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To Hell and Back

It felt like I was being burnt alive. As if molten lava was coursing through my veins; as if acid was consuming every inch of my skin. My eyeballs rolled back in their sockets and I was delirious.

Spasms rocked my body almost incessantly. Every part of me hurt, but the pain seemed to amass in the centre of my body–my heart. It hurt the most. The pain was so intense; I thought my chest was going to burst open. This was something I never thought I would ever experience. I could feel nothing else, only pain. Nothing else exists but pain.

I grasped for something to hold on to, but there was nothing close to me. Ragged gasps tore through my chest and I prayed that it would end, but the pain kept coming. I even hoped for death, something quick so that I wouldn't have to suffer like this.

It was an eternity before I could feel the pain fading away. Gradually, it came in waves and I was able to cling to consciousness even if it was only by a little. The first time I opened my eyes, I thought I was dreaming.

I was lying flat down on my back in an alleyway of some sort. My arms were covered in a mixture of dirt and grime. I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair–a tangled mess. It was almost pitch black around me except for the faint glow of a street lamp not too far away, but strangely, I could see everything clearly as if it were daylight. I looked around but nothing screamed with recognition.

What am I doing here?


I am walking when someoneor somethingappears in front of me. He smiles and says something to me. All of a sudden, he starts laughing

I'm running away. Something about him scared me. Irrational, maybe, but even his presence invites fear. A voice keeps calling me inside my head, taunting me. I try screaming but no one is there

I end up in a labyrinth of alleyways. Dead ends are everywhere, at every turn, and every time I think I have lost him, he appears again. I realize something: I can't get away

He holds me by the neck, mesmerizes me with his eyes. His voice soothes me in my head. Even though I yearn to get away, I can't. I tilt back my head as he plunges his teeth deep into my flesh

I crawl away. Behind me terrible noises break through the stillness of the night. I escape from the nightmare before the flames completely devour me. I hear screams before everything becomes an inconceivable blur

I racked my brains, trying to figure out what had happened; trying to remember what had happened, but everything came in short glimpses. There were missing bits everywhereso much that I couldn't think of where it all adds up.

I had no access to my memories.

Was it a snatch thief? No, my purse is still here. A rapist? I'm still wearing all my clothes. Murderer? Maybe. I tried random guessing but nothing matched what had happened. It was dawn when I gave up and decided to go home.

I rose slowly, expecting my body to be stiff from spending the night on hard tarmac, but I stood with much ease. My footfalls were without any sound and I wasn't cold even without a jacket. I made my way easily out onto the streets even though I was lost before.

Something was wrong.


It was a strange feelinglike being in a new body. It was still me but…somewhat different. I thought I'd almost walked into a lamp post in front of me, but when I blinked, it was a hundred feet away.

Everything was in slow motion for me. I could hear the sound of rushing water from the sewage system metres underground; I could see a fly flying past, even count the number times its wings beat in a second. After all that, the most surprising thing was my sense of smell.

I could smell everything in a three kilometer radius; even farther if the wind was blowing in the right direction. Anything from the smell of food cooking in a nearby diner to the smell of someone taking care of his ahem…business, in the comfort of his home a few streets away.

The most intriguing thing was a new scent. It was overpowering and impossibly enticing. Other scents were dull compared to it. I felt my senses heighten, if that was even possible. It triggered a new feeling, a combination of hunger and thirst, something not even the smell of food had been able to. It was frightening to want something so badly this way.

I had no choice but to follow it.


The first of the suns rays were already visible over the horizon. I followed the distinct scent that I had picked up earlier and headed towards my target. I was drawing closer to it. Even though I didn't know what it was, I could feel it near me.


It was just around the corner now. The smell was getting stronger and stronger.


My lips curled back, baring my teeth. I dropped to a low crouch, poised to pounce at a moment's notice, and waited for the prey to approach.

Snarls ripped furiously through my chest. My eyes followed the car as it moved. When it finally passed in front of me, I sprung through the air and landed on top of the car.

Everything seemed to fast forward after that.

I remember ripping out the car roof with my bare hand, crumpling it and sending it crashing towards the wall like a piece of paper.

I remember people screaming. A mother unthinkingly protecting her child with her own body. The father turning around and shouting, unable to believe what he was seeing.

I, myself, reaching out reaching for the mother's neck, unable to resist the unquenchable urge. Taking in the scent that had took possession of my body that is without any influence of rational thought.

That's when the car crashed.

The impact caught me off guard, but I managed to jump off in time. The accident shocked some sense into me, but it went away all at once when I saw the bright crimson liquid flowing from the wound on the man's neck.

Instinct kicked in and I couldn't restrain myself. I cradled his head in my hands and pressed my lips onto the wound on his neck, sucking the warm blood.

The taste was nothing I could have ever imagined. Once I began, I couldn't stop. A little bit was not satisfying enough. I latched onto the man and sucked harder and harder…

I turned around.

The little girl was sobbing; her eyes were wide with fear. I reached out to her, but she cowered away and buried her face into her mother's blouse. She let out soft whimper when my fingers touch her. She felt warm.

"Mommy, wake up…wake up, mommy, please," she cried.

It hurt me to see her this way. A child should never have to see something like this and I was the one who did it to her. My body shook violently and I turned away.

I let out a strangled choke at the sight of the father. I could still taste his blood on my tongue. What monster had I become? Did I kill him?

I strained my ears to hear, but there were no approaching cars. I couldn't just leave them like this. Nobody would find them, like nobody had found me. I have to help them or I might lose my humanity forever.

I listened for a pulse and heard one, though faint, from both the father and mother. There was still hope.

I picked up the father carefully to avoid any more damage and held him to the side of my body.

"Don't hurt my daddy." It was the little girl.

I nodded and picked up the mother in the same way. I turned to the girl. "Hold onto my neck," I told her and she obeyed. "I won't hurt you, not any more," I added for my own sake and ran as fast as I could to the hospital.


"Thank you," the little girl whispered as I set her down. I nodded but couldn't say anything.

I couldn't tell if she knew I was the one who did this to her, to her parents. In her eyes was a purity then only a child could posses. I worried that I have tainted it.

I waited in the shadows for someone to find them. I had left them in front of the hospital. Before I turned to leave, the girl caught my eye and smiled at me. If she knew I was the perpetrator, she didn't hold a grudge.

I smiled back, a bittersweet type of smile, and fled.

When I stopped to think, I remembered an image reflected in the little girl's sapphire eyes. It was a pair of eyes. They were the eyes of the man from the night beforeand the last thing I saw that night.

Those pair of eyes, blood red, belonged to that monster, and now, they were mine.

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