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"What's he gonna do to Roger?" Reno asked Tseng. Suddenly he could feel everyone's eyes on him.

"Who's Roger?" Tseng asked.

Reno pointed to the clone, "Him." He said proudly. Roger sat up in his seat and gave a small smile.

"How'd you find out his name?" Elena questioned.

"Well let's see, maybe he told me?" He said sarcastically. "Nah, I named him. Or Tifa did really, but I was close!" Everyone was still looking at him like he was crazy. "What?"

"So, what did you do while we were gone?" Tseng asked as he gracefully sat down in an empty chair next to Rude's desk.

"Just hung out at Tifa's, had a few drinks, ya know." Reno mumbled as he began tinkering with his computer again. Rude gave a suspicious cough.

"I got sick due to my excessive consumption of liquor." Roger blurted out.

"You got him drunk?" Tseng crossed his arms. The tone of his voice wasn't nice.

"He could've said no." Reno mumbled again.

"That's why you weren't answering your phone." Elena said devilishly.

"No, I wasn't answering my phone because you were calling me!" He swiveled in his chair.

"How do you feel…Roger?" Tseng said awkwardly. He found the idea of naming the clone absolutely absurd, yet a very Reno thing to do.

"Fine sir." Roger answered respectfully. Tseng's eyebrow arched in surprise. If he wasn't a little 'out there' he'd probably make a pretty good Turk.

"That's surprising, considering how much Reno usually gets his victims to drink." Elena said spitefully. She had learned the hard way back when she had first joined the Turks. As a celebration, Reno offered to take her out for some drinks. Back then she was a bit scared and intimidated of him and Rude, so she politely took every drink he threw her way. In the end, she was so drunk she eventually blacked out. The hangover the next day was the worst feeling in the world.

"You've built up your tolerance since then, right?" Reno smiled evilly. Elena returned a glare.

"The shots were -," Roger began.

"No!" Reno cut him off, "Remember what I told you?" He added with a wink.

Roger thought for a second, "That Elena's a crazy b-,"

"NO!" Reno yelled suddenly. "I mean, no Roger," He calmed himself down, "I didn't mean say it out loud." He gave a little laugh. Rude thought for a second that it might be a good idea to hold Elena back. But then again…

"Alright, settle down." Tseng raised his hand to stop anymore nonsense. "Now, on with the matter on hand," He stood up, "Hojo is waiting for us at the lab, let's get going." They all stood up except for Roger who seemed glued to his seat with fear. Without a word, Reno helped him out of the chair and escorted him out into the hall for the long walk to the lab.


Nothing made sense. All Reno could think about was why would Hojo do this? It had to be more than just getting back at him for flirting with his lab assistant. Really, how desperate for revenge could that guy be over just that? Then again, it was Hojo, the same twisted dude who injected Sephiroth with Jenova cells while he was still -

"What are they going to do to me? Is it going to be painful?" Roger seemed on the verge of a panic attack.

"Take it easy," Reno assured, "We're just gonna have a talk." It was something that had been nagging him for awhile, but he finally accepted the fact that he was getting a little attached to Roger. Not in a weird kinda way, but he was his clone after all. Maybe that was the main source of it.

People in the halls parted for the Turks as they made their way down the hall. It was a known fact that whenever you saw all the Turks together that they were on their way to do some serious business. They were kind of like the mafia around headquarters with the suits and weapons and shades.

The bright lights of the laboratory brought an uneasy feeling back to Reno's stomach. And just like many times before, there was no one in sight. "Professor." Tseng commanded. After what seemed like a few minuets, the deranged scientist walked out from a back room. He slowly made his way to a medical table and began arranging different medical instruments and other things Reno couldn't identify. He was clearly taking his sweet damn time. And that said one thing about him : he listened to no one.

"Selfish prick." Reno let slip out of his mouth. Tseng gave a stern look out of the corner of his eye. But Reno knew he was thinking the same thing. That's the thing with Tseng though. Throughout the years, Reno came to learn that Tseng had a way with putting up pretenses, so it would seem that he could deal with Hojo or an annoying Rufus every now and then, but in reality he would rather pull out his gun and give them holy hell. Heh, an image of Tseng pulling a gun on Rufus actually looked pretty funny in Reno's mind.

"So," Hojo said in his nasally annoying voice as he turned around to face the group, "You all are doing well I believe?" He looked specifically at Reno and adjusted his glasses.

That little bastard! Reno reached for his EMR only to find it wasn't there. Damn, just when he needed it most. "I think you know why we are here Hojo." Tseng said.

"Ah yes, the clone. How is he?" Hojo asked peering through the crowd. Roger solemnly walked forward and stood beside the scientist.

"Might have some liver damage after last night." Reno mumbled audibly.

"What was that?" Hojo glanced at him curiously. Reno just shrugged it off as Elena gave him a light nudge with her elbow accompanied with a frown.

Hojo continued inspecting Roger. "So you want me to destroy him?" He said nonchalantly.

"Oh no." Roger moaned.

"Hey wait a minuet!" Reno demanded as he walked from the back of the group to the front next to Roger, "If he goes, then what's gonna happen to me?"

"To you? Nothing at all." Hojo said in a bored tone.

"Bullshit! You fuckin' cloned me. Cloned. Something's gonna happen." He noticed Rude gave a swift look to Tseng as he cussed. He probably thought Reno was about to jump Hojo's ass, which didn't seem like a bad idea.

"And what makes you think that?" Hojo replied unfazed. An invisible question mark hovered over everyone's head.

"Would you care to explain?" Tseng asked.

"Well you see, although the specimen does indeed look like him, he is in fact not a real clone of him. I simply used his characteristics on a completely different human sample body. Of course, I made a few changes to those characteristics as you can see by omitting and altering a few things. To the untrained eye, yes, they look like twins, but genetically they have nothing in common whatsoever." He said confidently.

"So he just looks like me, but really has no genetic connection to me?" Reno asked.

Hojo nodded. "Now, if you'd like to get this over with. I have other projects that need to be attended to." He said as he scurried off into the backroom again.

"Wait a minuet." Reno caught up with him, out of range where the others couldn't hear him, "Tell me exactly what you're gonna do. Is there a potion or something that you're gonna give him?"

"It's very simple. Just an injection. It will make him feel very lethargic and eventually he'll fall asleep." He said rummaging through a large white cabinet.

"So you're just gonna put him to sleep?" Reno glanced to make sure no one was listening.

"In a sense. He just won't wake up ever again. You see it slows the heart down so much that it eventually stops. It's not painful at all." He withdrew a syringe and a small bottle. "Now if you don't mind." He motioned for Reno to leave him alone to set up.

He walked back to where Elena was busy comforting a nervous looking Roger. "What did he say?" Rude asked.

Reno motioned for him and Tseng to step closer so Roger and Elena wouldn't overhear, "He's gonna put him to sleep. Like he's a dog or something." Both Turks remained quiet for a few seconds.

"There's no other choice Reno." Tseng began. "As harsh as it sounds, there's no place for him here. Even if he lived, there's no way he can make it on his own." Reno ran a hand through his hair. "You can't take care of him. It would be a full time job." As much as the truth hurt, it was still the truth. He had no idea it'd be affecting him this bad though.

"Are we all set?" Hojo asked from behind the group.

"Just make it quick." Reno said. "Roger," He said walking over to him, "He's just gonna give you a shot ok? It'll be real quick."

"A drink?" He said cautiously.

"No, not a drink. A shot, you know with a needle?" Reno patted him on the back, "It'll be real quick, you won't feel a thing." He winced at his choice of words. Reno lead Roger over to where Hojo was standing by a simple hospital type bed.

"Just lie down and stay still." Hojo instructed. The clone did as he was told. Reno took a few steps back as Hojo inserted the needle into Roger's right arm and withdrew it throwing it into a biohazard container. "Now, you may start to feel a bit sleepy, that's normal. Just continue lying very still."

"What if I fall asleep?" Roger asked.

"If you fall asleep then I'll wake you up, don't worry." Hojo lied.

"Ok." Roger smiled. Hojo walked off into the back room again. "You were right, it wasn't so bad." He said to Reno who was staring at the ground with his hands in his pockets. A minuet later Reno could see he was fighting to keep his eyes open.

"Don't fight it Roger, just go to sleep." He said in a low voice.

"Alright." He slurred.

"Goodbye Roger." Reno saw his eyes beginning to close.

"Bye…?" He trailed off and fell asleep. In all his years of Turk training and missions he had never felt back about death or killing. Just pull out a gun and fire. Quick and easy. He never thought watching someone just 'fall asleep' slowly would affect him. He wasn't his clone. Nothing shared genetically. Just a look a like.

Reno walked back to where the other three were still standing. "Well, show's over. Guess we can leave now." He said to them as he lead the way out the door.


Since when did he get so emotional and sappy over some freak accident clone? He had nothing in common with the guy genetically. But, for a while he really did think so.

He'd never admit it to the others, but he learned a lesson. Innocence isn't such a bad thing. Maybe he should try being a little less like an asshole for once.

Work had slowed down again, and all three were stuck in the office doing paperwork. Except Reno of course, who was busy randomly punching keys on his keyboard just for the sake of noise. Click-click-click-clickclickclickclickclick-click-click-BANG!

He barely dodged a stapler thrown by Elena that was aimed for his head. "Your aim sucks El. How did you ever get into this line of work?" Reno mused.

"I might not be good at throwing things," Elena snarled, "But I'm pretty damn good at shooting things!" She opened her desk drawer and started rummaging for her gun.

Reno jumped out of his chair and threw a giant paper ball that he had been working on for months, hitting her smack dead on the forehead before running off towards the door, Elena hot on his heels. Maybe he should try being less like an asshole for once.

But why ruin the fun?


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