p-please don't hurt me!' sniveling little snot! Oh well as long as I am by James' side I'll be fine with whatever he gets. And if he doesn't get it, we can have - take-out!

I opened the auction door to catch a whiff of a smoky sweet smell; it was like a lollipop next to a flame. I looked around at the mess on the inside and saw a slowly dying fire and a patch of white next to the fire. I ran as fast as I could to the patch, picked it up and inhaled the scent of the skin. But I couldn't believe my nose...it...it...it smelled of James my lover, my dominator, my...my...My world... how could this have happened. A soft breeze brought another scent to my grief clouded mind. A smell that I would recognize anywhere, although it was a while ago that I last smelt it. It was HIM, that stupid Cullen that tried to track James.
As realization hit me, a hint of red tinged my vision "CULLEN! Damn you! I will find you and get retribution!"I know what I must do, I must find him. I quickly turned on my heels and ran like a madwomen because that was what I was, I was a piss vamp scorned. But I WILL get mine and James' revenge....

I told you I is bad!!! But I think that cleared up my writers block a little, but if I don't post for a while I recommend my good friend and beta Xx-PrincessPeach-xX or my follow permanent resident in the fangirl corner and my fangirl dance partner VampireWizard93 both have great stories. I hope you don't totally hate me for not updating!

I luver ya guys ta death!!!