The Royal Pain

Pairings: Itachi/Sasuke, Gaara/Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka, Neji/Shino, Shikamaru/Chouji, Sai/Kiba, Zabuza/Haku, and Tobi/Lee

Summary:Sasuke watched his parents die right in front of him at age 14 by his beloved brother and obsession, Itachi. Now at age 21, Sasuke must marry to stay as the king of his village Kohona which he has been ruling since his parents death with the help of his most trusted, and perverted adviser Kakashi. He visit's the only person he can think of that will marry him before he loses his kingdom and right to rule…none other then princess Sakura, the pink haired monstrosity with a big forehead who is absolutely obsessed with him (Sorry for being mean to Sakura)!! But once he sends a letter to Sakura asking if he can come and visit for 7 months or so along with his good friends (Naruto, Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Haku, and Lee) and sensei (Kakashi) he is reunited once again after 7 years with his worst enemy/love of his life/beloved older brother, Itachi!


Chapter 1: The Nightmare and Memories

"…Why", Sasuke cried looking at his older brother Itachi with a pained and twisted expression. Tears slowly cascaded down Sasuke's face in a steady stream as he once again looked at the dead bodies of their mother and father, who were the beloved King and Queen of Kohona Village. Their blood was now splattered everywhere in their father's study room. Itachi said nothing, but let his eye's roam all over his baby brother's body, a smirk slowly spreading across his face along with a weird glint in his eye's that Sasuke didn't notice because of his tears." WHY!", shouted Sasuke again, his body shaking in anger and fright. "Hn. Don't worry Sasuke I will be back for you." Itachi said in a silky voice before disappearing.

"ITACHI!", Sasuke yelled as he jumped out of bed. "Ugh! Not another nightmare", said a rather piss looking Sasuke. 'Why was this dream unusually vivid compared to the others?' thought Sasuke as he tried to shake away the image of his parents blood splattered on the walls of his father's study room, and his older brother's haunting words of meeting again.

"Why did Itachi kill them. Why in the world did he do it. It doesn't make any bloody sense!" Sasuke shouted out to himself as Itachi's words echoed through his head. 'I swear Itachi, one day I will put you through all pain I had to go through because of you.' Sasuke thought to himself with an evil glint in his eyes. As he continued thinking about Itachi some old childhood memories appeared in his head that consisted of him and Itachi.


(Ballroom Party held at Uchiha's Castle)

"Itachi-kun please dance with me", said a blonde hair princess named Ino. "No", was Itachi's cold, and blunt reply to the annoying girl. "Aww why not!?", asked Ino as she wrapped herself around one of Itachi's arms. Itachi was becoming vey annoyed with this girl, and didn't know how much longer he could last before punching the girl in the face. Right now all he wanted to do was play with his little brother, and make him his. With that thought in his head a small smiled graced his features. In the background, you could see Sasuke's nostrils flaring in anger at the girl who was clinging to his older brother like he was hers!. 'That bitch how dare she touch what is mine!' Sasuke thought as he made his way over to his brother. "Itachi! I need you for a second", Sasuke said as he pushed his way in between his Itachi and Ino, rudely pushed the girl aside so he could reach Itachi. Grabbing Itachi's arm, Sasuke moved them away from the annoying girl, ignoring her pitiful protest. As Sasuke continued pushing his way through the crowd of people huddled in the ballroom to an empty spot, Itachi was smiling at his younger brother knowing that Sasuke loves him also in more then a brotherly way. He also liked the fact that his precious Sasu-chan got so jealous because of that stupid-ass princess clinging onto him. "So what did exactly you need Sasuke?" , Itachi asked once they found an open area to talk. "Um, … Well …I…uhh", 'oh man what do I say'!', thought Sasuke as he nervously looked up at Itachi's stoic face. " Well……?", asked Itachi, who was trying very hard to sound calm and collect even though in the inside he was just burning with the need to make Sasuke his right here and now. "Umm…….What time does this dance end?", asked Sasuke.

End Of Flashback

Sasuke scowled at himself for being so foolish that night, but the ballroom memory suddenly ended when another memory appeared in Sasuke's mind. It was his first wet-dream which took place after the ballroom party (Oh Snap).

The Wet Dream!!

"Hmmm…ahhh..Itachi", Sasuke cried out as his older brother starting sucking on his nipple, gently tugging, and rolling it around in his mouth. "Ughhh it feels so good! I want more Aniki!", Sasuke cried out as he laid his down on his pillow. Itachi smirked at this, " Are you sure you want more Sasu-chan?", Itachi purred into Sasuke's ear. "Oh god yes aniki, I've never wanted anything so badly before!", replied Sasuke with much ethusiam."Then beg for it!", Itachi growled out passively, wanting to hear more about how much lover needed him. "PLEASE! Oh please Aniki! Please ! I want you so badly! I don't want anyone else but you!!", Sasuke said with a very sexy pout on his face. Itachi smirked at this and pulled Sasuke in a very intense and passionate kiss. Sasuke wanted more than just a kiss though, so he started to rock his hips roughly against Itachi's. "Aahhhh, mmmph ..Sasuke…hmm ooh yeah, just like that." groaned Itachi as he also started roughly rocking his hips along with Sasuke's causing a very intense grinding session. " …Uhhh, Itachiiiii it feels so ..uhnnn…goood", Sasuke moaned out, while he felt his climax coming. Right when Sasuke was about to cum, Itachi suddenly pulled away. Sasuke started bucking his hips looking for his brother again, only to find his aniki off to the side of him looking through his desk and pulling out a bottle of lotion. "Sasuke get on your hands and knees, then put your butt high up in the air. Now." said Itachi in a very quiet and deadly voice that Sasuke dared not go against. " Hmm perfect", Sasuke suddenly felt an intrusion enter him in from behind. It hurt, and stung at first as Itachi slowly slide his finger back and forth, but then… " Aahhhh! Hmm, oh god Itachi! Do it again! That spot! Hit it again!" Sasuke shouted when Itachi hit his prostate. "Hm you mean like this", Itachi asked as he jammed 2 fingers in Sasuke's tight hole, hitting his prostate head on. "Fuck YESSSSS!", Sasuke hissed out as a giant wave of pleasure flowed through him. Making sure to stretch Sasuke thoroughly, Itachi added a third finger in to make the hole better for his rock hard cock. But he was also sure to hit Sasuke's prostate every time he thrusted his fingers in, causing Sasuke to moan repeatedly. Although the pleasure amazing, Sasuke wanted more, and started to push into them along with Itachi's thrust. " Oh Sasu-chan, do you know how hard your making me right now", moaned Itachi as he watch his baby brother fucked himself on his fingers. "Hmm..uhhhnn...more I need more Itachi, pl..please fuck me...ugh...", Sasuke moaned out. Starting to lose control, Itachi decided that Sasuke was stretched good enough, and took the lotion so he could put on good amount on his arousal. Without even waiting for an okay Itachi slammed into Sasuke , completely losing control, and just started pounding into Sasuke. " feel so good Sasukeee.....nnngh your sssooo tight", Itachi purred out. "Ohhhh, Itachi! Harder!", cried out Sasuke. "Hmm.. aahhhh, FUCK YES!", Itachi panted out while pushing into his baby brother even deeper, feeling himself climax into the wonderful tight heat…

"Ugh what the fuck wrong with me!! I'm getting hard thinking about the murder of my mother and father!", Sasuke shouted to himself, as he noticed the bulge in his pants. "Oh Sasu-chan!" ................'Oh hell no' was all Sasuke was able to say before a very smexy and quite perverted man (if I say so myself) entered the room. "GOD DAMMIT KAKASHI, MY NAMES NOT SASU-CHAN!"."Oh? But why not? I think the name is cute", said Kakashi. "Anyways I have grave news my prince"... "Well what is it", said Sasuke in a bored like tune, while trying to calm down his arousal. "You better come to the conference room immediately. The council is having a meeting about you.", Kakashi said in a very serious voice. It was never a good thing when the council talks about a person, especially the king. 'Why would they be talking about me?...What did I do?', was all Sasuke could think of as he raced out of his room.

Sorry guyz, my story was somehow deleted, and so I had to kindof rewrite it, but good news is I was able to fix some of my errors. Hope you enjoy the newer version of 'The Royal Pain'.