A Nightmare Come True

Chapter 1

"The Irony of it all!'

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Hinata's New Family

Keiko - Beloved one. Hinata's foster mother. She is sweet, kind, very calm tempered, and gentle. Stay at home mother, helps run things around the farm for her husband Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi – Silent one. Hinata's foster father. He lives up to his name meaning. He believes in hard work and determination to achieve your goal, never goes half ass on anything. Expects the same from his family.

Hoshi – star. Age 13. Daughter of Nyoko and Kiyoshi, Hinata's foster sister. Hoshi is just or maybe even more energetic than Naruto. The center of attention is where she loves to be, though she doesn't go to extremes to get there. She is extremely gullible, and sometimes seems a little dense. Though she isn't.

Kisho – 19. one who knows his own mind. Hinata's foster brother. Kisho is actually the same age as Hinata; he also lives up to his name. He tends to speak his mind quit frequently, to anyone who will listen. Most of the time his comments are more negative than nice.

Nozomi – hope. Hinata's friend from the small farming town they live in. Also 19 Nozomi is what some would call a blind believer. She is very head strong in her beliefs of love, and theories. Secretly she has a crush on Kisho. Secretly envies Rai's looks.

Rai – trust. Rai is Hinata's friend, also Nozomi's twin sister. Although they look nothing alike. Rai has a purple tinge to her black hair. While Nozomi's is a light brown. Rai is as her name says a very trusting person, and looked on as an idiot. When in actuality she is a very good judge of character, and tends to be shy around strangers unlike Nozomi .And though shy around strangers, she's very open and blunt around her friends and family. Her biggest secret is that she wants to be like Nozomi.

Hoshi crept across the floor as quietly as possible, her green eyes gleaming with mischievous intent. She was sure her victim, who lay only feet away covered fully in her blanket, was clueless to her presence. Hoshi leapt from the floor to land on top of the bundled blankets.

"Got you Hinata!" Hoshi screamed.

Hinata, who had been brushing her teeth, walked into the room from her adjourning bathroom when Hoshi jumped onto her empty bed screaming out her declaration of victory.

"Did you Hoshi-Chan?" Hinata laughed. She couldn't help it, sometimes Hoshi just seemed...a little on the dull side.

Hoshi looked from the bundled blankets, then to Hinata. Something clicked in her mind and she pulled the covers away to see nothing but pillows beneath her. She huffed then crossed her arms. That was the second time this week she fell for Hinata's pillow trick. Hinata laughed then walked to her dresser to grab her hair brush, her bracelet gleaming on the light from the room, catching Hoshi's envious eyes. Hinata sat herself behind Hoshi comfortably and started to brush the tangles from Hoshi's blonde hair.

"You know Keiko-san was looking for you yesterday afternoon. Where did you go?"

Hoshi huffed again. "I didn't want to do my chores, so I went to my secret place. Chores are stupid!"

Hinata laughed and pulled Hoshi's shinning blonde hair back into two nice braided pigtails.

"Hoshi you know Kiyoshi-san doesn't like you skipping your chores."

Hoshi sighed, and then stood to look at herself in the mirror above Hinata's dresser with a smile. Chores were probably the one thing in the entire world that Hoshi hated most! So instead she took the alternative, skipping out to go to her secret place to practice what she loved to do best....singing. Hoshi turned her attention away from the mirror to look at the silver bracelet around Hinata's wrist.

It was the only thing Hinata had with her when she was discovered just a couple of miles outside the village. It was so beautiful. Hoshi could never seem to keep her eyes off of it.

"Why do you still call mom and dad, Keiko-san and Kiyoshi-san?"

Hinata bit her bottom lip. The question shouldn't make her as uncomfortable as it did, but the anxiety was inevitable.

"Hoshi-Chan you know why..." was the only response Hinata could think of.

In truth neither Keiko nor Kiyoshi were Hinata's real parents....she didn't know who her parents were, or if they even missed her. Absent mindedly she fiddled with the bracelet, the name Hinata engraved into the silver between two spiraling suns. In reality she had no idea if Hinata was even her real name....she had no idea....who she was. The only clue to her past was the small little chain around her wrist. She wore it everywhere.

Hoshi climbed back onto the bed to sit next to Hinata. "So you still haven't figured out who gave it to you?" Hoshi asked.

Hinata could only shrug her shoulders, she hadn't the faintest clue. Though she'd be lying if said she didn't think about it almost every waking moment.

Hoshi could sense her onee-chan's depression so she did the only thing a 13 year old could think of to cheer her up.

With a wicked little smirk she spoke. "Mayyyybe....it was your boyfriend!"

The younger girl proceeded to make kissy faces at her older sister. Hinata rolled her eyes, half smiling at the little brat, before pushing her off the bed where she landed on the hard-wood floor with an 'oof'.

Hinata couldn't deny the fact that, most of her, kind of liked the idea of having someone who cared for her….in that way……. Then again there was the fact that if she used to have a boyfriend...she sure as heck didn't anymore........Did he miss her?

Hinata pushed her thoughts aside. Of course they didn't miss her; if they did she wouldn't have been living with the Marumi family for the last four years of her life. Besides they were her family now, she didn't need to know her past....as long as she had her future....right? As much as Hinata wanted that to be true, a part of her still burned to know who she was....who she 'really' was.

"Oiy! I was only kidding Onee-chan! I'm sorry I upset you…." Hoshi hadn't missed the crest fallen look on her sisters face so she hurried to apologize. The smarter side appearing on the usually oblivious little blonde.

Hinata smiled at the distraught girl. Covering up the emotions she had unknowingly been showing. "I better hurry up. Nozomi, Rai, and I are going to hang out today."

Hoshi smiled knowing that Hinata wasn't mad at her for her comment. So she climbed back onto the bed and pulled out some nail polish from Hinata's dresser drawer. Deciding a nice neon green was just what she needed she set to work painting her toe-nails.

Meanwhile Hinata made her way from the bed to her bathroom taking a kimono with her to change. After slipping it on and freshening up a bit she turned to inspect herself in the mirror.

The yukata wasn't long, only going an inch past her knees. It had been her "mother's", but now belonged to her.

Keiko had stated simply that it was what she was wearing when she met Kiyoshi. Then with a suggesting wink left a blushing Hinata to her own thoughts.

Remembering those words brought another blush upon the indigo-haired girl.

The yukata was a light purple with pale blue trim, and embroidered butterflies, which accented her pale lavender eyes. She smiled at her reflection then pulled her indigo hair into a messy bun, stray strands, and bangs falling to frame her face.

Hoshi sat on the bed silently, staring at her shiny new toe-nails…. fighting the one question that was burning in the back of her mind.

"Hinata..." Hoshi whispered. Hinata peeked out into the other room showing that Hoshi had her attention. "If.....well not saying that it would happen....BUT if you found your home. Would you leave?"

Hinata smiled reassuringly then walked over to give Hoshi a hug. "Of course not sweetie! I admit, that it would be nice to know who I...really am, but I would never leave you! No ones as good as my Hoshi-Chan. What would make you ask that anyway?"

"Today is the day we found you DUH! You never know maybe today someone from your past will find you!"

Hoshi tried to sound optimistic, when her real hope was that it would never happen. Hoshi knew it was selfish, but she didn't care! Hinata was her older sister no matter what someone else said. Besides her dream had scared the little girl to death, someone had the nerve to run off with her Hinata-Chan and Hoshi couldn't do anything but cry and plead for them to bring her back.

Hinata rolled her eyes and nudged Hoshi away playfully. "Yeah right! They just happen to find me on the same day that I....urm....disappeared?"

Just like Hinata didn't know who her parents were or anything else about her past, she had no idea how she had gotten separated from the ones she used to call 'family'. All she remembered was waking up in her room surrounded by Keiko, Kiyoshi, Rai, Nozomi, Kisho and Hoshi.

"Well we better get going. You know how Keiko-san gets when we're late for breakfast."

Hoshi jumped up from the bed with a loud battle cry "RACE YA!"

In a flash Hoshi was gone leaving Hinata to walk downstairs by herself. Making it to the kitchen she found Keiko standing in front a sink full of dishes, a smile on her face like always. Kiyoshi and Kisho sat at the table taking bites of their oatmeal, while quietly reading their sections of the newspaper.

Hoshi had taken her seat to the right of Kisho, waiting for her mother to serve her a bowl. However the look Kiyoshi sent her way made her rethink and serve herself. Keiko who had just turned to grab the empty cups smiled when she saw Hinata standing in the doorway.

"Off to see the girls already?"

Hinata nodded. "Hai, we're going up to the apple orchard today!"

Keiko nodded. "Have fun dear, and bring some back so I can make pie."

"Alright!" Kisho cheered giving his little sister a high five.

Hinata laughed at the pair of them. Kisho was such a morning person, it was almost sickening. And he rarely showed this side of himself when around other people. Though most of the time he seemed to be a very negative person, Hinata knew better. He was very sweet, he always spoke his opinion even if other people found it harsh, but that was just one of the things Hinata loved about her older brother.

Hinata nodded to Keiko then went to leave before her mother could stopped her again, but it was too late.

"By the way you look beautiful in that outfit my little hime."

Hinata blushed furiously, and then ran outside to meet her friends, before her mother could embarrass her any further.

The two of them sat waiting for her just down the street. Nozomi had her nose planted into some little orange book oblivious to the world around her. While Rai stood by her side, simultaneously rolling her eyes, and trying to persuade her sister that the book was nothing but an evil obsession.

The pair smiled as Hinata approached.

"Ne Hinata-Chan trying to impress someone?!" Rai yelled out to her. Smirking as the trade-mark blush spread across the other girls face. All the commotion caused Nozomi to snap out of her daze, and spot Hinata walking toward them.

A gentle smile crept onto her lips, which contrasted greatly with the smirk of her twin sister. "You look nice Hinata-chan."Snapping the book shut Nozomi stood. "Well we better get going then."

The three of them grabbed some baskets from Rai and Nozomi's barn then headed up the trail leading to the top of the cliff where the apple orchard sat.


The tip of his pencil tapped on the surface of the desk every two seconds like clockwork. Tsunade cradled her head in her hands trying like hell not to scream at the annoying blonde across from her. Yet just like the ringing in your ear, and ten times as annoying, Naruto tapped his pencil methodically, humming to himself. It seemed almost a non-existent thing at first, no where near bothering Tsunade. Now however his taps seemed to be getting louder every minute. She cringed when led meet wood for a tap as loud as thunder in suspended time. She really couldn't take this torture anymore; it was too much to ask.

"Would you stop tapping that damn pencil!!!!!!!"

Naruto jumped ten feet in the air when Tsunade screamed at him. He really hadn't been that annoying.....had he? Naruto scoffed and laid the pencil down next to the paperwork he was suppose to be filling out. Other things were on his mind, and he would rather be anywhere else than locked up in the eerily quiet room with Tsunade.

Naruto twisted and turned in his chair, his legs itching to get up and stand, to do anything at that point actually. Who knew becoming the Rokudaime was going to be such a big pain in the ass. That and he was sure he was forgetting something very important at the moment.

Tsunade growled as Naruto yet again shifted his position in the chair with a loud overdramatic sigh. It wasn't enough that Shizune dumped this heap load of paperwork on her, no, she also had to put up with the whines and complaints of Naruto. Honestly no one told her being Hokage was going to be such a big pain in the ass.

"Would you stop that!"

"Fine!" Naruto shot back at Tsunade.

He stopped fidgeting...momentarily then started all over again glancing all around the room looking for something remotely interesting to catch his attention.....there was nothing.

"Kami! This is so boring!!" He screamed out.

Tsunade had, had enough. She stood quickly, absent mindedly knocking her chair to the floor, and slammed her fist on the desk screaming at Naruto "SHUT UP! Don't you have somewhere else to be?!"

The question was more of a plea for him to leave than it was an actual question.

Naruto brought his hand up to cup his chin in a thinking pose, and then snapped his fingers. He finally remembered what was so important; he had completely forgotten that today was his first time leading an ANBU team. It was only a standard guarding mission to take Gaara back to the sand village, but still it was something to do!

"Your right!" Naruto jumped from his seat and sprung out the open window, yelling back his good byes to Tsunade.

Tsunade picked her chair back up, and then took a seat.


She looked around her office making sure that no one was in the room before she slid open a drawer to bring out a half-full bottle of sake. She poured it into a cup with a devious smile.

"Sweet sanctuary!"


Sakura and Sasuke both stood on the bridge, team 7's meeting spot once again. Both in an awkward silence, neither one was willing to speak. Sasuke was perfectly ok with the quite; though he was a little annoyed that Sakura neither looked at him nor went out of her way to catch his attention.

She hadn't done it in the past few years, since he came back to Konoha, actually. Sakura talked to him, yes, but only about small trivial things like the weather and occasionally her day. Instead she spent most of her time at the hospital or hanging out with that spandex wearing loser Lee.

While Sasuke was musing over those thoughts, Sakura's were on a completely differen't matter. She was starting to get really ticked, Naruto was leading the squad but he had yet to show up! Which meant they were late meeting Gaara and the others at the gate. WHICH made them look totally incompetent!

She clenched her fists fighting the urge to punch anything close to her. Sakura knew that she had issues with anger, but with a best friend like Naruto it was a wonder that she wasn't in the psych ward already.



Naruto caught the sight of his team waiting at the bridge. He smiled as he came closer but was knocked back a peg by the loud scream that erupted from Sakura's mouth. He mentally cursed before hesitantly landing on the railing next to Sasuke. This wasn't going to be pretty he just knew it.


Sakura turned to glare evilly at Naruto a vein popping out on her forehead. Naruto tried to explain, but it was too late Sakura was already landing the blow to his head, knocking him into the water below.

Sasuke rolled his eyes as usual, he would never admit it, but he had actually missed Sakura and Naruto's antics.

"You ready to go dobe?"

Naruto smiled, completely forgetting about the pounding in his head, as he jumped from the water to land next to Sasuke. Splashing the water in the Uchiha's face as he shook like a dog. Sasuke growled but nothing else, if he retaliated there was a good chance he would try and kill Naruto, then be put back on probation. People watching his every move was annoying, and not something he wanted to go through again. Naruto pointed in Sasuke's face, trying his hardest to get on the boy's nerves. He had to make up for lost time after all.

"That's captain dobe to you Emo-boy!"

"Watch it Dobe!" Sasuke was getting really irritated now and the cocky grin on Naruto's face was only making it worse.

"Or what Sas-Gay!" Naruto shot back.

Sakura sighed to herself knowing the only way this was going to end was in a huge fight. So before either boy could jump at the other she got in between knocking both on the head.

"Would you two knock it off! We have to get going! It should only take about an hour to get there and get back."

Sakura turned away from them hiding her smile before walking off, both the boys following behind her grumbling to their selves.


Hinata walked underneath the trees staring up at the branches, trying to decide which held the best looking apples. It seemed to be a toss up between the large one at the end of the valley, or the one she was standing underneath at the moment, right in the middle of a vast field.

She looked back to where Rai and Nozomi stood a few feet into the woods, then dropped her empty basket and started to climb. Hinata made it almost to the tip top before deciding she was high enough.

Today seemed like the perfect day to slack off. They had been up in the apple orchard for hours now and Hinata had yet to pick a single apple. She was much more interested in sight seeing. The apple trees were rather large, and from the top you could get a good view of the valley. The sight was breathe taking!

"Hey Hinata!"

Hinata looked down to see Rai and Nozomi standing underneath her. "We're going to take these ones down to oka-san. We'll be back up in a few minutes ok?"

Hinata nodded sending Rai and Nozomi on their way. She smiled in content ness and leaned back against the tree limb. Watching the clouds float by through the leaves. It was so soothing….Slowly her eyes started to close, until she was fast asleep.

The night sky was pitch black, no stars for miles and miles. She shifted unsteadily on her feet. Something about this place seemed so familiar.

There were no sounds of animals, no crickets, no bird calls flying through the night air. Slowly her defining world become a booming blur of screams.

Hinata looked around frantically there was no one around but she could hear them. The screams of dying people echoed through her mind.

"Hinata!" Someone called out from the darkness.

Hinata turned in circles looking for the source of the scream yet found nothing. She fell to her knees, tears streaming from her red puffy eyes. "Stop!"

Her plea only seemed to make the voices louder, until she started to see them. Images of something fading in and out of her mind. They were unclear, but

the blood chilling screams with them left no room to the imagination as to what was happening.

Hinata closed her eyes, trying her hardest to block out the images. Covering her ears in a futile attempt to shut out the noise. She screamed as loud and

long as her lungs would let her until the screams dissipated into the air. Hinata was trembling from her head to her toes. She could hear her heart pounding

against her rib cage. Blinking she opened her eyes, to come face to face with the golden eyes of a fox.

She tried to scream but nothing came out. She tried to move but her body was paralyzed. Hinata couldn't even rip her gaze from the mesmerizing golden

orbs of the fox. His tails swooshed around him creating gusts of wind like hurricanes. Hinata flinched as it brought one to caress her face. Then

she started to realize that it wasn't threatening her. Her body relaxed. "Wake up."

"Naruto you idiot! Now we're behind schedule! I was supposed to meet Lee for dinner!" Sakura growled at Naruto as they made their way past the apple tree that Hinata was laying in.

Sakura groaned out of annoyance. Of course this is what she gets for having such a knuckle-headed leader.

The loud scream had scared Hinata from her sleep. She sprang up clinging onto the trunk of the tree for support, still trembling from her dream. She couldn't remember ever having a dream like that before. As a matter of fact she couldn't even remember ever dreaming. She took a few steadying breaths then looked down to see that three people stood just below her. One was obviously a female, and the other two were male.

Hinata turned to lie on her stomach on the branch and stare down at the three. She couldn't see their faces but she could see the masks sitting on top their heads. She knew it was wrong to listen in to other people's conversation, but in her own defense, she couldn't just jump down from the tree to show herself, then run-off. It would seem....odd!

She studied their masks a little closer before one caught her eye. Each one of them seemed to have the faces of different animals painted onto them. The pink haired woman had a mask that had a cat like face painted onto it. The dark haired male had a hawk like mask, but the one that really caught her attention was the mask with the fox face painted in red, sitting a top of messy blonde locks.

"Gomen Sakura-chan. I just wanted to spend some time with Gaara-kun." Naruto whined giving Sakura his best looking sad face. It seemed to work. He really hadn't intended for them to get lost like this, but his mind just wasn't with him today. Instead of paying attention to where he was leading them, he had been thinking of her….

"Well how on earth did we lose our trail! Weren't you paying attention while we made our way to Suna?!" she asked aggravated

Naruto just gave his best fox grin. "I-I was talking with G-Garra-san...hehe."

Sakura's eyes twitched as a daydream of beating a chibi Naruto into the ground ran through her mind. But instead of actually hitting that baka Sakura cooled a little bit, a sad twinkle entering her eyes. She knew today was a tough day for the idiot. Of course he wouldn't be paying much attention to what he was doing. Anything that could distract him today would, if only to get her off his mind for a few minutes.

"*sigh* It's ok Naruto."

Sakura slumped against the trunk of the tree they stood beneath before falling onto her butt with a smile. Boy it felt good to sit after a long day. Besides she had decided for herself that if they were already this late there was really no point in rushing back. She knew Lee would understand. And with all the running around Tsunade had her doing lately a little break really wouldn't hurt that much.

Meanwhile above the kunoichi Hinata was mentally cursing herself for not getting out of there sooner.

Naruto and Sasuke looked to each other confused, and then looked back to Sakura. "What are you doing?" Naruto asked.

"We've been walking all day I need some time to relax. I'm already late for dinner with Lee so why not take a break right?" Sakura stated simply.

Naruto shrugged, he couldn't beat that logic, and sat down next to her fixing him self comfortably in the shade while Sasuke stood.

Hinata bit her bottom lip, trying to decide how to get out of the tree without them realizing she had been spying in on their conversation. Hinata had heard many stories about the ninja that roamed back and fourth through these parts, and from what she heard, they didn't like snoops. Then again if they were such great ninja, then why hadn't they noticed her yet?

Pushing the thought aside she sat up then fixed her foot on a smaller branch bellow the one she lay on. If she could just get to the other side of the tree then maybe, just maybe, she could make a run for it.

She shifted her weight, trying hard not to put to much force on the branch too fast. She sighed in relief when she stood on the branch totally unscathed and the people below her completely oblivious.

Then she heard it the creaking sound of the branch starting to break. Her eyes went wide and her body went numb. Before she could jump off the smaller branch it snapped beneath her weight, luckily she managed to snap her body out of its paralysis just in time to grab on to the larger branch above her.

"So Sak..." Naruto stopped halfway through speaking when a branch fell onto his head. "What the hell!"

Sakura tried to cover her laugh. "Looks like the tree doesn't like you sitting here Naruto!"

Hinata bit her lip praying to Kami that the blonde wouldn't look up here. She swung her other hand up to catch the branch then flipped herself up and over to a sitting position in one fluid motion. She looked back down praying that they had moved on, but sadly her prayers went unanswered.

"HaHa your funny!"

Naruto looked up to see where the branch had come from only to lock his crystalline blue eyes with horrified lavender ones. His eyes went wide....It couldn't be...


Hinata was taken back by the man calling out to her that she had momentarily lost her balance. But a moment was all it took for her to go falling backward out of the tree. She let out a scream as she fell from the branch to come crashing down on the blonde shinobi beneath her.

Quickly she scrambled to get up, muttering her apologies. They were going to kill her!! Not wanting to stay any longer she ran to the other side of the tree, grabbing her basket, and heading off again.

Naruto was brought out of his daze by Hinata's rushed get away. Not wanting to loose sight of her he followed behind then reached out to grab her arm and turn her around before she got too far.

Hinata met his gaze once again, and couldn't help but blush. This "Naruto" was very handsome.

"I'm really sorry I didn't mean to....urm....land on your..I..." Hinata stuttered through her words. She didn't want to sound like an idiot, but she was terrified right now!

Naruto cut her off "Hinata?"

He studied her closely, every inch of her, there was no mistaking it, there was no one else she could be! She sure as hell wasn't 15 any more, but there was no way he could miss her beautiful lavender eyes, or her soft sweet voice.

"Hinata! I found you! I knew I would!"

Naruto smiled like an idiot, his eyes welling up with tears, without a second thought he wrapped Hinata into a hug, sweeping her off her feet to swing her around. When he reluctantly let her go, he noticed the confused look in her eyes, his smile faded.

"Hinata what's wrong? Where have you been!? We thought we lost you, but I knew….I knew you were alive, I just knew it. "

Hinata shook her head taking a few steps back. She was trying hard not to make eye contact with 'Naruto'. 'Lost me??'

"I-I'm sorry....you must be thinking of another Hinata."

Out of instinct Hinata reached up to brush stray hairs out of her face, the way she always did when she got nervous, causing her bracelet to shine momentarily. Naruto lashed out catching her wrist turning it over to inspect it. It was the bracelet he had given her for her fifteenth birthday....four days before she went missing during the retrieval mission for Sasuke. The one true confession of his love for the shy little kunoichi.

"Another Hinata?....I don't understand….I gave this to you.....you don't remember?"

Hinata pulled her hand away. Was he her.....no he couldn't be her boyfriend. Hoshi's childish comment about Hinata's boyfriend being the one to give her the treasured bracelet ran through her mind. She quickly pushed the thought away. Focusing more on the bigger issue. This man claimed to know her. Could he be someone from her blurry past? Before she realized it the question slipped.

"You gave this to me?.....So you know who I am?"

Naruto raised his brows then turned to Sakura for some help, but she only stared at Hinata like a child who had found their favorite 'long lost' toy. Tears freely flowing down her face.

He turned back to Hinata furrowing his brows, trying hard to make scents of her comment. Something was wrong with her. She had no clue who he was or that he had given her that bracelet on the day he had gotten enough courage to ask her out during her birthday party.

"Of course....why wouldn't I?....Hinata....You...you don't know who I am do you?"

The question hurt a great deal, but he needed to know why Hinata wasn't as excited to see him as he was to see her. He had pictured this day countless times in his mind. He would find Hinata and she would be so happy she'd run into his arms with tears of joy.....this however was no where near what he had expected.

Hinata saw the sad look in the mans eyes, she didn't want to disappoint him, but she couldn't lie to him. She shook her head then quickly went on to explain.

"I-I lost...my memory, a few years ago. I don't remember anything before these last 4 years......Were...were we acquaintances?" Hinata had to ask. She needed to know who this man was, and how she knew him.

Naruto couldn't even answer; he could literally feel his heart ripping in half......so she didn't remember him. Tsunade had told him countless times to stop getting his hopes up. But once he saw her he couldn't help but let them rise. Everyone had thought she was gone from their lives forever. He was the only one who wouldn't give into what they said to be the 'facts'. After all they hadn't found her body, so who were they to tell him she was dead. And what do you know he was right, but….but she didn't even remember him…

Sakura saw Naruto's eyes darken into an ocean storm, a sure sign that he was deeply hurting, and walked up to Hinata distracting her momentarily.

"We were a little more than acquaintances Hinata-Chan.......I-I think we should get you back home before we start to figure this out. Everyone's going to be so happy to see you!"

Hinata's heart was filled so full she could barely contain the excitement. All she could think of was how ironic it was that she had found her past the same day she had lost it. And on top of that her little sister had basically predicted it as if she knew. She would have to ask Hoshi about it later.

"O-ok my house is only a few miles from here....down the cliff." Hinata said. Pointing toward that direction

Sakura looked to where she had pointed then looked back at Hinata sadly shaking her head. "No Hinata, I mean Konoha.....your home."

Hinata narrowed her eyes, and took a few steps back. The excitement washed away like the tide. Did they honestly expect her just to drop everything to follow them, to only Kami knows where?

Her heart started to pound against her chest. What....what if this was all a trick. They were ninja after all. Maybe one of them had found her sleeping in the tree, and saw her name on her bracelet, then decided to play a trick on her to kidnap her. Hinata knew that theory was reaching a little too far, but something in the back of her mind found some truth in it.

"But I can't leave....This is my home."

Sakura sighed; she knew how hard it must be for Hinata right now. She had been missing from there lives for five years now, truthfully everyone had thought she was dead. Naruto was the only one who refused to give into that fact, so they filed her away under missing nin. Who knew he would be right? Either way if they wanted to find out why Hinata lost her memory, what had happened the day she went missing, and how to fix it, then they had to get her back to Konoha. Their were jutsu's there that could help them. Besides Sakura and Hinata had grown very close before she disappeared, and she didn't want to loose that again. Sakura couldn't even begin to imagine the cheers that would erupt when they brought her home.

"Hinata we need you to come with us.....so we can help you."

Hinata looked over each of them, and decided that they weren't lying to her. The looks they gave her definitely were not lies. But could she really just turn her back on her family.


Sakura jumped slightly at the anger in her voice. Then with nothing else to say Hinata turned to storm off. Her inner self screamed for her to turn around. To follow these strangers who knew her, but the sensible part, the part that held her feelings, echoed the promise she had made to Hoshi.

Naruto watched Hinata walk away, his heart was running at an alarming pace and his eyes were slicked over with an emotion that scared Sakura and even Sasuke. Panic had taken a hold of the Kyuubi container.

He couldn't let her walk away. Not when he had finally found her. He needed her… Kyuubi insisted that Naruto not do anything stupid, but as usual his words went ignored. Without thinking Naruto reached into one of his pouches pulling out a slightly damp cloth. In a flash he disappeared beside Sakura to reappear behind Hinata. Wrapping one arm tightly around Hinata's waist as the other one covered her mouth with the cloth.

Hinata tried to scream, only making it worse, the liquid from the cloth seeped into her mouth faster. To say she was horrified would be an understatement. Slowly she started to fade, her eyes blinking shut before completely closing.

Naruto pocketed the cloth then scooped Hinata up bridal style. If this was the only way to bring Hinata back then so be it. She belonged in Konoha with her family....with him.

Sakura glared daggers at him. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Naruto had just drugged Hinata.

"What do you think your doing BAKA! You can't just kidnap her!"

The blonde looked at Sakura then back to the sleeping girl in his arms. What was he doing? This was wrong… 'I don't care I'm bringing her home!' A look of determination sparkled in his eyes.

"Naruto I understand how you feel" Sakura had softened her voice "I really do, but this isn't right! You know it! Put her down and we'll come back another time. We know where she is, and that is enough right now."

Naruto thought about Sakura's words, but his mind was set. Sakura could only look on in shock as Naruto ignored her plea's passing her by with an out of character serious look on his face. He found her and he would never let her go again! Then without yelling back to Sasuke or Sakura he took off. It should only be a half an hour until the effect wore off and Hinata woke up. He had to get her far away from here before that happened, and into the safety of Konoha.

When Sakura realized how Naruto brushed her off she turned to Sasuke. He could do something, talk some scents into Naruto, and stop him somehow.

Sasuke shrugged off Sakura's stare, which was pleading for him to stop Naruto.

"Technically, he's bringing her home not kidnapping her." was all he said before running off after their leader.

Sakura shook her head in defeat; this was not going to end well.


Sakura turned to see two girls running across the field toward her. A part of her wanted to stay, to explain the situation, but as always her inner self out weighed her logical side and before she knew it she had taken off. Leaving the two women to scream out for her to stop.

SR- ok so how did you like it!!!?

Naru – What the hell!!! I would never drug Hinata-chan like that!!

SR- hmm…really? Think about it Naruto, the girl you love has been missing for 4 YEARS! And when you finally find her she refuses to have anything to do with you…..what would you do then??

Naru - ….damn! Stupid SR-teme

SR- Alright well anyway!!

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