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A/N: Yeah, I know you're thinking "Wat? Halloween? It's almost Christmas!!" This was another old story that was posted last year, and now it's being re-posted and re-edited! Oh joy for me....but I hope you enjoy it!

"Disgusting." Hojo thought as he looked upon a scene he almost always saw during his daily walk to his lab. That scruffy little Turk was engaged in his usual routine of flirting with one of the many secretaries in the building.

Oh how he hated him.

Any other person would interpret it as him being jealous of the seductive Turk. But he knew himself much better than that. He was jealous of no one.

Sure all the women considered him handsome and often flew into a flurry of whispers and giggles every time he walked past them, but he didn't have what Hojo did.


He couldn't understand why that lazy bastard was a Turk anyways. "Because it doesn't take brains to blow someone's head off." He mumbled as he scurried past said Turk and the heavily blushing secretary.

Jealous. Hah. Nothing of the sort.

Angry. More like it.

He could tolerate it from a distance. But then that red headed weasel had to saunter into his territory and try his luck at one of his female lab assistants.

That meant war.

What a perfect opportunity to test his methods on gene splicing. Hah, how ignorant of him to think he could pick a fight with a scientist, a scientist and get away unscathed.

For weeks now he had been tinkering away at his latest machine. Oh was that Turk going to learn a lesson. Yes, this would be quite fun indeed.