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Chapter 7: Gift of a Friend

"Umph...!" Sayaka collided into something.

"Y-you..." More like, someone.


"Your...blouse..." The pizza delivery guy muttered in a very nervous tone while his face color was transitioning to a million shades of red. Sayaka didn't clearly hear the guy but she proceeded to look where he was looking at. She then saw the upper part of her blouse unbuttoned and she didn't need a minute to figure out what was driving the guy mad.

"Pervert!" And the guy met the same fate as Fujimaru.

- - - T - W - I - N - S - - -

A sigh escaped Sayaka's lips as she walked through the streets of Nagomu. Her empty stomach grumbled and she sighed again. Why didn't that guy just let her eat first before attacking? No, that's the wrong question. Why did he even attack her? She was grateful that the couple let her stay in their apartment for the night but it was ironic at the same time. Because she was focused on getting away, she wasn't able to retrieve her money or the few belongings that she had with her. She lost more money than she would had she slept in a hotel.

She couldn't go back now though. Who knows what that freaky guy would do once he sees her again? But she also felt guilty that she couldn't properly say goodbye to Stera. Although they just met each other yesterday and the most they could talk was last night, she already considered her a friend. It was a pity there was a small chance of meeting her again and if she did, she'd have trouble explaining what drove her to suddenly leave the apartment.

All of this problem because of that jerk Hideki. She lost a potential friend and she also lost her free ride to Ogasawara! Just as she was pulling her hair in frustration, she caught a glimpse of kids studying a stall curiously. She stopped her tracks and went their direction.

As she went closer, she became aware of other stalls just nearby. She remembered the first time she arrived in town and exclaimed unconsciously, "Right, there's a summer festival!"

A boy heard her and nonchalantly started talking to her. "Yeah, it's tomorrow and it's going to be a lot of fun!"

Just then, a man by his 40s who appeared to be the stall's owner also butted in. "That's right so young lady, be sure to come and eat my yakisoba! Mine is the best in town! Gahaha!" The kids surrounding the stall started laughing and Sayaka couldn't help but also laugh.

She had problems of her own right now but all of those were kicked at the back of her mind as she let herself get drowned in the festive mood. She took a few steps and proceeded to look at another stall. It had a signboard saying 'kakigoori'. She went to look at another one beside and this one said 'hotdogs'. Just as she she took another step to look at more stalls, she sensed someone following her not too far away but she just shrugged it.

It was when the person's hand reached her shoulder that she felt she was in trouble.

"Good morning and welcome home Madam."

It was heard all over the mansion. Mrs. Kirihara came back home from her 2-day business trip and as expected, the first thing she did upon entering the huge elegant doors was to check on her daughter's whereabouts.

"How come I don't see Sayaka? Where is she?" She took a long flowing glance at her surroundings. The 3 maids who welcomed her home could only stare at the floor in silence. Shiori wasn't among them. The moment she heard the sound of the old woman's car entering the gates, she went to Sayaka's room upstairs to hide. She knew that it was pathetic, that she would be found faster than the blink of an eye but she didn't want to face Mrs. Kirihara right now. She still didn't have an excuse for Sayaka's disappearance.

Having no more patience left, Mrs. Kirihara shouted at them to call Shiori and tell her to be at the old woman's room in an instant. She massaged her temples as she headed upstairs, a guard and the 3 maids following her. They separated when she and the guard headed for her room at the left corridor and the maids scrambled to the right to search for Shiori.

As soon as she entered her room, she ordered the guard to put her luggage aside while she tossed her shoulder bag on the bed, not caring of the contents. When the guard finally made his exit, she took out her blue purse from the shoulder bag and made her way to her work desk. She sat on a black chair and took out something from the purse. She rested her elbow on the chair's armrest as she started to fiddle with a blue cellphone.

"Useless." She said it in a disgusted tone upon seeing the cellphone's battery was low and it couldn't be turned on. It was the first time the old woman was able to fully examine Fuuko's cellphone. First, she forgot it at Harada Kurenai's mansion only to find out Kurenai gave it to Sayaka. She nearly panicked but since her daughter had been unconscious all day and she was able to snatch her purse away from the maid, she knew there was nothing to worry about. The last thing she wanted was her daughter being able to contact Keiji.

Second, she took the cellphone with her while she was on a business trip just to be on the safe side. She wanted to see what was inside first before disposing it but she had no time to do it because of the tiring schedule. And now that she had the chance to, the blasted thing needed to be charged. She decided that she will later, after changing her clothes and had a talk with that maid.

Meanwhile, Shiori sat on Sayaka's bed as she waited to be found. What was she supposed to tell the old woman? I helped your daughter escape from you again? She already spent all of her luck the first time, she was sure she'd be fired this time. She heard two knocks on the door before it finally opened to reveal Ayaka, the head maid. She was alone and had a frown on her face as she stared at the younger maid.

"I knew you were here."

"I knew you're the one who would find me." She forced a little smile.

It was the same scene that happened 3 years ago. Ayaka found her inside Sayaka's room, she was called inside the old woman's room, she told her that her daughter ran away and she got slapped for not following orders. Which was to prevent Sayaka from escaping. Somehow, as she was now walking to the old woman's room again, she had a feeling that the same thing would happen. She was ready though. If that's the only way she could protect her friend's happiness, she would be willing to sacrifice herself.

She opened the door to find Mrs. Kirihara surprisingly calm but that scared her even more. Who wouldn't? Everyone in the house were well aware of what she could do after that incident 3 years ago. Despite that, Shiori stood straight and finally asked, "How can I help you, Madam?"

"Where is Sayaka? The other maids couldn't answer me." She was again sitting on the black chair, this time her arms and legs crossed.

"She's...out, Madam." Inside her head, she winced at her lame answer.

"You know where she is."

"I am sorry but I do not know where she is at the moment." It was the truth. She doesn't have a clue that Sayaka ended up going to Nagomu instead of Ogasawara.

There were minutes of silence while the old woman was finally having the idea. If her daughter was really out somewhere, the maids would know her location and she would have a guard with her. The old woman finally realized that something was off.

"Liar." After a few seconds, she added. "You helped her run away again."

The maid just stood there and looked the old woman straight in the eye. She was bracing herself for what was about to happen.

"SHE RAN AWAY AGAIN!" Her screech was so loud that it echoed inside the big mansion. She lost control and picked up the nearest thing to her and threw it on the floor, making it emit a nasty cracking sound. It was the blue cellphone.

Fuuko's cellphone, to be exact.

Shiori's eyes widened. She had never seen that cellphone before, and she was sure that it didn't belong to the old woman either.

'Blue.' She thought. Her eyes widened at the realization that it might be...

But she didn't have enough time to ponder longer as Mrs. Kirihara stood up from her seat and went towards her with big steps. Her raised right hand told a lot of what she was about to do to her. Shiori could only close her eyes and wait.

With a loud sound, her left cheek was slapped. Her right cheek was supposed to go next when the door burst open, revealing the other maids who had been eavesdropping the whole time.

"Madam, please calm down!" Ayaka placed herself between the younger maid and the old woman. Mrs. Kirihara just pulled on her own short hair in frustration and went outside her room, throwing and smashing everything breakable that stood on her way. The sound of a vase breaking and the screaming of the maids alerted the guards of the commotion. Everyone wrestled with the thrashing old woman until Rina could inject her with a sleeping medicine, the one they got from the mental institute in case the old woman loses herself again.

The moment it got inside her system, she dozed off and was carried to her room.

Meanwhile, Shiori hurriedly picked up the remnants of the cellphone despite Ayaka telling her to stop it. The cellphone was blue. She was sure of it. It had to be Sayaka's.

As the guards entered the room with the old woman in their arms, Shiori rushed out and headed to her own room downstairs, not caring about anyone else. She wasn't going to fix the cellphone. No one can because it's badly ruined, the sim card included. But if luck was still at her side, she'd be able to retrieve data from the only part that wasn't damaged: the micro SD card.

As she felt a hand lay on her shoulder, Sayaka looked back only to be surprised at who the man was.


It was unmistakable. The man before her had the same blue eyes, the same blue hair and the same angelic face she saw in the picture in her diary. As she was trying all her might to recover from the shock and joy she felt at finally meeting him, Satou Keiji just stared at her in confusion. He knew she wasn't Sayaka, from the way she called him to her shocked expression upon seeing him. Something was wrong but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Hey, Sayaka." As he went closer to her to have a better look of her face, he finally noticed it.

Her eyes were a dark but soft shade of green. How he didn't notice it the first time they made eye contact puzzled him. As they stared at each other for a long while, realization struck him. Is she the girl Sayaka had been telling him about? The one in those missing posters? But how did she know his name if it was the first time he saw her?

Too many questions were going inside his head but he brushed them away at the moment. "Look, we have to talk but not here. Follow me to my apartment."

Sayaka nodded and the both of them started walking with Keiji leading the way. Like Keiji, Sayaka was equally confused. How would she talk to him? She met him, now what? She hoped that whatever it was they were going to 'talk' about would be able to save her from all of the confusion.

To Be Continued

Author's Notes:

And yes, I'm probably not the only one asking "why does everything have to be blue?!" From the purse, to the cellphone, to the hair colors of their husband/boyfriend. xD Also, the reason why Sayaka and Keiji was in Nagomu instead of the always mentioned Ogasawara town will be revealed in the next chapter.

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