He loves you

Tomoyo's car was about to turn to a corner when she forgot something…

"Rimasa-san, please stop the car, I need to go back. I think I forgot my wallet." Tomoyo said.

"Hai." Rimasa, the driver, said.

As the car screeched Tomoyo hurried back to school to grab her wallet but a certain guy with blue hair and cerulean eyes saw her…

"Hey Tomoyo you're too slow!" Eriol teased.

"I cannot run because of these damn shoes!" Tomoyo said back.

Eriol made a detour and arrived much earlier than Tomoyo. When Tomoyo arrived she

went in but found no wallet, she suddenly remembered putting it at the back pouch of her

bag…she sighed before setting for the gate.

Eriol who saw the sight approaching immediately closed the gate and waited for her voice…

"Eriol!!!!!!!!!You're such a jerk…Are you out of your right mind?" Tomoyo shouted.

"What do you think?" Eriol said as he slowly opened the gate.

"I think you're the worst jerk in this planet!" Tomoyo shouted as she tried to pass the gate.

"Where are you going?" Eriol teased once more.

"Going away?" Tomoyo said in a matter-of-factly-way.

Then the school guard came and saw the two…

"Guard-ojisan this guy is really naughty in every way you can imagine and he is really making fun of me." Tomoyo blurted out.

"He does that because he loves you." The guard said and went away

3 minutes of silence…

"You know what Tomoyo I do love you." Eriol said.

"What did you say?" Obviously, Tomoyo was bluffing.

"I said I love you Tomoyo Daidoji…" Eriol said in a louder voice.

"Really? What if I don't love you?" Tomoyo teasingly asked.

"Then I'll accept it." Eriol said sadly.

"Don't accept it because I do love you Eriol." Tomoyo smiled.

"See I told you this guy here loves you." The guard jokingly said.

Author's Note: Well half of it is based on a true story all the things that happened before 3 minutes later…phrase was true after that all is fiction.