A Nightmare Come True

Chapter 2

'Bribes, Eyes, and Safety Precautions.'

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Hoshi clung to her mother crying her heart out, as Keiko brushed her hands through the small girl's blonde locks in an attempt to soothe her. It had been three days ago that Rai, and Nozomi rushed in with the news of Hinata's disappearance.

Neither one had seen exactly who it was that had been standing in the clearing that day. The only thing they could clearly recall was that it was a woman with pink hair standing in black from head to toe. Something sitting on top of her head that resembled a mask from what they could see of it. And some kind of grayish- white vest-like armor covering her chest and stomach.(sorry sorry I really don't know how to explain the armor ANBU wear)

When the girls had finally gotten to where the woman had been standing the stranger was long gone. Hinata's basket lay on the ground a few yards from the tree, and she was no where to be seen.

When Nozomi relayed this information to Hinata's family she had to try to choke back her sobs. If only they hadn't left Hinata alone, she would be sitting with them right now. Who knew who those people were or where they had taken Hinata!

Kiyoshi listened intently to every word uttered from Nozomi, analyzed every sentence carefully. These people wore black from head to toe, and armor...obviously some kind of ninja. Most likely from the elite ANBU. What surprised him was when asked Nozomi told him that the woman had nothing covering her face. ANBU never showed their face. But there had been something on top of her head that they say looked to be a mask of some sort. He went over that a few times then decided that these people were most definitely from a hidden ninja village and more than likely ANBU.

After they listened to the girls recount the story Kiyoshi decided that himself and Kisho would travel to the nearest hidden village, the sand village. Kiyoshi had been there a few times before, mostly to trade in the weapons he made for a little extra cash, so he knew the kazekage though mean looking was a rather nice kid. He would be able to get the information he needed in the sand village.

That had been a good three days ago. Kiyoshi and Kisho were still not home, and neither was Hinata. Hoshi had not stopped crying for the past three days, uttering something about the man from her nightmare and Keiko was worried to the extreme. She felt as if she would soon suffer from a heart attack.


Hinata blinked her eyes open rapidly then flinched at the pain that seared into her from the neon white light surrounding her. She closed her eyes tight to block out the burning, then opened them slowly once again. The faint sounds of people talking floated into her ears, though she couldn't make out the words nor could she clearly make out their profiles through the fuzz…

A small moan escaped her as she tried pushing herself into a sitting position, earning her the attention of the people in the room.

Tsunade looked toward Hinata, letting out a breath she hadn't known she was holding. Then turned her attention back to the flustered looking blonde "Naruto do you know what kind of consequences this will have! You're going to be the next Hokage, and you decide to kidnap someone!!"

Naruto hadn't taken his eyes off Hinata, he couldn't. "It's not someone baa-chan…it's Hinata…"

The room fell silent.

Her head was spinning, she felt as if she had just been twirled for hours on end. With the last of her strength she pushed herself into a sitting position. Then laid her head back against the pillow to calm the dizzying feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Naruto watched Hinata carefully; she seemed to be in a lot of pain. He hadn't meant for there situation to come to this but he panicked. It didn't matter though; the effects were wearing off so she would be as good as new in a few minutes.

The chloroform was only supposed to last for an hour at most, but Hinata had been sleeping for three days straight. More than likely due to the fact that the cloth was damper than it should have been, and she had taken a lot more of the liquid than Naruto had intended.

But now that she was awake he could explain 'rationally' that he needed Hinata here with him, so that they could recover her memory and she could get better. It was probably the best idea he had ever had.

'Or the dumbest.' Kyuubi interjected.

As usual Kyuubi went ignored by Naruto. Over the years the container had learned that if you listen to what the fox said without any sass back or complaint he just shut up....so instead of listening he just pretended to when in actuality Naruto was just ignoring him.

Tsunade's eyes never left the missing Hyuuga for minute. She had really changed over the years; she looked more like a woman than a little girl. All the memories of the shy kunoichi flooded through her mind. She had honestly thought there was no hope in seeing Hinata again. And believed like many others that she was lost forever, living with Kami her self. However they were all terribly wrong. The girl was very much alive, and she couldn't be any happier. Tsunade had to stop herself from getting too emotional over the whole situation.

Ever since she had become Hokage Tsunade had become very close to all of the shinobi of the village, and Hinata was no exception. After Naruto's return from his 3 year training mission Tsunade had been stressed out extremely. With the threat of Akatsuki and Orichimaru closing in on them she had literally torn herself apart worrying for the knuckle-head Naruto. But she hadn't been alone. Almost every mission Naruto went on to 'eliminate' the threat tore her apart. But the shy little kunoichi sitting in the hospital bed would come to see her every time. Both of them sitting and talking for hours, comforting each other, by reminding themselves just how strong Naruto had become. Hinata being the kind girl she was would even sneak a few bottles of sake for Tsunade. Saying she knew Shizune wouldn't approve, but it wouldn't hurt anything.

No one could ever imagine what a great feeling it was to see 'little' Hinata alive and well for Tsunade. If it didn't look like Hinata was literally forcing her self to sit, Tsunade would have already been choking the life from her with a hug.

NOT that Tsunade agreed to the terms on which Hinata was brought back to them however. Kidnapping was not something the next Rokudaime should do.....but if she were in his position she wasn't so sure that she wouldn't have done the same thing.

Hinata looked to what she suspected to be a window on the far wall. Slowly her vision came back into perspective, and she realized she was staring at a painting of a flower field. Now that her vision was back she checked herself over, a quick check up, to make sure she was intact.

A wave of relief washed over her when she found her body was fine, but it was quickly replaced with a feeling of dread.

She remembered what happened now. She had been kidnapped!!!

Hinata's movements were so quick Naruto thought she was going to charge at him. She threw the covers off of herself then pushed off the bed to stand wobbly on her feet. Tsunade frowned and tried to steady the girl but Hinata nudged away her hands gently but firmly.

Naruto could see the horror in Hinata's eyes and mentally cursed himself for not thinking ahead of time to brace her for waking up in the hospital. Kami knows it's not exactly the most welcoming or comfortable place to wake up. He knew from experience.

"Hinata-Chan I think you should rest a little more!" Naruto tried to persuade Hinata back onto the hospital bed but she was having none of it.

She pushed him away just as she had Tsunade; she had to get out of here they had left her in her clothes, so she didn't have to worry about that. Without speaking she walked past the two ninja. She felt dirty, and gross like she hadn't bathed in days, the sooner she got home the better.

Hinata walked as quickly as she could manage down the hospital halls toward the lobby and out the door, earning a few glances from people passing by. She stumbled slightly as she stepped out of the hospital into the sun. It was an ultra sunny day, which only made her head pound all the more.


Naruto noticed the glare Tsunade was sending his way. He was so shocked at her reaction he didn't even chase after the girl. However after regaining his senses he laughed nervously and ran after Hinata, catching her right outside the door before she once again fell.

"Come on Hinata-chan, you need to stay in bed a little while longer."

Hinata got to her feet then forcefully pushed Naruto away and turned her back toward him. She didn't know where her strength was coming from, but she wasn't complaining. Where was she!

"I will. As soon as I get back home." Her voice was low but held the same power as Tsunade when she was yelling, cutting Naruto like a knife.

He knew he couldn't let Hinata push herself like this. He had to do something quickly, without help she would never fully recover, or make it back to her village for that matter.....wait....that was it.

"Fine you can go back.....but, do you know how?"

Hinata froze but kept her back turned toward Naruto. Then she turned to him an uncharacteristic determined look in her eyes. Naruto was a little taken back at the icy glares she shot at him, he was almost certain the atmosphere had dropped to eight below from her aura, but he fought hard not to show his discomfort. Hinata leaned in until she was only inches from Naruto's face.

"You. Will. Take. Me. Home." Her voice stayed just as soft as before, but Naruto could feel the Goosebumps starting to run up and down his spine.

"You are home." Naruto retaliated, leaving no hints that Hinata was starting to get to him. If she thought that he would go through all the trouble of bringing her back just to let her go, she was completely wrong.

After a minute of searching the mans eyes, she found that there was probably no way he would relent. That was the last straw. Hinata had, had enough. She was tired, dirty, hungry, all she really wanted to do was break down into tears. How could her life go so wrong? It wasn't enough that she lost her memory and her family once, now she was losing the only family she had ever known for the past four years. They probably thought she ran away. Hoshi probably hated Hinata now! For all anyone knew Hinata could have left on her own, leaving everyone behind. In a split second, Hinata was on her knees cradling her face in her hands as the tears spilled from her eyes.

Naruto immediately regretted having been so stubborn. He should have bargained with her, made a deal, promised that she could eventually go back to see her parents, anything! He hated to see Hinata in this much pain. Naruto knew it was his selfishness that was making her so unhappy, it was his selfishness that was keeping her here in Konoha against her will, but even knowing all of that....he just couldn't let her go. Naruto knelt down to Hinata, reaching his hand out to gently caress her face.

Hinata felt something soft touch her cheek, and in one fell swoop she was back in her first dream.

Blinking she opened her eyes, to come face to face with the golden eyes of a fox.

She tried to scream but nothing came out. She tried to move but her body was paralyzed. Hinata couldn't even rip her gaze from the mesmerizing golden

orbs of the fox. His tails swooshed around him creating gusts of wind like hurricanes. Hinata flinched as it brought one to caress her face. Then

she started to realize that it wasn't threatening her. Her body relaxed.

Hinata opened her eyes to lock her pale lavender eyes with Naruto's ocean blue orbs. She had never noticed it before, probably because this was the first time she had gotten the chance to look at her captor, but the whisker marks on his face stuck out so much more to her now. Glancing from his face to his clothes she noticed he was not wearing the same outfit she had remembered seeing him in. Instead he wore orange Capri's, and a black and orange jacket that was unzipped to reveal the black T-shirt he wore underneath. It was completely black with a red spiral in the middle of his chest. Why? Why did he seem so much like the fox from her dreams. With just a simple touch she seemed to relax.

Hinata fell on her butt completely in the dirt. She felt so utterly defeated and drained. Who knew finding ones past would ruin their future...Kami, she missed her family.


Kiyoshi walked in front of Kisho as a guard led them down the dimly lit hall toward the office of the Kazekage. The place was far from welcoming looking, though it seemed to not bother Kiyoshi in the least.

Kisho however was starting to get the heebie jeebies. More than one story about the Kazekage had spread to their village. Most said that he was the cruelest ninja they had ever seen, and that if you even looked at him the wrong way he would bury you alive with his sacred sand. Kisho shivered at the very thought. He was about to offer that Kiyoshi go see the Kazekage alone, but he decided to rethink that decision.

If he were to do that, his father might think him weak. Then Kiyoshi would never ask Kisho to accompany him anywhere again. Besides this wasn't about him, it was about Hinata, and getting her back!

The guard stopped outside enormous double doors to talk to two other guards. They exchanged a few words then nodded their approval and walked into the room to announce their visitors.

Kiyoshi waited patiently outside until the shinobi came back out to escort them inside. The room was rather large with windows lining the outer wall. A desk sat on the right side of the room, and a case of books on the other, and just in front of the windows stood the Kazekage.

Kiyoshi bowed, Kisho following his lead. Gaara nodded back then motioned toward two seats in front of him. The two men took a seat with Gaara.

Kisho had to keep the shock from showing in his eyes. When they said 'kid' he had expected someone in their late twenties, not a boy his age.

"I hear you need information on some shinobi?" Gaara asked. Clearly ready to get down to the business at hand. He was never one for small talk, or beating around the bush, and neither was Kiyoshi.

"My daughter was kidnapped by some shinobi. Whether they were from this village or not I don't know. I do know however that you are the only hidden village within miles of here that on occasion cross through our land." Kiyoshi stated simply.

Gaara sat silently, contemplating over what Kiyoshi had just told him. To the best of Gaara's knowledge, no one other than him self had passed by the farming territory, and that was only on his was back from Konoha….with Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke! Somehow this didn't make scenes; they were definitely the last people Gaara would ever suspect of kidnapping someone, let alone an innocent farming girl.

That and the path they had taken was at least a few miles from where Kiyoshi and his family lived. Still their village was well within the territory of Suna, and if any rogue nin, or visiting shinobi had been spotted in the area his ANBU squad would have alerted him immediately. There had been far too many ambush attempts around the area, so Gaara had taken extra precautions to ensure the citizens safety. So that only left one option, still it was Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. Though he couldn't be sure of Sasuke he knew that neither Naruto nor Sakura would do something so foolish, and from what he did know of Sasuke he doubted he would have any use for a farm girl. There had to be a piece missing in the puzzle.

"Tell me more about your daughter."

"Her name is Hinata. She isn't our real daughter; we have adopted her into our family after discovering her near death on the outskirts of town. She is about 5'3 in height with long indigo colored hair, and pale lavender eyes."

Kiyoshi didn't know if describing his foster daughter would help any. But anything was worth a shot.

Kisho was a little surprised at how much information his father was giving to this....kid. Kiyoshi never trusted anyone with that kind of information, yet here he was spilling his guts to a boy as old as Kisho himself.

Hinata? Gaara flipped the name in his mind many times before the image of a young girl with short indigo hair, and pale pupiless lavender eyes faded into his mind. He remembered who she was vividly. Hinata had been paired up with her cousin Neji in the preliminaries the first year that he had gone to Konoha for the Chunnin exams. She stuck out, whether she realized it or not, because of the effort she showed during the match, although she didn't win. He could also recall a few times he had come to visit Konoha and found the young girl sitting with Tsunade discussing important 'business' as they liked to call it. It all made sense now. There was no doubt in his mind what had happened to the girl now.

Gaara had been one of the ninja on the field that day when they battled to bring back Sasuke, which just happened to be the same day that Hinata had vanished. It had devastated the entire village. They had gained back Sasuke, but at what cost, now they had lost yet another precious person.

The only thing that still wasn't clicking in Gaara's mind was how she got from the sight of the battle, to the farming village. The battle had been at least a good day away from the border of the farming village. Still the fact was that somehow she had made it there and managed to survive.

"I have a good idea of where your daughter is."

"Where?" Kisho asked

"The village hidden in the leafs." Gaara replied. For some reason he didn't feel the need to say any more than what was necessary. Gaara understood why they had taken Hinata, technically in their mind he hadn't kidnapped her, just brought her home. Still he was obligated to help put the family at ease.

"Hyuuga Hinata, that is her real name, belongs to Konoha. It was where she was born and raised. That's where her family is. She had been one of the most promising Kunoichi in the village. Skilled in taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu, and also the next in line to become heir to the Hyuuga household….. But I do realize that Naruto Sakura and Sasuke, who I'm sure, are the ones who took her, were wrong in doing so. So I shall go to the village myself to set things straight."

Kiyoshi and Gaara stood, Kiyoshi relaying his gratitude before turning to leave, Kisho following reluctantly behind him. How could Kiyoshi just walk away like that! This man could probably care less how the family felt, how much they were hurt that Hinata had been taken from them. How could he? Obviously the Kazekage knew the man who took Hinata from them, how could Kiyoshi trust him to bring her back to them. If that was even the Kazekage's intention at all.


After Hinata had cried her eyes out, Naruto had finally convinced her to rest for a while. However the only place Hinata was willing to go was to the park swings.

She sat with her head against the cold chain of the swing, slowly rocking back and fourth. She just couldn't figure out how her life was going so wrong. She had wished for years to know who 'she' was, but now.....now she wasn't sure she cared if it meant that she would lose her family.

Naruto sat in the swing next to her, digging his sandals into the dirt, trying to think of something to say. Hinata seemed so lost and alone since she broke down, and he just didn't know what to do to make her feel better. Well he knew one thing; he was just too selfish to do it. He looked over to see Hinata playing with the bracelet around her wrist, and he smiled.

"Do you wear that all the time?"

Hinata stopped fiddling with her bracelet to reach up and brush her hair behind her ear and nod. "It was the only thing I had when Kiyoshi found me."

Hinata smiled when she remembered the day she had woken up to see strong quiet Kiyoshi, crying for joy to see the young girl was ok and alive. Tears falling from his eyes without any look of shame or guilt.

"Ya know he acts all distant, but he's just a big teddy bear…" Hinata laughed softly at her own joke, and her face once again fell.

Naruto hated to see her like this, he felt himself breaking down. If this continued he could tell he would be taking her home, just to make her smile. There had to be someway to cheer Hinata up, but keep her with him. Taking her back was completely out of the question, maybe if he bargained with her. Found a way to make her happy.

"Hinata...if I promise to take you home in two weeks, will you cheer up enough to let Tsunade try and bring back your memory?"

Hinata bit her bottom lip, either this was going to be a huge mistake, or the best thing to happen to her. She couldn't deny the wanting to have her memory back. But she also couldn't tell whether or not Naruto was being sincere with his promise. She ran through her decisions quickly, the only one that seemed to guarantee her safe arrival back to her home was to agree with Naruto. She wasn't stupid she knew this was a bribe. She would cheer up for him, if he took her home like she wanted. Still she took it.


Naruto jumped from the swing with a cry of joy, causing Hinata to laugh. "All Right! Welcome home Hinata-Chan!....I've missed you"

Hinata smiled, blushing at his last comment. "Ano....Thank you….is there somewhere I could.....clean off?"

Hinata blushed when she noticed Naruto's confused look. She really didn't want to go into any further detail. Then something snapped into Naruto's head. He had completely forgotten that for the past three days Hinata had been bed ridden, unable to clean her self.

"Right! Follow me!" Naruto grabbed Hinata by the hand to lead her out of the park and down the streets of Konoha.

As far as Hinata could tell it seemed to be a very nice place. People just went about their business, like any other village would. Yet she noticed how many would stop to stare as Naruto led her away. There stares were unnerving giving Hinata a self-conscious feeling. She looked her self over, afraid she looked as dirty as she felt, but she looked just fine.

Her gaze fell on her hand still wrapped around Naruto's. THAT was probably the reason everyone was looking her way. Hinata looked up to see the fox like grin painted onto Naruto's face. Her inner self mentally noted his sharpened canines. With every detail she observed she started to blush more and more realizing she was in some way attracted to this man.

"We're here!"

Naruto motioned toward the large apartment complex she assumed was his home. Naruto led Hinata through the doors and up to his apartment door. Turning the knob and leading Hinata inside, never once lessoning his grip on her hand. Hinata inspected the room.

The two of them stood in the living room, with the kitchen right next to it, no wall in between to separate the two room's, just small counters, and a hallway to the left. The apartment looked rather large for only one person. Mentally Hinata wondered if Naruto was the only one living there.

"Ano...where's the bathroom Naruto-San?" Hinata asked not quite sure where to go.

Naruto cringed at the word san. That was probably the first time he had ever hated hearing it so much. Then for a brief moment he wondered how Hinata knew his name. He didn't remember telling her? A glimmer of hope, that Hinata was beginning to remember him started to shine until he realized she had heard his name that day under the tree, and when Tsunade was talking to him in the hospital room. Man that was such a downer!

"This way." Naruto let go of Hinata's hand and headed back the hall toward the bathroom. He opened the door for her. "I'll let you borrow some of my clothes, until I can get you something to wear."

Hinata nodded then walked inside the bathroom. "Thank you Naruto-San."

"You can just call me Naruto!" Naruto struck the good guy pose, usually restricted to Lee and Gai, making Hinata laugh again as she nodded.

Naruto laughed, scratching the back of his head. "Well I have to speak with Baa-chan so I won't be here when you get out. I'll leave the clothes outside the door for you."

"You like orange a lot don't you?"

Hinata didn't know where the question came from, but with the discussion of clothes, and noticing all the orange Naruto was wearing she just asked. She knew that her question sounded stupid, and her inner self was yelling at the top of her lungs screaming at Hinata. Naruto just smiled. He had never heard someone change topic that quickly, unless it was him trying to get out of work by playing coy.

"Believe it!...Why do you hate orange?" Naruto asked. He could always ask to borrow some clothes from Tsunade if she didn't like orange. Of course the clothes might be a little to....big, but he could always fix that. The one thing he didn't want to do was risk Hiashi knowing about Hinata before they spread the word through the village that she was here. So he definitely couldn't go to the Hyuuga house for clothing.

The whole reason he was meeting with Tsunade again was to make sure that him self, and a few other shinobi succefully spread the word. The two had been discussing it earlier, but Hinata woke up and their conversation went to hell. Now he would have to take care of that, and make sure no one acted weird around Hinata, frightening her. The important thing was that they move slowly with her, not rushing into anything to soon. Kami only knew how many people had stopped to stare when he brought her to his house.

"Oh, no! I like orange!" Hinata spoke quickly, afraid she may have offended Naruto.

Naruto smiled. "Alright then, well I probably won't be back till around nine o'clock. Make your self comfortable until I come back!"

Turning away from Hinata he made his way down the hall and into his room. Before he could go anywhere he had to change into his ANBU gear. After all it took a hell of a lot to get to that point. So why not show it off?

Hinata closed the bathroom door softly when she saw him disappear. Was she really expected to spend the night in a strange house, in a strange place that she had never been, with no one with her? She sighed; maybe she would just spend the rest of the night safe in the tub!

Mentally laughing at her own joke she set to the task of cleaning herself up.

After getting out of the shower she dried herself off, and changed into the clothes that Naruto had placed on the outside of the bathroom door. Hinata was never one for tight or revealing clothes so she thanked Kami Naruto was a man. The outfit he gave her was a pair of black knee length shorts, and a nice orange top with a red spiral on the chest.

She checked herself over one last time before pulling her damp hair up into a ponytail, and making her way out of the bathroom and toward the kitchen. She wasn't really hungry so she got a glass of water and sat on the couch. Turning on the T.V. she flipped through a few channels before deciding there was really nothing worth watching.

Still she didn't want to just sit in a silent house, so she left it on some infomercial station.

Without realizing it she had gotten caught up in the 'revolutionary' new technology they were selling, and didn't notice her visitor crouching in the open kitchen window. His eyes no longer buried into his little orange porn book, but staring intently at the young woman across the room. A small smile somewhat visible under his mask.

Hinata had lifted her glass to her lips for a drink, but realized she had unknowingly downed the whole thing. Finally pulling her eyes off the television she stood and turned to walk toward the kitchen but froze when she saw her stalker.

Kakashi's smile widened. She had finally pulled her self out of the television enough to notice his presence. Of course he knew he wasn't supposed to act weird around the girl, Naruto had already made sure to tell him. But a visit couldn't hurt right?


Hinata couldn't breathe, she couldn't even move. She felt her face flush, before finally snapping to her senses.

"KKKYYYYYYYAAAAAAA" With a loud scream she hurled her empty cup at Kakashi, catching him right in the forehead and sending him flying into the alley below.

After finally getting her legs to move she rushed to the window, and looked down below. Unfortunately for her no one was there. Her heart was pounding out of control. Where was he? What if he was climbing back up!? Without another thought she slammed the window closed. She looked for some kind of lock but found that there wasn't one!

Clutching her chest she ran to the room Naruto had disappeared into earlier to change. Flipping on the lights, she found that his room was surprisingly very clean for a man. Shaking the thoughts from her head she closed the door behind her, and almost screamed when she found there was no lock on this door either!

This was insane! Where was she supposed to go? Then she remembered, the bathroom door had a lock! With a relieved sigh she grabbed the blankets from Naruto's bed, and after checking to see if the coast was clear, raced toward the bathroom. Locking the door behind her. When she had originally said it, she didn't think she would actually have to. But it didn't matter now, finally she was safe!


Kakashi walked casually through the streets, rubbing the bump that was forming on his forehead. Damn, that didn't go as well as he had thought it would. He only wanted to have a little talk, not freak her out.

'Should have known sneaking through the window would be a bad idea.." Letting out a sigh he whipped out his book and continued on his way.

"Oh well there's always another day!"


Naruto raced through the village, jumping from roof top to roof top. He was almost done informing everyone. The only ones he had left were the Hyuuga's…

'Agh! This is going to be a trip!' he thought sarcastically.

"Well what you did was stupid, kit. Maybe if you listen to me a little more, you wouldn't be doing this right now." Kyuubi interjected.

Naruto just growled. It was getting harder and harder to ignore the demon.

'Why do you care anyway! You may not be as mean to me as you once were. But I never thought you would care about Hinata…' Naruto smiled when he heard the rumble of Kyuubi's growl.

"I DON'T" he snarled out. But Naruto could tell he was lying. Over the years, although Naruto had taken to ignoring Kyuubi quite a bit, he still knew the beast well enough to know when he was lying.

As it had turned out the Kyuubi really wasn't that bad. Naruto still didn't know why the Kyuubi had attacked Konoha….but for some reason he had believed him when he said he had a good reason.


Naruto sat on the roof of the apartment complex. His face revealing the nervousness he felt inside. In his hands a small, but long black box. A pretty blue bow sitting on top and a tag that read Hinata.

Today was the big festival to celebrate the day the Kyuubi had fallen at the hands of the Yondaime. It was also the day that Naruto had worked up enough courage to finally ask the shy indigo-haired kunoichi to meet with him. He had taken a liking to the girl since his return home from training with Ero-Sennin. But he never had the guts to tell her….until today

Earlier he had slipped into the Hyuuga compound to leave a note on Hinata's bed. She hadn't been there like he hoped, but he knew she would get it…..Would she come though??

Naruto was cut from his thoughts when Kyuubi spoke.

"Such a nice gift for your little vixen." The sarcasm was very evident.

'Shut-it you stupid fox! T-this is important…what if she doesn't like it…what if she doesn't like me' Naruto could feel his heart rate speed up. If this kept up he would suffer from a heart attack. Man he wished she'd get here soon.

"Do not worry so much. The bracelet is beautiful, and I'm sure she'll love it, just as she loves you."

Naruto searched his voice for any hints of sarcasm…but could find nothing but sincerity.

'W-why are you being so nice to me?' He asked, momentarily distracted.

"I have not always been the Kyuubi that these villagers portray me as. Before I was sealed I also had precious people."

'Then why did you scare me so much! Why were you always trying to ruin my life' Naruto didn't believe a word he said. How could someone who tortured him so much say such a thing?

Kyuubi sighed "It is true I have not always been as kind to you as I should have. However how would you feel being imprisoned inside a human for the rest of your immortal life?"

Naruto didn't answer. He could see his point…but was he being honest?

"I can sense that you're still skeptical so I'll go on. At first I was beyond angry. To be locked away for all eternity. Unable to roam free as I once had, all because of a stupid mistake."

Naruto took this moment to interrupt 'You call killing innocent villagers a stupid mistake?!'

The fox demon only shook his head. "I had a good reason for attacking you know. It was not till I was already sealed that I learned Konoha was not truly at fault and that 'caring' stranger had lied to me. The things I have done could never be forgiven. Truthfully I do not pretend to think they ever could. I now realize that this is the punishment that is most fitting for my crime."

With still no answer from his container he continued. "As I was saying I was beyond angry. So I lashed out at you every chance I had. Deciding that if I was going to be miserable then so would you. As you grew I tried harder and harder to make your life hell. Then I noticed something…"

'What?' Naruto asked, his interest was peeked.

"Torturing you was pointless."

'Pointless?? What do you mean?'

"Let me finish! There was absolutely no point in torturing someone who lived through much worse treatment everyday of his life. There was nothing I could do to make your life worse. I also realized that you were being punished, by the very people you had saved. What could I do that would ever top that? Still knowing this I couldn't bring myself to be kind to you!"

'Oh yeah…well why are you being nice now?' Naruto had become depressed. With all the talk of the villagers his spirit had steadily falling.

Kyuubi only smiled. "Because I am happy for you, and I want to express it. After all the years of loneliness and torture, things are finally starting to look up for you. You've been trained by one of the greatest shinobi to walk this earth. The villagers though not fully, are starting to respect you. And more importantly you've found the one thing on this earth that means anything at all….your vixen."

Naruto felt the tears streaming down his face but he did nothing to hide them. These were tears of joy, not sadness, and he would wear them proudly.

"That and through-out these short years I have come to respect you kit. Through all the hardships you never once gave into my offers that would lead you down the path of darkness and ultimate power. Where you could easily take revenge on all those people who had ever scorned or hated you. Instead you chose to protect them, like the hero you were born to be. That is what a Hokage is, and you will be the best of them all kit….just give it time."

Naruto smiled, he had never heard anyone say such kind words to him. Well except for Hinata.

"Now snap to attention. Your vixen is on her way. And do not worry she will love the gift, and you as well. You have chosen wisely. Good luck…"

~flashback end~

He was getting closer to the Hyuuga compound now and mentally prepared himself for a long night.

'There not gonna take this well'

"They are fools if they think you have anything but the best intentions for your vixen!" Kyuubi boomed

Naruto let out a soft chuckle, noticing how he had gone from scolding him to defending him. 'Thank you Kyuubi'

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