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Prologue: Shut Up And Drive

"Mikagami Tokiya, why aren't you answering me?" The phone from the other line kept ringing. Fuuko couldn't help but get frustated because she had been ringing Tokiya's phone every ten minutes for about an hour now.

It has been six years after SODOM and their lives went back to normal. Koganei and Kurei discovered a genius idea and were able to go back to the present era after killing Oda Nobunaga. Recca and Yanagi are living together although they are not yet married. Domon is still the good ol' Domon while things were going good between Kagerou and Shigeo.

"Damn, why won't you answer the phone? Don't tell me you're 'busy' again!" Fuuko glanced at her child on the backseat from the car's rearview. Everyone was surprised when Fuuko and Tokiya finally stopped keeping their relationship a secret and later wed. They all thought that Fuuko's constant bugging of Tokiya was just her usual habit and not because they were that close.

"I emailed your Daddy about giving birth to you but he still hasn't replied. And now, he's not even answering his phone!" She was on her way to Recca and Yanagi's for a welcome party for the baby girl, born four days ago. Recca had offered to pick her up from the hospital but Fuuko insisted that she can drive by herself.

Stubborn as always. That's Fuuko.

"I guess I'll just have to leave a new message again. If he doesn't reply back in less than two hours, I'll just flood his phone!" She smirked as she thought of Tokiya's possible reaction when he sees Fuuko's hundred messages. 'And he'll read every single one of them.'

It didn't take Fuuko long to find a free spot where she could stop for a minute while texting Tokiya. The moment she stopped her car on the left side of the road, she started typing on her phone like a kid playing vigorously at an arcade.

When Fuuko was five months pregnant with Miyuu, it was the time when Tokiya went to America to be in charge of his uncle's company. Long distance relationship wasn't supposed to hinder them but as months passed by, Tokiya became really busy that he barely talked to Fuuko on the phone or send letters to her like he usually did during the first few months.

"There, he better read and reply to this one."

Fuuko's message to him read:

"Hey you perverted ice-block! Your daughter is on Earth now and I named her 'Miyuu'. I was actually thinking of naming her 'Mifuyu' but I decided otherwise because I'm the boss who gave birth to her! Ohhh yeeeah!

By the way, when are you going back here, if ever? Come back soon because your daughter is waiting for you. Bye."

Fuuko checked both her left and right before steering her wheels back on the right lane. A little bulk on the road made her car shake a little which caused Miyuu to cry.

"Oops, sorry Honey!" Fuuko sheepishly smiled and started singing lullabies to coo her baby. Miyuu seemed to be an obedient baby girl because she stopped crying not long after. Fuuko was still singing a lullaby when her phone suddenly rang. Eyes fixed on the road, she started feeling for her phone on the open left seat.

Having not found it after a few pats, she decided it wouldn't hurt to take a look even for a few seconds where the hell her tossed phone ended up. She was about to hit the 'answer' button when loud sounds of screeching tires approaching the left side of the car made her stop. All of her senses were alert on what was happening as she quickly grabbed the handwheel in hopes of avoiding an impending accident but everything happened too fast that even her swift reflexes couldn't reply on time.

It wasn't long before an ambulance's siren echoed in the streets. The police's whistle could be heard together with car horns complaining about the newly created traffic.

" awful..." An old man who was passing by exactly the same time as the accident happened sighed while drivers who wanted to gather information about the blocked road started to nod in agreement.

"Excuse me sir, but have you witnessed what happened? If so, can you tell us in exact details?" A police came forward to the crowd of people gathering nearby. Even though not the one addressed, a store vendor came forward and proceeded to describe what she had seen.

"The blue car came from the left street and although the red lights were still on, it didn't stop but even continued going forward! The white car was unlucky it was exactly at the middle of the crossed road and got bumped."

By the mention of 'white car', their heads turned to the car that crashed to a nearby building. The front seat was crushed while the left side which the blue car bumped was slightly dislocated. Inside the white car was an unconscious Fuuko with a bleeding head and an endlessly crying Miyuu at the backseat. In the other hand, the lucky bastard who was riding the blue car only had a few bruises.

Despite the police's instructions to keep out from the site, an old woman sneakily peeked through the white car's windows.

"Sayaka!" Amidst all the noise that the commotion created, the old woman's cry was loudly heard and she was approached by a police officer.

"Are you one of the victim's relatives?" He questioned.

"Yes..." She said in between tears.

"That's good. We are taking her to the hospital and if you're a relative, please follow." The police ordered as nurses and other hospital staff lay Fuuko on a stretcher.

A purple-haired lady slowly opened her eyes while adjusting to her surroundings. Everything she saw was white except for the old lady crying beside her hospital bed.

"...Where? Am I?" She asked, weakly.

"Sayaka!" The old woman cried as she lifted up the lady's right hand and tightly gripped it. The lady had a confused face because she couldn't tell what was happening. She couldn't even remember why she was in a hospital.

"Sayaka, don't you remember me? I'm your mother!" The lady opened her eyes in shock because of what she heard but those eyes started to brim with tears.

"I don't know you. I...I don't know who I am, I...can't...I can't remember anything!" The lady finally broke down and allowed her tears to escape. She was holding her head with both hands as if it could stop the pain coming from an inner part of her head.

"Don't worry Sayaka, it'll be fine. Your mom will take care of you." The old woman went closer and hugged her. Her eyes were filled with longing and although she knew she might be hurting the lady, she hugged her tighter and kissed her forehead repeatedly.


-To Be Continued-

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