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Chapter One; Oh, How I Loathed Them

You see, I never meant to pass my stalker to my brother. I also never meant to steal his boyfriend. It really wasn't my fault, really. Basically… it all started one year ago.

It was the first day of my junior year, and I stood in front of my closet wearing only my boxers, having yet to decide what I wanted to wear. Yes, I felt like a girl. No, I did not care.

After about five minutes I had decided to dress casually, and ended up wearing a pair of warn-out blue jeans and a simple gray t-shirt. I'd already showered, fixed my hair, and all that jazz… now, I just had to pray that Old Rusty worked today.

Old Rusty was the name of my car. See, I had asked my parents for a car, but they just laughed in my face. So, I had to get a job. And I bought a cheap car, it was all I could afford. The top was rusting, paint was peeling, but… it was still my car. And I was attached to the pile of metal, which some choose to call junk.

I jumped down the stairs just in time to hear my mom scream at my twin to get out of bed.

Let's just say, I had to wait another fifteen minutes before I could even think of leaving.

I did, however, get to eat a bowl of frosted flakes with two cups of sugar. That was the only way to have it.

Once Sora, my brother, was ready, we piled into my car and headed to pick up my best friend, Larxene.

It was weird how me and her had become friends. It was third grade, I spilled my juice on her, she beat my face in… and then somehow we were friends.

"Aw, man. We have to pick up the Grasshopper? I should've had Riku pick me up!" Sora whined from his seat next to me.

I chuckled to myself when I saw that part of Sora's shirt was buttoned wrong.

Oh course, I didn't point it out to him.

"Get over it, Sora. Larx and I are best friends, and no matter how much you complain, you can't change that."

Sora muttered something indescribable and went back to starting out of his window. Well, my window.

Did I mention, I loved my car?

Another stop, I honked my horn and the blonde girl burst out of her house, then got into the back seat of Old Rusty.

She was wearing a very short skirt.

"Going to work the streets?" Sora commented, proud of himself for the… comment.

Larxene just flipped him off and tended to her hair.

"Well, Larx, I think you look great." I kissed up. A happy Larxene was a nice Larxene.

I learned how to deal with her.

She grinned and looked up from her compact mirror. "Thanks, Roxy-baby. You look positively adorable."

Sora, pretended to gag, I just smiled and pulled into the student parking lot.

I would've gone off with my best friend, but Sora begged me to help him find Riku.

I couldn't resist his puppy dog eyes. Hehe.. I could see Larxene shooting lasers at me.

"C'mon! Let's find Riku and then-"

Sora always was bad at paying attention, so that was why he collided into someone's chest and fell onto his ass.

Larxene burst out laughing as I, on the other hand, tried my best not to.

I stopped when I realized who it was Sora had run into.

Axel Himer.

My own personal stalker. No joke. He'd been 'in love' with me since freshman year, AND he still hadn't given up.

It was getting annoying… No, it was way beyond annoying.

"Roxas! I missed you so much over the summer!" Well… it was kinda nice to be missed.

"Uh, hey, Axel." I replied, glancing down at Sora who was still on the floor glaring daggers at the red head.

"Roxas! Did you do anything fun this summer?"

"Well, I went to Japan for a month with my family."

My mom was a huge fan of anime, so yeah, we went to Japan… My parents were weird. 'Twas fun though, I got a lot of nifty new stuff.

"Really? So, that's why you wouldn't answer the phone… Oh, Roxy, I'll talk to you later, kay?" And with that, he ran down the hall until her was out of sight.

"Larxene, I know what you're going to say, so just don't."

The girl had both hands pressed to her mouth as she attempted to cover her laughter.

Sora was still on the floor.

Luckily for him, Riku passed by, looked at me and Larx, and sighed.

"What happened?"

I shrugged, "Sora was being clumsy, as per usual."

Riku sent me a glare as he helped Sora off the ground.

"Roxas, you'll a bad brother." Riku commented.

"Eh, you win some, you lose some."

"T-that doesn't even make sense!"

"Doesn't it, Riku? Doesn't it?" Oh god, I loved messing with him. So much.

"Makes perfect sense to me." Larxene said. She enjoyed bugging Riku as well. "And, besides, Roxas does everything for Sora. Sora is just a little spoiled brat." Larxene said off handedly.

But… it was true. I let Sora have everything. Toys, games, clothes, you name it, and I've given it. Oh god, that sounded bad.

Sora was fumbling for words, face turning red and hand clutching at Riku's so hard I thought they would pop off.

"At least Sora's nice." Riku finally said relieved to see Sora's face turn it's natural color.

"Only when he gets what he wants."

I had to stop Larxene before she started something real bad.

"Uh, Larx, lets go find our first periods, okay?"

My first period was Maths, Algebra 2, the class for all us average juniors. I hated it. A lot. Well, I just knew I would hate it anyways. Especially when Riku entered the class room and decided to sit next to me.


The boy who was my brother's lap-dog.

No, I did not like Riku at all.

"Hey, Roxas, sorry about earlier."

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever."

"I mean, I have to stand up for Sora. It's… just…"

"He's so cute. I get it, I get it."

Before Riku could respond the bell rang and the teacher started us on an activity to get to know your classmates. I hated the first day.

Riku had all the same classes as me. Seriously, by 4th period I wanted to kill myself. AND Axel was in that class.

He kept passing me notes written in French. Hell, just because we were in French class, that didn't mean he needed to write to me in it!

"Bonjour classe, ca va?" The teacher said, one of the only things I could remember from the year before. Hello class, how're you?

Luckily, Axel excelled in French. I knew who I'd pawn my homework on! He wouldn't even care.

"Psst, Axel?"

His eyes shot straight at me, "Yeees?"

"What does 'allez' mean?"

He grinned, "To go."

I scribbled down the answer. "Thanks."

"Merci." He corrected, before turning back to his work.

When I looked to Riku he was already done. That bastard.

English was the only class I had with Larxene.

And it was the last period of my day. Lets just say, it wasn't the funnest class.

But we got to do another meet your classmates type of thing.

Its kinda of funny, because I could do that in like every class a million times and I'd still forget at least half the class' names in the next five minutes.

Larxene walked up to me, "How's your day going?"

I sighed, "It would have been great if Riku weren't in every class I have."

"Fuck, Roxy. That sucks. Do you want me to kick his ass? Show him not to mess with you?"

"No, it's fine. I think I can handle him myself."

"When have you been able to do that?" She laughed.

I glared at her 'joke', 'cause it was a joke! I didn't very much liker her jokes.

"Roxy baby, don't make that face at me. You know you love me. Accept it already, babe."

I huffed and muttered something a mixture between whatever and shut up.

Suddenly the teacher stood in front of the classroom and coughed to get the students attention. "Okay, settle down. Now that you've gotten to know one another, it's time to assign seats." The entire class let out a grown. "Okay, shut it and let get down to it."

There were three rows with six tables in each row, two people to a table. I was placed dead center with… Axel.

I mean, it was one thing to have him near by in French, since I didn't know French. But, I really didn't need my stalker next to me in English. I was quite fine all on my own.

To make matters worse, Riku was in the seat right across the aisle form me AND Larxene was not even in distance to pass notes, all up in the corner and all.

I no longer liked English.

6th, free period, no class. Too bad everyone else has class, well all my friends anyways. So, I was alone, with nothing to do.

Of course, the one person I didn't want to see decided it would be a swell idea to come out and talk to me. Apparently he had free period as well.

"Roxas! Not taking a sixth period this year? Me neither! What a coincidence."

I feigned happiness. "Yeah, big surprise."

I pushed myself up from the grass I'd been sitting on and started to walk towards the student parking lot.

"Hey, wanna get some ice cream or something?"

I stopped walking to glare at the silver haired bastard. "I'd sooner jump off a cliff, so no thanks."

"I'll see you later then!"

Oh god, that was right, Sora would probably bring Riku over. Life sucked.

Once in my car, I decided I had two choices on where to go. Home or the park.

Considering my growling belly I decided home was the better of the two choices. Mom might have stocked up on food. So, I fought some traffic and eventually pulled into the driveway of my house. When I stepped into my house, I heard the words 'No! Fabio!' coming from the living room. I assumed it was my mom watching her soap opera's.

Home sweet home.

I snuck into the kitchen before mom could catch me, found a bag of cookies and tip toed up to my room.

I'd almost made it when my mom came running up the stairs and trudged at me. I fell to the floor.

"Roxy Woxy is back! I missed you so much!"

I sighed, well the closest thing to a sigh when you have a mouth full of carpet… Oh god, that sounded so entirely wrong.

Finally my mother got off me and I was able to push myself up from the floor.

My parents are a strange pair. Tifa and Cloud Strife. My dad was a lot like me; quite, self-reserved, all around jackass at times. Usually my mother wasn't like this, but she'd just spent hours with no connection to other life forms, she was hungry for attention.

"Hi, mom."

"Roxy! Guess what I bought today!?"

Oh god. Oh god. Last time she had bought something that she was excited about was on Easter. I'd rather not talk about that.

"Uhm. What is it?" I tried to feign excitement; it wasn't easy to cover the fear.

She tugged me into her and my dad's room. I stared at it. It stared at me. "A… hamster?"

My mom clapped her hands together. "I got him for Denzel, but now I love him too much. Ohh!"

Denzel was my younger brother. His school didn't start for another week, so he was still at some camp. He should've been coming back home in like… two days or something.

"Er, what did you name it?"

My mom was overjoyed, "Pookie!"


"Yes, isn't it adorable?"

"Uh… sure… but I think you better give it, I mean him, to Denzel. You'll just forget to feed it like all the other 'pets' you kept."

She gave me a disappointed look, "But Roxy, he's just so cute! Love at first sight, that's what it was! With you father being all seclusive as of lately, I need something to entertain me. He won't even-"

I decided I didn't want to risk hearing anything unwanted, vial, things about my parents… er, life and cut my mother off mid sentence. "That's great mom, anyways… if you give it to Denzel, He'll feed 'im and you can still be around him whenever you want without having to try and take care of it…"

"I suppose, but Denz would keep the name. You cant change Pookie's name now, it just fits him so well."

I sighed, "Mom, you can tell him what to do, its part of the props of being a mom, remember?"

"Oh yeah!" She ran over to me and impaled me in a hug, "You are such a smart boy, what would I do without you? I would," Her facial expression changed to horror, "I would be stuck with your brothers alone. Oh god, my poor Roxy! Come back, I need you! Don't leave me with them!" She reached out her arm towards the open door way, her other still gripping me tight. Mom had slight problems with 'personal' space.

I help back both a laugh and a sigh. "Mom, I'm right here." Mom got over dramatic like such a lot, just the way she was.

She looked down at me, still being roughly a head taller than me, and grinned, "But of course you are, my dear. I would never let you out of my sight."

I rolled my eyes. Slightly wondering what she would do when I moved out, but quickly dismissing the thought.


I sighed, "What?"

"How was your first day? I kinda thought you would be with Grasshopper tonight."

I turned towards my identical brother, "Her name is Larxene and I am going to her house tonight."

He only scuffed my remark off. "So, I hear you have classes with Riku."

"Ugh, like every fucking one."

"God, Rox, you're so lucky. I would die to have all my classes with him."

I rolled my eyes. "Trade you any day."

"Come on, Roxy! This will give you two time to bond, maybe after this year you'll learn he really isn't as bad as you seem to think he is." He said, fiddling with a spare piece of paper.

Suddenly my phone went off, knowing it was Larxene I simply pulled it from my pocket and flipped it open, ending my conversation with Sora with a 'whatever'.

Larxene informed me she was ready for me to come get her so we could hang out and whatever. We hadn't really decided where, but I was not going to wait at her house for her to get ready, that why we got this going on, whatever 'this' was.

I waved bye to my brother and called out to my mom that I was leaving. The minutes I opened the front door, none other than my brother's boyfriend was standing there.

Ugh, did he really need to see my brother every day?

"Oh, Rox, hey." If only I had a lazar beam, I could shoot him in his 'pretty' face. Oh yes, if only I had a lazar beam.

"I'm leaving."

He looked slightly crushed. "Ah, I'll go up to see Sora now, then." He lightly pushed past me and I jumped.

Okay, this was going to sound really girly but… I felt sparks.

And I'm not sure what happened next, all I knew was that my mouth was moving. "Riku, wanna come with me and Larx? Sora, of course, too?"

Oh god no! I hate you mind! Graghmph!

A smile slid on to his face. "Sure thing, Roxas, I'll go get Sora." And then he ran up the stairs. This is about the point where I just stopped to think of Larxene's reaction. Either pissed that I hadn't warned her, or laughing from my misfortune.

Two minutes later, Riku and Sora came bouncing down the stairs.

I tapped my hands on the steering wheel to a nice upbeat song of… The Potential Breakup Song.

It was a good song! I was quite content with my music.

"Fuck, can you turn off the damn nasty music?!"

Ouch. I mean… ouch, IT WAS GOOD MUSIC!


He was supposed to be nice, being my brother and all. And he… swears?! Where has the Sora I've known gone? It was probably all stupid Riku's doing. I should kick his ass for making my good sweet 'innocent' twin into a horrid swearing child.

I turned down the volume on my cars speakers. "Happy?"

Sora giggled in response. And it wasn't because of my lack of music. Riku and Sora were making out in my back seat.

"Eww! Gross! My car! It's been de-purified!" Bastards! Bastards! "Stop! No!" I tried to pay attention to the road and slightly swerved… well… almost into another car. But I didn't, so, uh, go me.

They didn't stop though. "Oh my god, stop or I'll kick you out of my car!" I whined. It was fucking gross, I could hear them. HEAR them.

Sora only giggled.

"Roxas, you wouldn't throw your own brother out, with no way home and only to end up getting kidnapped and raped in a back ally, now would you?"

"Riku, if you'd let that happen I'd cut off your penis and feed it to the neighbors pit bull. Then we'll see how much of a man you are!" I snarled, glaring through rear view my mirror.

"Ouch, Rox. I don't think you should go near my boyfriend anymore."

When we finally got Larxene's, she quickly ran to the passenger side of my car… and stopped imminently. "What the fuck are they doing here?" She hissed.

"Um… I… invited them… somehow…"

"You what?" My best friend burst out laughing.

"Larx, you're in charge of keeping them from doing anything gross." I gave her a thumbs up.

She rolled her eyes and got in the car. "Did they really have to come?"

"Uh… it'd be good quality time with my brother… and… stuff?"

"Roxas, you're a dumbass. AND they are even worse."

"You know, we can hear you." Sora butt in.

"Kinda like I heard you and your disgusting boyfriend making out moments ago? It was vial!"

Larxene laughed.

"Oh, Roxy, you know you liked it!"

"Ew! Why the fuck would I like hearing my brother sucking face with the likes of you, or anyone? That is hella gross, sick-o." I retorted at my brother's boyfriend. "So… where to?" I turned to the only female in the car.

"Hmm… good question. Well, we should totally make it count since it's the end of the first day and all." She sat there deliberating to herself in silence. "Well, where would they have the least amount of fun?" she smirked.

My brother pouted.

Before I could reply she clapped her hands together, "Marly's having a party! Drive, my wonderful blonde whore!"

Normally, I would have mind being called a whore, but, hell, it was Larx. This was one of her better terms for me.

Sora started to protest, "That pink haired freak? No! Roxas, so, help me god!"

I shrugged, "Sorry, dear brother of mine!"

There was now Riku consoling Sora, how sweet.

"Wow, you've really got Riku enamored." Larxene commented, not seeming the least bit sarcastic, just amused.

My twin just sat there. Soon he opened his mouth, "Riku, what's 'enamored'?"

Did I mention I prided myself in being smarter than Sora?

Riku ran a hand through his silver, or whatever the fuck color it was, hair. "It means to captivate."

The brunette looked thoughtfully, "Wow, thanks Grasshopper."

"Any time, stupid."

Damn, not even a good comeback? Larxene must have been plotting something ten times better. I was anxious. Last time it involved her, some illegal fireworks, and a waterbed, Xemnas' waterbed to be exact. Let's just say, the police were baffled. Oh yeah, I had been there, dragged upon my will.

Soon Marluxia's house started to come into view. Cars surrounded the place. Somehow I, with my quick eyes and all, found a parking spot.

"See ya later, Roxy-baby!" Larxene hopped out of my car to go talk to the crowds of people. No, I did not mind.

That was, until Sora disappeared in the crowds upon seeing some of his friends.

Riku and I still sat in my car… alone.

"Sooo, Roxas, you like these things?"

I was actually startled by his question. How did he know I hated parties? I mean, I did like some alcohol, sue me, but the crowds were over whelming.

I couldn't let him know that though, "Of course! All the people! Tons of fun!"

"You're a bad liar, Roxas."

"Pssh! Liar? How am I a liar?"

My brother's lap dog stared at me for a good second, then rolled his eyes and climbed into the passenger seat beside me. "Well, then, why don't you go in and party?" He grinned. Riku, if you weren't my brothers boyfriend I would murder you! First I'd castrate him, then I would…

Let's save the murderous thoughts for another time.

I stared, "Why don't you ever blink?"

It was a perfectly good question and a very confusing thing. The dude seriously never blinked!

"Maybe I just blink when you blink."

Sneaky bastard. Still didn't think he blinked.

Maybe he was an alien! Sora should know about this!

"C'mon, Riku, outta my car. Go find Sora."

Finally he climbed out the same time I slipped out of Old Rusty, and locked it up. Marluxia's house loomed above me.

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