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How did we end up in this situation? With me sitting here, Jake outside convincing Sam to meet with the Cullen's to fight Victoria and her little underlings.

While the D.J. was announcing who King and Queen were, (which no one at this table was paying attention to) Jasper told us how he trained new born vampires, to use their vampire strength, plus their extra talents to defeat other vampires.

Jasper admitted with guilt, that back then they turned innocent victims into vampires, so they could have an army to fight over territory.

Now he agreed to train the Cullens and the Pack, as a way of redeeming himself.

I wanted to tell all of them how this was a really dreadful idea. How there had to be another way. Ways were no one was put in a dangerous situation. But no one would listen to me; they were too busy coming up with more and more ideas.

Before I could even interject my thoughts on this horrible idea, Jake was walking away to phone Sam, and the Cullens were all huddled together, form strategies and tactics.

I didn't want to be involved, so I put my elbows on the table, my chin in my hands and let out a long sigh. This is not how I pictured my prom night turning out. I was expecting more of a growling match between my boyfriend and my ex. Not an immortal town meeting.

"Would you like dance, Bella?" I heard a jumpy voice say behind me. It was Eric. He looked small and gangly in his white tux. He voice was high pitch and nervous.

I was torn between being friendly and just getting the awkward, 'tripping over feet', dancing over with or politely letting him down.

I started to bite my lip and look around for Jake. I decided on the ladder and was about to announce about how my date would be right back, when Edward saved me.

"I'm sorry Eric, but Bella has already promised me the next slow song. Which I think is up next, as soon as the DJ gets back from getting a drink."

Edward's voice, make me shiver. He was so polite about the whole thing, it was kind of cute.

Edward stood from his chair and held his hand out to me. I let my fingers curl around his cold hand. I pushed off of my chair and let him lead me to the dance floor.

"I'm not really sure what to do. Two left feet, you remember that?" I blushed.

Edward leaned in closer to my ear.

"Just put your head on my shoulder, your arms around my waist."

Part of my wanted to slap him and walk away, but part of me wanted to do precisely that.

"Watch yourself, Cullen." I chuckled instead, poking him in the chest.

"Trust me Bella. Head on shoulder, hands on chest or waist, hell I'll let them lay limply by your side I don't care. Move your feet in a box motion, just follow me."

So for the first time in months, I did just that., trusted him. The one person who broke my heart. I put my head on his chest, and wrapped my arm around his waist. I pulled him towards me, so I could smell the familiar Edward scent that I've missed. I could never quite guess what it was but all I knew was that I was addicted to it.

It was nice to be encased in his arms, just the two of us, slowly swaying to some tacky love song.

"Have you had any more thoughts about, where you are going to school next year?" Edward

asked, breaking the silence.

"It's between University of Washington and Penn State, I'm not sure yet. You?"

Please say, you'll go where I go.

Wait, why do I care where he goes?

"I'll go, where my family goes, you know that." He smiled and squeezed my body against his.

Silence fell between us.

"So Jake called you 'amazing' when he saw you." Edward scuffed.

I was slightly taken back, how would he know? But of course he probably got that from reading Jake's mind.

"Yeah so, what's it to you?" I pulled away and looked up into his eyes.

"Well amazing doesn't beginning to cover it. You look beautiful, exquisite, beyond stunning. He's just too young to understand what a woman truly looks like."

I put my head back down on his chest and thought about it. I was angry at Edward, at Jake, even at myself!

I was mad at Edward because he left me, left me broken and scared and alone. Then he thinks he can waltz right back into my sad, pathetic life like nothing happened. Like nothing has ever changed, like it was normal for me to be here waiting for him.

I was mad at Jake because he was immature, and did only see me as amazing. I was eighteen, about to go off to college, and I didn't want to be trapped here, waiting for my boyfriend to finally graduate.

And mostly I was mad at myself because I was standing here, dancing with the one person who broke me in so many ways, with those hateful words he said to me. I was the girl that was going to stay here and waiting for her boyfriend. I was the girl that I didn't want to be.

I wanted to pull away, to walk away from Edward and into the crowd to find Jake, but I couldn't feel my feet. As if Edward could sense my thoughts, he pulled me in closer.

The songs changed from slow to fast, and back to slow, but Edward and I stayed in this close dancing motion, our own little box.

"Do you know what the Alstroemeria flower means?" Edward said finally breaking the silence between us.

I nodded my head no, against his body.

"Friendship and devotion. The flower grows upside down the petals twisting as they grow, it symbolizing the twisting roads of friendship."

I lifted my head and looked up at him, "How do you know that?"

"When I was human, my mother taught me the meaning of flowers. It was very common back then."

I put my head back down, "I highly doubt, Jake knows what they mean. He probably just thought they looked cool."

Edward grunted, "I wish he did know and still picked them."

I shook that statement off, with a roll of the eyes, "What does the iris mean then?"

He chuckled softly.

"Iris's mean 'your friendship means so much to me'. Which is why I picked them for Kate. She's been a very loyal and good friend to me and my family."

The song changed to Taylor Swift's 'Stay Beautiful.' It wasn't the typical upbeat version, but a slow, acoustic number.

I closed my eyes and just listened. I listened to the low murmurs surrounding the gym, the way Taylor sang the words unhurried and velvety.

Edward dropped his head, putting his lips next to my ear again.

If you and I are a story.

That never gets told.

If what you are is a daydream.

I'll never get to hold, at least you'll know.

You're beautiful every little piece love.

And don't you know you're really gonna be someone ask anyone.

And when you find everything you looked for.

I hope your life leads you back to my front door.

Oh but if it don't will you stay.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

He kissed my temple and put his chin back on top of my head. As quietly as I could I blinked back the tears forming in my eyes.

We stayed in this position until the song was over. I pulled out of his grasp and stood there staring at him. His arms acted like they were still holding me, his eyes were open a shocked look on his face, his mouth was faintly open.

"I have to; I have to go find Jake. He's probably back at the table, waiting for me. He's probably…waiting for me." I sounded lame, but it didn't matter. I needed to get out of there before I did something stupid.

He didn't try to stop me, he just followed me back to the table. Instead of taking the chair between Kate and myself, he sat at the seat next to Alice, the chair furthest away from me.

At first no one said anything, and then Jasper and Edward started making bets about who was going to throw up first at Mike's party. Jasper suggested that they should call Emmett and Rose on the way to the party.

'More money for the winner.' He shrugged.

I tried to tune them out, but it was hard because Alice and Kate kept trying to pull me into their conversations. I felt bad, I didn't want them to think I was ignoring them, but I was starting to worry about Jake.

He left before I started dancing with Edward and that was at least six songs ago. Add on the fifteen minutes we've been sitting here and it wasn't looking good.

The prom was winding, only one song to go and it was a slow one. I wanted to dance the last one with Jake. Where was he?!

I was about to suggest that I lead a search party for Jake, when I saw Lauren and one of her nameless followers walking towards us a huge evil grin plastered on her face.

"You must be a really bad fuck, Bella?" Her pestering little voice said.

"Excuse me?" I hope I sounded angry or offended.

"Well it seems you couldn't hold onto Edward, and I just saw your new boyfriend making out with some junior."

I felt my face grow hot, as everyone at the table turned towards me. Why would Jake be making out with someone else? I'm his girlfriend! I'm practically his imprint, right? So why would he be with someone else!?

"What?" I stuttered out.

"Well we were just walking out of the bathroom, when I saw him pinning some girl in the corner. She was smiling and he probably was too, so I didn't scream rape. Just thought you'd want to know. Come on girls, its head over to Newton's and get our party on."

Lauren and her little gang turned to walk away. Lauren stopped abruptly and turned back towards the table.

"You know what Bella, ever since the first day you've showed your face here, I've been hoping for this day. I've been waiting for you to fall right on your ass. I laughed at you when Edward left, but this, this is priceless." She laughed again and disappeared into the crowd.

I couldn't believe her, I mean this was Lauren and she'd do anything to ruin my prom night. Wouldn't she? - I mean no one's really that cruel are they?

I turned back to the table, were everyone was staring at me. Alice reached her hand across the table, but I shuffled to my feet before she could.

"I really need to find Jake. I'll see you guys at Mike's, ok?"

I ran off before they could even reply.

The last slow song was ending, and the Principle was reminding us to drive safe, and that we all signed pledges to not drunk or have sex.

As people were exiting, it made it harder to push through and find Jake. He wasn't out in front of the school, or out on the dance floor. I even looked on the football field to see if he was too embarrassed to admit he wanted to do the scavenger hunt.


I was just about to give up, when I noticed him sitting at a table on the other side of the gym. I started at a swift pace towards him, but stopped in my tracks. He had his arm draped around a chair, with a blond hair girl sitting in it. She was a junior; I think her name was Michelle. She sat a couple rows in front of me in Chemistry class last year.

So it was true, he really was with some other girl.

Tears started to prick at my eyes. My heart was breaking. My heart that wasn't even whole in the first place and it was breaking all over again. What should I do? Walk over and confront him, or wait for the gym to clear out and say something?

I went with the first idea. I straightened my back and walked over to their table. Neither moved, nor looked into my direction. I cleared my throat, still nothing.

I cleared my throat again, and got no response. I finally tapped Jake on the shoulder. He jumped a foot into the air, startled.

"Bella?!" He shouted, shooting up to his feet.

"This isn't what it looks like."

What a cliché thing for a guy to say, when he's caught red handed with another girl.

"What do you mean; this isn't what it looks like? You leave me to make a quick phone call, and then you never return. And then Lauren, of all people, had to tell me you're with another girl." I was fuming.

Jake grabbed my wrist, and pulled his head down lower.

"Can we please talk about this later? I can explain I promise. I just… I just need a second with Michelle. Meet me by the car, please."

His eyes were pleading. I harshly tugged my wrist away.

"I'll meet you outside in five minutes." I garbled, grabbed the keys and walked away.

The cold air felt good on my body as I walked to the car. I looked around for the Cullens, but slipped into the car, when I couldn't find them.

The Cullens were already gone, probably back at their house changing and heading over to Mike's.

I was suppose to change here at the school before heading over, but I wanted to get out of their as soon as I could. Since Jake obviously didn't care anymore, I'd probably just change in the car. But right now I had to get these shoes off. I reached into the back and pulled out my black flip flops.

After the promised five minutes, Jake slide into the car, turned on the AC and backed out of the parking lot.

"Bella we need to talk."

Thank you for stating the obvious!

"Ok, then talk?" My words were bitter.

"Remember when I said that I wouldn't imprint because I loved you so much. Well, I went outside to call Sam, and I told him my plan and, and it took a lot of explain to do. A LOT. He's still unsure of what we should do. I mean he wants to get rid of Victoria, but he doesn't trust the Cullens. I mean he really hates them and just don't trust them." He was rambling on.

"Just get on with it Jake!" I shouted, filling the same area with my anger.

I reached into the back of the car and grabbed my bag with clothes in them. I yanked out a pair of jeans, a really cute tight fitting black plaid shirt (Alice made me buy it, when we went shopping a couple of week's ago.) and a black vest that ended at my navel.

"So Sam and I got in a pretty heated debate. I mean this vampire is still trying to hurt you. Sam and I were just having a huge yelling battle, until I got him to agree to at least meet with the Doctor and that Jasper guy. I was so frustrated, that I hung up the phone and was just standing there, squeezing in the phone. That's when Michelle came over and asked if I was ok."

He paused and looked over at me. I was trying to undo the zipper on the back of my dress. It wasn't budging, and then I remembered that I was wearing that stupid thong. I tried digging under all the fabric to find my legs, to slip into my jeans. This too wasn't working.

"Do you need help or something?" He asked.

I turned my face to him, pinning him with the most evil, pissed off face that I could.

"Ok. Well anyways, I don't know. When we looked at each other, it was just like everything else melted away. I don't want you to be mad at me Bella, I honestly loved you and thought that, that love would be enough to not imprint. I can't stay away from her now, never. I told her, that I have to talk to her, at Mike's house. So I'm going to go find her when we get there, then I guess I'll drive you home or where ever you want to go. "

I noticed that he said 'loved', it made me stop in my tracks. So this is really over?

"Well that's good to know." I sounded really bitter.

We were almost to Mike's house and I was still sitting in my prom dress.

"Can you just pull over so I can get out and change?" I shouted, slamming my open palms against the dashboard.

Jake sighed and pulled over, turning the engine off.

I leaned forward and finally managed to get the zipper down.

"Bells, I don't want you to be mad at me, you are my best friend. Please Bells, please." Jake was pleading.

I wasn't having any of this right now. My heart was being smashed apart, again.

"Can you just get out so I can change? Just, get out and turn around or something."

Jake opened the door, pulled his massive body out and leaned his back against the door.

Since I was unable to move this poof ball around in the car, I too opened the door and stepped out, grabbing my clothes.

Jake started to turn around.

"Don't look! I'm changing you ass!" I shrieked out.

I quickly shimmed out of my dress, and slide on my clothes, "Ok." I muttered.

We both slide back into the car, and continued down the road to Mike's house in silence. And to think, I thought tonight was going to finally be the night I lost my virginity. What a foolish, foolish girl I am.


I remembered the last time I was in this school. Back when my lover was still alive (well as alive as any vampire is) and we were hunting her. Now I was reduced to avenging James, by hiding out in the damp woods and just waiting to attack her. To torture her and even kill her.

I tried to picture the little brat dancing and having the time of her life, in that big gym. She was unaware that this was going to be her last night.

I was going to snatch Bella during her prom, but there were countless people hanging around outside the school. Plus I could smell the Cullens, they are here, or were here. I could also smell that dim-witted mutt that she's been hanging around with.

Kids were starting to exit the building, in small groups. About fifty yards away, I heard someone mention Bella's name.

"I hope Bella still comes to Mike's party." A girl in a purple dress said. She sounded upset.

"Yeah me too, she's going to need a shoulder to cry on, now that she's done with Jake." The boy was cocky.

"Shut up Mike, you know if Cullen shows up, she'll be running right back into his arms."

Some Bella was going to some party at this Mike guy's house. But the Cullens might show up. There was no way that I'd be able to go in there and get her. They knew my scent and my face.

No, I had to get one of my newborns to do it.

I kept my eyes focused on this group of humans as they got into numerous cars and started backing out of the parking lot.

As they started driving down the road, I ran beside them in the woods. They didn't drive far before; they stopped at an empty house. So this was where the party was going to happen.

I pulled my pre paid phone out of my jean pocket and scanned through the couple of contacts I had. They were all newborns that I've been creating for the last couple of months.

My finger stopped on Riley. He was the first one I tricked into being turned, and my most devoted.

I pushed send and waiting for him to pick up. It only rang once, before his eager voice answered.

"Yes sexy, have a plan yet? I think I finally lost those smelly dogs."

I scuffed, of course I had a plan, don't I always?

"Yes, don't worry you're little head, I have a plan. But we have to hurry; I don't know if she has those little mutts are still following us."

Imprudent, foul-smelling, four legged freaks.

"What about the other vampire coven you told us about, the Cullens? Aren't you worried about them?"

I quietly laughed.

"I hope Edward does come for us, and then he can watch us torture his precious, little horror of a girlfriend."

I laughed again. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Bella!

"So what's the plan then, lovely?" Riley drew me out of my thoughts.

I thought about the plan, making sure it all made sense and told Riley.

I couldn't wait to finally getting my revenge on Edward.


As soon as we got to Mike's, Jake and I headed our separate ways. He probably went off to find Michelle and I went off to find the closest bottle of Jose Cuervo.

I walked through the kitchen and out the back door to the deck.

Post prom people were everywhere. Some kids were even jumping into the pool with their prom attire on.

Coolers were lining the yard and I walked over to one and opened it. It had bottles of Hoegaarden in its icy, cold belly. I dug my hand into the ice, feeling the sting, and yanked one out.

I asked one of other party goers, to open it. I chugged it and went back for another one.

This was going to be a long night, I could just tell.

I wondered around the party, chatting with classmates, and sipping on my beers I made a complete 360 and was feeling a little tipsy.

Finally Alice and Jasper showed up, with no Edward in site.

I ran over to them, and hugged Alice tight against my body.

"I'm soooo happy you are here!" I shouted a little too loud for the outside world.

Alice just giggled at me, and took the beer out of my hand while saying, "I think you've had enough, young lady."

"Never!" I shouted, twirling both of us around.

I let go of her, told her I'd meet up with her later and ran into the kitchen to fix myself a drink.

I mean I deserve to have this one night to be care free. I've had my heart broken yet again, by a boy that I've trusted the most.

And now my senior year was over, now I can go to college anywhere I want to, because I didn't have a boyfriend holding me back!

While standing in the kitchen talking with a group of girls from my Chem. II class, when two familiar faces walked in. Ok maybe not too familiar because I've only seen them once before, but there standing before me was Jared and Scott. Scott was Tyler's brother (and I'm sure the source of all the alcohol) and Jared was his friend, the one I fell into while dancing.

"What's up boys?" I lifted my eye brows.

"Hey! Any dancing shows tonight?" They replied, laughing.

I laughed with them, "No my dancing days are over. What are you guys doing, hanging out with a bunch of high school kids?"

"Tyler told us, some hot chicks would be here, once again he was correct. Hey we were just getting ready to do some 'strike outs' wanna join us?"

I had no clue what a 'strike out' was, but I wasn't about to admit to that. I didn't want to be the lame, wall flower girl, who's depressed because her boyfriend just dumped her.

So I nodded my head yes and followed them around to the other side of the counter. They stretched across the counter, grabbing a bud light, a bottle of Jäger, and three plastic Dixie cups.

"Ok so what do I do?" I was assuming it was a drinking game.

Jared shrugged off an old orange back pack and unzipped it. He submerged his hand into the ugly orange fabric, and pulled out a bong, that was a swirly multi color. I was starting to panic; I've never smoked pot out of a bong. I've only smoked a couple times, it was between when Edward left and before I started dating Jake. And every time I went to a party, and peer pressure reared its ugly head.

"What's that for?" I inquired.

They both laughed, I wasn't sure if it was at me or with me, but I was assuming at.

"Ok, pay attention because I'm only telling the rules once. You take a hit of the bong, do a shot, chug the beer, then exhale. Ok, ready?"

One, two, three, and I did it. Ok I attempted to do it, but I didn't really do it. I coughed a lot, choked down the alcohol and wobbled on my feet.

They offered to let me try it again, but I declined. Never again, would I do that. I decided to stick to just the drinks.

After my third drink, Mike came tripping into the kitchen, looking for one more player for 'One Big Chicken'.

"That's me, that's me!" I jumped up and down, hitting my hip against the counter.

I followed Mike into his living room, where a bunch of kids were huddling around the table.




Running Hares

Females Sitting, Sipping scotch, and smoking cigarettes

Slit by Sam the Sheet Slitter

Siamese Sailors sailing the seven seas

egotists echoing egotistical ecstasies

Knocked up Nuns navigating the Nigerian desert towards the nunnery

pluckers plucking figs, I'm not a fig plucker or a fig pluckers son but I'll pluck figs until the fig pluckin's done!

We each took turns saying the phrases, and who ever messed up had to chug. Thank God I was good at remembering facts, because I managed to stay in the game.

"Who's ready for another round!?" Mike slurred out.

I was about to answer, when I felt someone lifting me up by my underarm and turned me around.

I came face to face with Edward's chest. He started to lightly shake me.

"What are you doing?!" He roared, making the whole room go quiet, except for the music booming from the iHome in the kitchen.

I was about to tell him to get his hands off of me, when Alice stepped in, "Edward, let's take this upstairs shall we?"

Edward let his left hand slip away, but dragged his right hand down to firmly grab my wrist. He practically dragged me upstairs, making me trip and stumble over my own feet.

We picked a random room, as Edward lead into a dark room. He flipped on the light, and slammed the door shut behind me, before Alice and Jasper could even come in. He slammed the door so hard, the whole room rattled.

"Hey, Alice wanted in too!" I shouted to his back. I tried tugging my arm back, but his tight cold grip wouldn't let go.

"I don't care about Alice! What is wrong with you? You're drunk and acting stupid!"

I've never heard Edward sound so… much like a vampire. He sounded scary, and dark and evil.

"Excuse me Edward, but when you left me nine months ago, you forfeited all rights to care about me!" Now I too was shouting.

"Just because I left doesn't mean that I stopped loving you, or stopped caring. I'm back now, and I don't love you less, I love you more now! I came back for you, I came back.."

Wow another first, Edward rambling.

"How can you even say that?! You don't love me, you just want something to protect. I'm just a play thing to you… just a toy, a pet!"

Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry!

"Are you kidding me? Me, treating you like a toy?! And what were those guys down there? You don't think they would treat you just like a toy? Jesus Bella, you looked like a tramp down there!"

Even though I knew he wouldn't feel it, I took my free left hand, formed a fist and punched Edward, square in the face.

"I hate you Edward, I wish that I never moved to Forks, I wish that I never had to sit next to you in Biology, and I wish I never loved you!"

He stumbled back a couple steps, but it wasn't from any physical pain. His face was blank and his legs collapsed, his butt falling on the bed.

I took this moment to escape through the door, make myself stagger down the steps and back to my save haven in the kitchen.


I knew Bella didn't mean what she said, but it hurt all the same.

I sat on the bed, calculating what I should do next.

After about fifteen minutes, Alice and Jasper decided it was time to interrupt my thinking.

"You can't just let her go Edward, you love her. She loves you. You belong together I've already seen it."

Alice closed her eyes and showed me the imagines again for the millionth time.

Bella and I, married, both of us vampires, happy vampires.

A happy, loving feeling over took my body. I had the sudden urge to find Bella, take her in my arms and never let go. Thank you, Jasper for the sudden burst of emotions.

They were right, I had to get Bella back, she was my one true love.

I pushed to my feet, swung open the door and bounced down the steps. The closest room was the kitchen, so I searched in there. No luck.

I swiftly walked into the living, bathroom, dining room, still no luck.

Maybe she walked outside to get some fresh air. I glanced around the back yard, taking in the pool, the trampoline, the numerous amounts of bodies, dancing and grinding to the music.

Still no sign of Bella anywhere.

I noticed Angela and Ben sitting next to the pool, their feet dangling in. I hoped that she knew where Bella was, I was starting to worry.

"Hey Angela, have you seen Bella lately?" I asked.

They both turned and looked up at me. They both looked worried.

Oh no, did something happen to Bella, I just saw her.

"I saw her about ten minutes ago; I was trying to get her a ride home. She was really drunk and upset and looked like she was crying. I suggested looking for Jake to take her home, but she mumbled something about him, printing some Michael person. I'm not really sure, she wasn't very coherent. Jess and Kate said that they'd find her a ride. They promised me, that it would be someone safe, no drunk driving. Why, is there something wrong Edward?" She sounded worry.

"No, we just got in a little fight, I just… I just want everything to be ok with us." I was stuttering again like an idiot.

Angela pulled her feet out of the water, pushed off of the ground and stood up. She was barely eye to eye with the middle of my chest. She squared her shoulders and looked right up at me.

A normal person would back down. Their six sense would warn them that I was dangerous, and to run, far, far away.

"She loves you Edward. I didn't say anything when she started dating Jake because I wanted her to be happy, but I always hoping you'd come back."

She grabbed my arm and squeezed. Wow this girl was brave, and I was relieved to have someone in my corner, which had not just my back but Bella's too.

I managed to say 'thank you', before I was darting around the side of the house to the front yard and drive way.

I noticed that Kate girl that appeared at our lunch table when I disappeared, sitting with Jess, Eric Yorkie and a couple seniors. They were all sitting on the porch steps, but Kate was the only one not immersed in conversation.

"Hey you, Kate right?" I jogged over to her, waving my arms frantically in front of me.

"Yeah, Kate that's me." She stuttered, her cheeks growing a light pink.

"Have you seen Bella Swan, I've been looking for her everywhere, I'm her ride home." I smiled putting the charm on her.

Wow, he really is hot, what does he see in that Swan girl, she isn't even that pretty.

"Um yeah actually she left already. So Riley guy came and got her, he said it was her cousin, he kept saying that her Aunt Vicki was waiting for her."

A picture of a tall, muscular teenager with sandy blond hair popped into her head. The only thing that set him apart was his eyes, his blood red eyes.

I shot up off the steps, panic lacing through my veins.

Wait, you can be my ride home! She shouted in her head.

I ran back into the house frantically looking for Alice and Jasper, screaming their names as I ran.


The pounding in my head, reminded me that I needed to take it more slow next time. I tried lifting my arm to stop the pounding, but I couldn't lift them.

I groaned. No movement of the arm was ever a good thing. Charlie was going to kill me for getting drunk.

I opened my eyes, but it was too dark to see anything. Crap were did I pass out, I hope that I was at least out of Mike's house.

Come on Bella, one, two, three time to get up!

I tried to get up; but I was stuck to my chair.

What the…

I tried wiggling again, but I wouldn't budge. Oh my God, what was going on?

"Well, it's good to see you are finally awake. I accidentally dropped you when I was carrying you out of the car. You were already passed out, but that little fall didn't help much."

Oh no, I knew that voice. I squinted in the dark, trying to make out her white face, or fire hair.

"I think she's speechless, Vicki." Someone chuckled.

That voice was new.

"Well she won't be much longer; I hope she screams while we torture her." Victoria laughed too.

I on the other hand I didn't laugh, I screamed.