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Chapter 6: SOS (Rescue Me)

"Welcome to our humble apartment." It was the lady, who introduced herself as Stera, that guided Sayaka around their apartment. According to her, she and Hideki had been living together for a year and they will finally ask Stera's parents tomorrow for their blessings before the grand marriage.

"I wish the both of you happiness." Sayaka exclaimed brightly while helping herself with the tea Stera had prepared.

"Thank you. Oh, that reminds me! I didn't notice it when we were in the alley minutes ago but I think I've seen your face before." Right now, Stera was observing Sayaka with her big brown eyes. She was sure about it but she couldn't remember when and where she saw that certain face. As her frustration kept flaring up, her face went closer to Sayaka's while the latter backed off. A few minutes of silence and Stera threw her hands up in the air while screeching. "AHH! I can't remember!"

Sayaka just sighed and tried calming the other lady down. "Don't pressure yourself too's okay if you don't remember."

"But it's going to bother me! And I bet you too!"

"...Hey, they say that everyone has at least 3 look-alikes in this big world, right? Maybe the person you saw just looked like me." She gave Stera a big grin but before the lady could answer back, Hideki interrupted them.

"Stera, stop scaring Sayaka-san with your unreliable memory."

"Hideki!" She shouted at him like a growling tiger upon hearing the remark.

"Haha, dinner's ready, you two." The ladies nodded and Sayaka couldn't help giggling at the cute couple while on the way to the kitchen.

- - - Twins - - -

It was a Friday morning in Nagomu, only a day away from the Summer Festival. Some stalls were finally unleashing themselves, catching a lot of people's eye. One of the onlookers was Recca, who was excited to show everyone the hand-made fireworks by his parents. It was originally Recca's idea to sponsor the fireworks for this year's Summer Festival but he made searching for Fuuko his main priority so Shigeo and Kagero were the ones who mostly did the firework-making. He was about to leave the site when he bumped someone upon turning his heels.

"Sorry, you okay, Miss?"

The lady nodded and murmured, "'s the weird and creepy guy again..."

Recca's ears twitched like that of a cat's. "Weird and creepy guy..." Recca repeated as his mood meter kept going down to zero.

"Uh, excuse me!" The lady bowed down and ran away. Just then, Recca let out an "ah!" and ran after the lady. "Miss! Wait!"

And the 'let's-see-who-can-run-faster' contest began. The lady was pretty fast and clever that Recca lost her for a few times. But since we're talking about a ninja here, we all know that Recca will still be able to catch her no matter what. 'Kuso! You're fast as ever, Fuuko!'

The lady, who was actually Sayaka, lent no ears to Recca and continued running. She had been used to this kind of situation, running away and hiding from one of her mother's bodyguards. Not a single one was able to identify her, much less lay eyes on her because she was with no doubt fast. But it had been a year since she last encountered someone again and this time, he's faster than the previous ones. She knew her body was going to give up soon but all that was inside her head at that moment was 'I have to run! I have to escape! I can't let Mom catch me!'

"Fuuko, stop! I just need to talk to you!"

It was the name Recca shouted that made Sayaka halt. Recca, who was surprised by the sudden brake, almost tripped in front of her. "You may have mistaken me for someone else...I'm not Fuuko...Sayaka, I'm Sayaka." She spoke in between breaths.

"Eh?" That was the only thing Recca could utter. 'Is this some kind of joke?' He thought, his brain not being able to process anything at the moment.

The two remained silent and just stood there. Sayaka kept on waiting for a more decent reply from Recca but since nothing was said, she thought everything was over so she started walking away. Recca finally snapped out of it and grabbed Sayaka's hand in instinct. He started walking to the Hanabishi's and paid no attention to the lady's surprised look.

"H-hey! Where are you taking me?" She asked but heard no reply from Recca. She tried hitting him to escape from his grip but instead of letting her go, he tightened his grip on her more.

"I said it hurts! Let me go!" Sayaka continued fighting and stopped when Recca replied, "Okay. Here's the deal, I'll let go of your hand but you'll promise me you won't escape again. Deal?"

Sayaka grumbled in annoyance but agreed anyway. "Fine!"

Recca then sighed in relief and continued walking. "You know, running away wouldn't work anyway, I'll just chase and chase you unti-..." Recca looked behind him and saw that Sayaka was trying to escape again. "You!"

And Recca started chasing after her again.

"Good morning!" Sayaka awkwardly exclaimed inside the silent kitchen.


"Where's Stera?" She asked as she walked towards the dining table.

"Oh, she's working part-time at a cafe and won't be back until noon so we'll leave for Ogasawara when she's home." He replied as he served stew on her plate. Sayaka just nodded and smiled.

"So I was thinking..." He whispered in her left ear. "How about having some fun?"

"W-what are you talking about?" Sayaka's eyes widened at what she heard. One moment Hideki was a nice man but now, he sounds like a hormone-driven jerk.

He laid down the casserole on the table and wrapped his arms around her, whispering further. "Do you know...that bitch has been using her heart disease so I won't break up with her? I'm really tired. How about helping me out?"

That was all she needed to hear before she decided to slap him. The impact was so great that he fell on the floor. "Cheating on her wouldn't fix your problem! A lady like her doesn't deserve a jerk like you anyway!"

He slowly stood up while touching his battered cheek. He was silent for a few seconds leaving Sayaka off guard. "You talk too much." It only took a second for him to stand up and tackle Sayaka to the floor.

"Wha-?" That was all Sayaka could utter after hitting her head on the floor. She tried rubbing it but Hideki caught both of her hands. He started kissing her neck and she let out a yelp in disgust. Liking her reaction, Hideki proceeded to unbutton her blouse. She went in a panic state and started kicking and thrashing violently which pissed off Hideki as a result.

"You're too much to handle when awake." With that, Hideki slapped her. Sayaka gave him a glare in response but she continued her kicking so he slapped her other cheek. Sayaka gritted her teeth in pain. She realized the kicking and thrashing wasn't a nice tactic. She also couldn't release her hands from Hideki's strong grip, but she needed to find a way out of this.

- - - Twins - - -

"So, you're saying you just look like..." Recca paused and took out a picture of Fuuko from his pocket. "Her?"

Sayaka nodded. "Good thing I didn't scream 'BLOODY MURDER!' while you were chasing me, or else you'd be in the police station right now for your stupid mistake.

Recca just lowered her head and sat like a good boy in embarrassment.

"Who's this 'Fuuko' anyway? If she's lost or something, go tell the police and don't randomly kidnap innocent people." She pointed to the ropes around her. Since Recca didn't trust her when she said she wouldn't run again, he decided to tie her to a chair.

"But you kept on running away! I just wanted to talk!" Recca countered, still in the good boy position.

"I would listen to you if you didn't creep me out with the chasing! I actually believed you were one of my Mom's bodyguards!"

Yanagi, Tokiya, Koganei, Ganko and Domon just stared at this conversation. They were staring and observing what Recca brought home.

"Your Mom's bodyguard? Why?" It was Koganei who popped up the question.

"Err...nothing. Don't mind." Sayaka just looked away from him.

"Anyway, are you really sure you're not Fuuko? You look like her! Or what if...Fuuko had an amnesia, loss of memory or something and took on another person's identity or something? Or, or, or, maybe Fuuko got abducted by aliens and got brainwashed or something?" Recca spoke while he stood, waving his hands around madly.

"Recca, she does look like Fuuko but if you look closely, you'll see they have a difference. There are actually many differences and one of them is their eye colors." Yanagi spoke. She, besides Tokiya, was the only one who noticed this. Fuuko's eyes was livelier while Sayaka's was covered in fear and hatred. It was also obvious that Fuuko had green eyes and not brown like Sayaka's.

"Okay, okay. I think I'm just overreacting. Seriously, this Fuuko-missing thing is driving me nuts!" Recca sighed as he sat back. Yanagi put on a small smile and started massaging his temples.

"Let's not forget about my daughter." Tokiya spoke as he sat, his eyelids closed. He's having a hang-over and all he wanted to do was stay at home and sleep. But he got deprived of this right when he got a call from a panicking Recca, telling him he's finally found Fuuko. He immediately drove to the Hanabishi's but got disappointed at the fake news. He reminded himself to punch the sea monkey later for this.

"Yeah, my niece! I badly want to see that little kid running around while giving her father a headache!" Domon made taunting gestures to Tokiya.

"Umm, excuse me but I think you should release me now that we've cleared things up." Sayaka interrupted.

Yanagi walked up to her and carefully untangled the ropes. "We're really sorry for wasting your time, and thank you for helping us."

"Nah...I don't think I really helped you. Good luck with finding her though." Sayaka stood up and stretched, feeling the freedom to move once again.

Yanagi scribbled the Hanabishis' phone number on a small piece of paper and handed it to the other lady. "If you do hear anything about this matter, please inform us."


- - - Twins - - -

Sayaka was now motionless, she kept on sobbing, a signal she had surrendered fighting. Or at least, that was how it looked like to Hideki. Sayaka was actually just preparing for her attack when he lets his guard down. That moment finally came when he took his time by slowly unzipping his pants with one hand.

'Here we go...' She prayed inside her mind that it works. She positioned her fists on the floor and used them as a spring for her head to reach Hideki's own. That instant, Hideki collapsed on the floor while wincing in pain.

What happened was Sayaka bumped Hideki's forehead hard. 'You bitch!' was the only thing Hideki could shout at the moment as he was busy rubbing his head while wondering what the hell suddenly happened. Sayaka just stuck her tongue at him and dashed off. She finally escaped the twisted guy. 'Everything's finished, thank Go-...'

"Umph...!" Sayaka accidentally bumped someone.


- - - To be continued - - -

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