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Chapter 8: Live Your Life

It wasn't long before the two arrived at Keiji's apartment. It was small compared to Hideki's but everything inside was neat and tidy. The walls were painted white and the color coordination of the furniture was composed of bright colors such as yellow and light orange. The opened windows were piercing to look at because of the sun's rays brightly penetrating them. Sayaka was taking hesitating steps inside, her uneasiness clearly painted on her face. Keiji noticed this from the corner of his eye so he gave her a smile of assurance before motioning for her to sit on the sofa.

"Wait here. I'll be right back." With that, he disappeared to a room to the left. Her line of sight followed him and she heard the sound of papers being flipped inside the room. As she sat, she wondered about her action. She didn't have any time to think of it so she followed Keiji to his apartment out of his request, but surely, he wasn't like Hideki, right? She didn't think she had the energy left to deal with any more perverts today.

A minute more and the blue-haired man emerged with a paper in hand. He sat down across her and she couldn't help but throw him a confused look when he held the paper up for her to see.

"This is you." He stated the obvious. What she couldn't comprehend though was the big bold word under her picture. MISSING. Did Keiji make that missing poster to find her?

As she looked away from the paper and directed her eyes back at him, he spoke again. "You're not Sayaka."

This utterly surprised her. "What are you saying? Even though I lost my memory from a car accident, my mother found me and told me I am Kirihara Sayaka."

This time, Keiji was the one with the surprised look on his face but he immediately composed himself and calmly replied. "I don't know how your meeting with Mrs. Akemi went but you're not Sayaka. She must have mistaken you for her because of your similar looks."

What? What is this guy in front of her saying? She couldn't digest a single word he said.

Seeing the confusion written all over her face, he put the paper down on the table and gently spoke to her. His straight gaze to her emerald eyes was comforting and warm. "I know you're confused as I am right now but it's the truth. I've been living with Sayaka for years now. In fact, she was here just a few hours ago so there's no way you could be her."

Sayaka looked away from him to collect her thoughts. Her eyes went to the paper on the table. That was her on the picture, when she still had purple hair. She remembered how Mrs. Kirihara looked disgusted at it and ordered Shiori to dye it to brown.

'Shiori...' Her thoughts went to the maid. Like with Stera, she was only with Shiori for just a couple of days but she already thought of her as a friend. She still couldn't even digest the fact that she lost her memory and now, suddenly getting told of these facts made her head hurt. She didn't want to think of anything anymore but she knew she just couldn't escape. So she looked back up to Keiji and continued their conversation.

"So you're saying...these past few days that I lived as Kirihara're saying that I've been living a lie?"

The way she looked at him pained him even though he knew nothing of this lady in front of him. Despite that, all he could do was sigh and give her a nod.

"It's been how many days since Fuuko's disappearance?" Recca asked while passing by a Fuuko poster pasted on a supermarket's news board. Unlike before, his face was now serious whenever the topic comes up and you can no longer ignore the dark bags under his eyes.

"Eight days." The long haired guy behind him answered.

" would be great if Ka-chan still had her madougu...we can find Fuuko and Miyuu in less than a minute!" Recca exclaimed while throwing his fists in the air. The Hokage were in their daily 'town patrol' around the neighborhood to check if someone has seen Fuuko. Unfortunately, the results were the same as before. Feeling the weird tension in the air, no one said anything after that. If it was another day and Fuuko was by their side, they would've taken the topic of losing their madougu lightly, but this time was different. As they continued walking silently, they heard a woman call out.

"Hey! The guy with the spiky black hair!"

The guys with black spiky hair, Recca, Domon and Koganei, to be exact, looked behind at the same time.

"This is the girl you're looking for, isn't she?" This question earned the other members' attention and they all turned around only to find...

"Great, it's you guys again."

Sayaka walked over to them while waving a hand. They just sighed and waved back.

"You know, you should really remove these missing posters. You have NO idea how many times I've been dragged by random people just because I look like her!" She boldly pointed at the poster.

"Ah...sorry about that." Recca smiled sheepishly. "But if we remove all the posters around town, how are we supposed to find her? We've filed a report to the police but so far, nothing's coming up."

"You idiot! There's a thing called TV these days! You can broadcast she's missing there!" She exclaimed while crossing her arms.

"And have the Ura Butou Satsujin participants across Japan recognize and laugh at us? Eww." Koganei whispered but he was still heard by Ganko and that remark earned him a smack on the head.

"Hmm...that might be a good idea! We get to star on national TV!" Domon exclaimed with gleaming eyes.

"Baka!" Recca and Koganei beamed at the same time while a little 'aho!' from Ganko was also heard in the background. Meanwhile, Yanagi just stood there with Tokiya as they watched from the sidelines. Yanagi giggled before speaking in the soft voice she was well-known for.

"Expect them to kick away the heavy mood whenever they get the chance."

"Enough. Let's get moving." Tokiya turned his back on them and continued walking. They all stopped in silence and just stared at Tokiya's walking figure. They knew what Tokiya was going through right now, every one of them was going through pain right now...

"Well..." Sayaka awkwardly started, "I...guess I'll also get going now. I'm going to play the taiko at tomorrow's Summer Festival and we have a rehearsal at a friend's house today." Several oohs were heard after they picked up this information. Since most performers of the taiko are men, it wasn't everyday that you get to meet a woman playing it, especially someone as feminine-looking as Sayaka.

"You will play the taiko? That's neat!" Ganko's eyes were glistening as she looked at the other lady.

This flattered Sayaka but she waved both of her hands in front of her as a sign of modesty and countered. "...I will, but I'm not the main performer, I'm just in the background."

"But that's still cool! We'll be sure to watch, right guys?" Koganei chimed in.

"Yup!" Recca beamed before turning his head to check on Tokiya. "Ah! Mi-bou is already that far!" He loudly exclaimed while pointing at Tokiya's figure walking at an unbelievable pace. The gang hurriedly bid their goodbyes to Sayaka as they tried catching up with the walking ice block.

Sighing, Sayaka turned on her heels and went back the original way she came. It was such a nuisance being mistaken for another person then getting dragged by unknown people to who knows where, and she was highly annoyed at herself for letting her guard down most of the time it occurred. Although she was thankful that the Hokage was always the goal she was led to, she knew it would only take one cruel twist of fate before she would be accidentally taken to her mother.

Before her mind panicked about the possibility of such an event, she felt her phone vibrating inside her jean's pocket. She took it out and upon seeing it was a call, she looked for a Women's Restroom nearby before answering.

"Hi honey. Uh huh, I'm on my way to the re..." Her words got cut as she heard Keiji's next words. She nearly dropped her phone from the shock and she awkwardly repeated what he said. "...Found...her...and, she's what?!"

She was silent the whole time Keiji explained the recent event. It was when Keiji informed her they were now heading to the Hanabishi residence that Sayaka was able to say something. "Okay, I saw them at the streets today and if I run, I might be able to catch up and tell them. See you guys later, bye." She carelessly shoved her phone back inside her pocket as she hurriedly went outside and ran straight to the location where she last saw the gang.

By now, they were in front of a pedestrian crosswalk, waiting for the lights to turn to green. As she was getting nearer, she heard Domon's loud pipes.

"I know! I'll wear a golden yukata tomorrow! That will surely catch everyone's attention! GAHAHA!" Okay, they were still enjoying the festival talk.

She was sweating like mad but she didn't wipe it off as she stopped right behind them. She supported her struggling knees with her palms before exclaiming. "Look, I don't want to spoil the mood but you gotta listen to me!"

Heads turned to look at her and upon acknowledging their undivided attention, Sayaka slowly opened her mouth to spill the big news.

"My boyfriend," she paused as she tried calming herself down. She didn't expect herself to be the one to tell them the news and she had never been this excited in her life about something. It was probably because of the relief that no one will mistake her for someone else anymore or it was probably because she was just excited to personally meet this lady who looked like her. Either way, one would mistake her as a member of the Hokage if they saw how her heart jumped for joy at the news. "Keiji, found Fuuko."

This alarming news pierced their ears. Their eyes were wide as their minds repeated Sayaka's words over and over again. They were standing there frozen for seconds, trying to collect their thoughts.

"Hmph...hnn..." Yanagi could no longer hold the sudden rush of emotions. She clamped her mouth with both hands and sobbed. Ganko rushed to her side and they let the tears flow as they leaned on each other for support. Tokiya kept his head low as he tried staying still but his hands betrayed him by shaking furiously, while the much more emotional guys in the group started sniffing.

They were oblivious to the noisy sounds of cars and they didn't pay attention or move an inch even when the lights for the crosswalk turned to green already, signalling to people that it was okay to cross the street. Sayaka didn't say anything and just smiled at them, knowing how they were having a little bit of a hard time processing the news.

"Where is she right now?"

Seemingly having calmed down, Tokiya chose to break the silence and brought everyone back to their senses. His body looked composed but it was hard to tell how the icy man really felt for his eyes were still glued to the ground as he asked.

"They're on their way to the Hanabishi residence."

Just then, a loud laughter was heard. They turned their eyes to the culprit, who spoke in a low and calm voice. "You know guys, my childhood best friend doesn't like waiting. It's in her personality."

Everybody's face were lit up as Tokiya smirked and replied. "Guess we can't afford to be late."

The sound of the doorbell was heard as Sayaka awkwardly stood in front of the door with Keiji who was silent from the moment they left his apartment. She gulped as she heard the doorknob get twisted from the inside and it soon revealed a woman with black, shoulder-length hair who smiled at them but soon, had a shocked look on her face.

"Fuuko-chan?! it just Sayaka-chan?"

Sayaka forced a smile so as not to seem rude while she let Keiji speak for her. "I'm sorry but it's a long story. I'm looking for Mr. Hanabishi Recca but I guess he and the others aren't here yet?"

"Oh, my son and the others just went out for a walk, I'm sure they'll be back soon. In the meantime, please come wait inside." As the two were led inside the house, Sayaka couldn't help but feel that this house was somehow familiar. She was feeling strange. The woman also never took her eyes off her which made her all the more uneasy.

It wasn't long after the both of them sat on the couch in the living room that they heard someone shouting at the front door. Without much warning, it eventually burst open.

"Ka-chan!" Recca shouted as he and the gang hurriedly took off their shoes. He dashed to the living room and upon seeing Sayaka, his eyes started to blur.

"Fuu...ko...Fuuko!" Recca was about to hug her (much to her horror and shock) when Keiji stood up and between them to stop him. Recca became confused and at the same time pissed off at Keiji, but he soon realized that it was Keiji's signal to be silent and wait for the other people to get in the living room.

Sayaka was examining the spiky haired man in front of her when they heard other people shouting 'Fuuko-neechaaan!' as well as 'MY HONEY!' coming towards the living room. One by one they entered the room with the speed of a cheetah but Sayaka tried her best to get over her shock and examine each and every one of them until...

"Mi...Mikagami-san..." Sayaka mumbled as she saw the man with icy blue long hair that she encountered last night. She didn't really know his name, she just overheard the conversation between Hideki and the other townspeople that came to her rescue that night.

Question marks floated above their heads as they heard it.

"She...she doesn't remember anything about you."

Once more, they found themselves rooted on their spots. They wanted to think it was some sick joke by Fuuko, Keiji and Sayaka but judging from the way she looked at them, they knew they had a serious case.

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