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Chapter Six; Friends

I didn't make it home from Riku's until nearly 11o'clock, but I had managed to actually meet his parents for once, more than just a greet at the door, as per usual, but an actual conversation and dinner. Mr. Morikawa was an excellent cook. Heaven on a plate, I tell you. Then it dawned on me, Riku had a pretty good life. I mean, loving parents, good food, huge house, even an unrequited love.

Sora and I really aren't that different. I mean, we have the same parents, the same house, and the same hall, even the same eyes. I was also told we had the same nose, and that one of my blond spikes resembles one of my brother's brunette spikes. Okay so a crazy person on the street saw my brother and I and yelled that out, that doesn't matter.

No what matters is that me and my brother are pretty damn close. Well, maybe Sora was a little more positive while I was… well, I'm positively pessimistic. And honestly, it works really well. Can't set goals too high or they'll all come crashing down, but if you set low goals when everything works out it like a bonus. See, I was sort of positive.

Okay sure, Sora dressed in brighter colors but whatever. We were pretty much the same. Riku was just being a picky baby. Sora should have been just wonderful for him.

Surprisingly however was that by the time I got home, Sora wasn't there.

With slight concern about it being eleven at night and him without a car, I decided to text my beloved brother. 'Sor, where are you?'

It wasn't long before I got a message back. 'Still w/ ax, bbl.'

Still? Damn.

Not that it mattered, I mean, maybe Axel would get horribly obsessed with Sora instead of me and I would no longer have to deal with his freak friends.

That was a good thought.

With that, I was able to go to bed in a good mood.

By lunch the next day I wasn't the only one under the tree of freaks. Nope, somehow the events of the previous night had led to my brother to being invited under the glorious tree.

I didn't mind. The only peculiar thing was that Tree Girl didn't seem to mind either. No, it was okay to have my brother there, but I was a freak. Again, not that I cared, I didn't like her either.

Sora surprisingly fit in rather well. I mean, he was even eating the peaches blasted Mullet Boy offered him, luckily I didn't have to sit and listen to Little Emo going on about how he's allergic because Mullet Boy was just too dense to understand.

"So, you guys had a good night I take it?"

"Mm, yeah. Your brother is awesome, but it would have been better if you were there." The red head said.

I rolled my eyes, pushing myself up from the tree, which earned me a strange look from Axel. Today I just didn't feel like dealing with all the people. They were just… I didn't feel up to it. Plus, they had Sora, so they didn't need me. Yeah, I just wanted to skip the rest of the day. Rest of the day, all of lunch and one class. English. I already knew how to speak it, didn't I? At least that's what I would tell myself so I could leave the school for a while and maybe get caught up on some very much needed sleep.

I liked sleep. School interfered with sleep. So, by default and logic, I disliked school.

"Roxy-cakes, where are you going?"

"Err… I don't feel so well, I think I'm going home early today. Sorry Axel."

My brother instantly jumped up, nearly tripping over Mullet Boy in the process. "Homigawd, Rox! Are you okay? You gonna puke?! Hurry! I'll drive you to the hospital, give me your keys!" He released his breath and his face reminded me of a meat crazed dog from now panicked he looked.

I just blinked at him. "Err. I just have a little head ache. I don't need to puke. And I most certainly will not give you my keys Sora; you've failed the driving test seven times. I would sooner die from you crashing us into a car than from vomit. I don't think the risk wouldn't be worth the reward."

This of course did not please Sora; instead he just pouted and mumbled how he only failed six times, not seven. Axel however, gave me a strange look, almost torn as for what to say. "Well Roxy, if… if you're sick you should go home. I don't want you to feel bad."

I nodded my head and turned back to Sora. "Yeah, I'll be fine." Sora began, knowing exactly what I meant without having anything even be said. "Axel can drive me home… right?" He turned to the red head expectantly; Axel just smiled and gave him a quick nod.

And with that, I made my leave to the parking lot, which in turn led me to my car, where as lead me home.

It was a beautiful concept… if only it were that simple.

No, my life was not allowed simple easy things like going home because by the time I was approaching my car, I realized there was another person there sitting on the hood. My hood. My hood of my car. It didn't please me. Especially since the person sitting on my baby was my so called 'best friend'. Larxene.

I froze. Honestly getting in an argument was not in my 'going home agenda'. But I saw no way of avoiding it, and any hopes of doing such were smashed to the ground and crumpled into pieces once she called out my name.

"Oh Roxy-poo! Gosh, I thought you'd never come!" She was acting unusually nice for someone who was supposed to be angry with me. All which left me a little beside myself.

"Hi…?" I was more of a question than anything else.

"Lets get outta here!" Her cheerful-ness continued to confuse me.

"Don't you have class?" What a dumb question, of course she had class. She had English.

"Don't you?" She inquired.



I let out a sigh and unlocked my car. "Where did you have in mind?" She just smiled. "My house then?"

"Sounds great!"

I was not sure as to why Larxene was being so friendly all the sudden, but I was smart enough not to ask. Unfortunately, that however made the drive to my house quite awkward and rather silent.

It wasn't until I pulled into my driveway that the silence broke. "So Roxy, why you skippin' English?"

I could have just told her I didn't feel like dealing with people today, which would probably have been the easiest. But… I chose a different method, "I could ask you the same question." I tried my best not to sound accusing or anything, but…

"But, you see, your reason is the one that got us here."

I rolled my eyes, finally not being able to put up with the blonde girls talking circles. She'd upset me way more than I had upset her and, sure, I could have said things a little better but… still, the way she was acting was getting old.

"Larxene, either tell me what's up, or get out of my car. I don't really want to deal with bullshit today." And damn was she full of it.

She looked taken back, not used to being talked to that way by anyone, especially me. "Fine. Marluxia and Namine are dating."

I gave her a fake sympathetic look. "Do you want me to hold your hand or let you cry on my shoulder? You poor, poor thing." I knew I was treading on thin ice, but it felt so good to finally get it out. Besides, Larxene was already upset. "Get over it. Find someone new. You might not believe it, but I'm being a good friend telling you that. The sooner you get over it the better. Shit happens, and no matter what we do or say, we're going to get hurt in life, and hurt others. You hurt me, and I guess I hurt you." I sucked in a much needed breath. "But there's a big difference between us Larx. I'd always give you the time of day, but you don't give a shit about me until it's convenient."

The look on her face was worth it, it was almost like what I'd imagine a dying animal would look like. Probably due to the fact it was one of the only times I've ever said anything like that to her.

But fuck, I was trying to get her attention for what felt like an eternity. When I really needed her help, she just picked a fight. Caring fucking friend she was. And then she just comes to me with her problems. I didn't need that.

She continued to gape at me speechlessly. And no matter how long I've waited to tell her off recently, I was tired and inpatient. If she didn't say anything new, I was just going to go inside without her.

"Rox I-"

"Save it Larxene, I don't want your half-hearted apology. I have real shit to deal with, in which, you'd know about if you ever actually tried to listen to me." The car fell silent again. I let out a sigh, trying to stare at the driving wheel, "Maybe you should go home."

The blond hesitated momentarily, but got out of the car anyways. "See you at school," She muffled before shutting the door and heading for her house. She had sounded like she was going to cry, which you'd think I'd be happy about; finally she'd know what it felt like to be completely dismissed.

But… why did I feel even worse then?

I started to shake my head, trying to clear my mind. I didn't want to deal with any of it. I honestly shouldn't have had to. All I wanted to do was go into a comatose sleep. But since that wouldn't happen, nap would suit my fancy fine.

I woke to the rumbling noise of my vibrating phone. Eyes still closed I reached around my bedside table until I obtained the desired object. Without wasting time, I opened my phone and placed it to my ear. "'Llo…?" I answered groggily.


My mind was still in a state of sleep, leaving me with no idea who was on the other end and I did not want to embrace the light, open my eyes, and abandon my sleepy state of wonderful ecstasy. No, not while sleep was still an escape from my daily life.

So instead I made an excuse, "He's off battling the dragon and saving the fair haired princess from an endless sleep that her evil stepmother induced with the use of her seven dwarf henchmen and a flying elephant. You can however try again later, please."

Yes, I did love my sleep.

"Roxas." The person on the other end said flatly.

I sighed, "What?"

"You skipped English."

My eyes snapped open. Riku. Damn him, did he have to ruin everything in my life? Suddenly I was wide awake and quickly picking up an irritated tone. "And?"

He didn't respond. Almost as if waiting for me to come to why it was a big deal on my own. Most likely because of our assignment. But hell, not like he worked with me in class, why should I have to work with him?

Fuck, did everybody have ridicules double standards? Did I miss the memo that read: 'double standards day'? Or did it just read: 'piss Roxas off day' instead?

"Look, I don't have time for this." I said rather harshly.

"What, too busy saving that 'princess' from the seven dwarfs?" His voice was laced with sarcasm.

"Fuck you." I spat, sitting up and finally realizing how late it was. The sun was already setting leaving blades of sunlight to break through my blinds.

The silverette on the other end of the line began to mutter some 'witty' comeback when I cut him off. "I'll be there tomorrow. Bye!" I said hanging up my phone before I had to hear him say anything else.

However, I was left wondering why he'd wait till sunset to call me about a class I missed hours earlier. Well, until I looked down at my phone for the first time since I woke.

Seven missed calls.

Was he really that desperate to tell me something I was well aware that I missed?

That was just sad.

I quickly dismissed the thought. I didn't want to think of him… or well, anyone really.

I gazed around the room, too awake to go back to sleep; just another thing to hold against him. I slowly got off my bed and began the trip downstairs, no use wasting away awake in my room. But by the time I reached the bottom of the decent from hell, which I insisted on calling it after the time I tripped on my own feet, mind you, and began tumbling backwards. Not my proudest movement, considering I couldn't stop tumbling until I reached the bottom… I tripped on the last step near the top.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs I heard a spread of familiar voices. I seriously hoped I was dreaming, and as I walked into the living room, I learned, you need much more than hope in life.

There, spread amongst my living room was my brother, accompanied by the freaks under the tree; all five of them, including Tree Girl and the blue haired boy known as Puppy.

I began to try my very best at sneaking back up to my room. Only, the decent from hell made sure that didn't happen. First step, great. Second step, wonderful. Third step, could have been better. Fourth sneaky quite step I took and BAM! Flat on my face.

Not only was I laying face first sprawled on my stairs, but the noise of my fall was enough to grab everyone's attention as they came to find what the commotion was.

Axel instantly ran over to me, helping me off the ground. "Oh my gosh, Roxas! Are you okay?"

As soon as I decided that I was uninjured… physically, my pride was a different subject, my dearest chestnut haired brother burst out laughing. Not only that… but he didn't stop, however he did manage a 'don't worry he trips up and down those all the time' somewhere between fits of laughter and enormous breathes.

I was not a happy camper.

I tried to ignore the laughter and maneuver my way over to the kitchen, away from everybody. I was beginning to wish I should have just stayed in the solitude of my room.

To my distaste, I was followed into the kitchen.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Sora finally asked me as Axel led me along, own worry in his green eyes. I just nodded, too embarrassed with the events of my decent to talk at that moment. I didn't want to talk about Larxene. I didn't want to talk about Riku. I had wanted to gorge myself on the cake Denzel and mom made days before. Wait. Denzel. My last saving grace!

"I totally forgot. I have to help Denzel do his… science project. Dissection, beautiful thing isn't it?"

Axel frowned and Sora snorted, "Denzel's at Marlene's, so you can hang out. Don't worry about the little one." Poor Denzel, always overlooked and forgotten. Once when he was six my mom forgot him at the zoo. It was an awkward call to get for my mother, but she made it up by buying him ice cream. Even I forgot my younger brother time to time.

"You need to spend time with our boyfriend, Roxas." Mullet Boy winked, mouth full of my brownies. Oh, I was pissed. But I had been hit with the fact that Axel was still my sort-of boyfriend. Damn it all to hell. I wanted to weasel out to my car and drive off a cliff. My body would rot in my crushed car and no one would be able to identify me by the time I was found. Sure, I'd be dead, but that would only be a minor fall back to the plan. Plastic surgery was an option, but seeing my lack of money, I'd end up looking like a clown. Nope. I was stuck being Roxas Strife.

I didn't answer immediately, so everyone was surprised when I opened my mouth, "But I was really looking forward to helping Denzel. Brother bonding time. Teach him real men don't cry and all that, you know?"

Of course, Sora ruined it. "Roxas, I saw you cry at the Lion King a few weeks ago."

Everyone in the room burst out laughing. I turned bright red, embarrassed, but perhaps I could still pass it off as anger. Axel tenderly ruffled my hair while I tried to cook up a response to defend my honor, "Well… that's because… it wasn't really crying. I was practicing… for a play I'm making. Yeah. I'm making a play." This wasn't going to end well, I just knew it. I hated the theater, never paid a second glance to it when I saw something that was in any way related.

"Really?" Zexion inquired, I'd learned his name, finally. "What type of play?"

I stumbled on my words, "A… drama/comedy?" They had those types of movies, so there had to be those types of plays.

"Oh just give it up. Admit you were crying at Lion King." Tree Girl said.

I seethed. "I was practicing for the play I wrote." I repeated through clenched teeth. There was no way I was going to let Tree Girl intimidate me.

"If you'd let me, I'd like to read it sometime."

I stared at Zexion, gapped really. He wasn't accusing or sounding like he doubted me. No, he seemed to really want to read the fake piece of crap I hadn't written. I didn't have the heart to say 'no', so instead I decided on another lie. Tonight all I had been saying were lies. Wow, I was going to get good at it.

"Er. I'm not done yet, but I can show you once I finished?" Everyone stared at me and chimed at the same time, 'I want to'. Shit, I did the first thing that was logical and came to my mind first.

I panicked. If there was a panic button, I'd be hitting it over and over, but all I had was the slight beacon of hope they'd forget about the play I was 'writing'.

Turns out, they had memories like elephants.

The next day when I went to my first period, Zexion and Mullet Boy were waiting by it. My first thought was that I wanted to die. My second thought was crap.

I made it my absolute goal to take as long as possible to cross the hall where they were waiting for me. Unfortunately it wasn't long enough. "Good morning, Roxas." The slate haired boy greeted politely.

I mumbled back a good morning, wishing to deal with the two in as little time as possible.

Mullet Boy, Demyx I think…, grabbed Zexion's hand. "Zexy and I, we've just came to talk to you… uh, about your play…" It almost seemed as that wasn't actually what he wanted to say, or at least by the look the other boy gave him, what he was expected to say. But the thought was quickly dismissed.

I knew them showing their face around would result in utter humiliation if I didn't come up with a witty comeback soon. "What about it?" I replied nonchalantly.

The key is to not giving anything away, especially the part about the play being total bullshit. But, what was I worried about? Not like they could prove anything anyways.

Zexion pulled his eyes away from the tall blonde, "You seemed quite reluctant to tell us anything yesterday, but I was wondering if you changed you mind."

I gave the shorted boy a blank stare. "Why do you even want to know?" Yeah, it sounded a tad bit harsh, but it was a harsh world. The two would just have to get used to it.

Just as Demyx, I really should have started calling him by his name earlier, opened his mouth, most likely to defend Zexion, the bell rang.

Proving, for once, there was indeed a god.

Too bad he didn't save me from Riku, who was still upset for me ditching class… along with my sleep induced phone conversation that lacked patients.



You could light the tension between us with a match and the whole town would go up in the explosion.

Not my absolute favorite.

I sighed going straight to my seat, avoiding conversation with Riku.

Seriously, couldn't I have one day without any confrontation with the people I either hated or disliked? Was that honestly too much to ask? Maybe I should have just skipped a week, a month, a year. Sometimes a vacation sounded quite nice.

Too bad it wouldn't be happening.

I tried to relax in my seat, but the ever present burning in the back of my skull kept me from enjoying the five minutes before class started. I scribbled in a page of a notebook I had pulled out, but it still wasn't enough to distract me.

I spent my entire hour cringing every time Riku spoke, which seemed to be a whole fucking lot. I can admit he's smart, but who the hell volunteers to answer all twenty-five problems and explains how to do them step by step? Riku does, that's who.

When the class ended I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful to be rid of Riku's voice. Until I remembered I had the exact same class as him next period. I think, had I been a much weaker person, I would've cried. I didn't however, just trudged into the hallway.

Where I was kidnapped.

Okay, not really, but as I was about to enter my second period Axel grabbed me by the wrist, "We're all going to Demyx's house, wanna come? I think Dem and Zex were going to ask you."

I knew I would be able to tolerate Axel and his friends better than Riku, but I'd have felt bad if I left Riku alone in English, again.

"Okay." I agreed, remembering earlier how the two had come up to me, maybe that was really want they wanted, it would explain the look the Little Emo gave him. "Okay," I repeated, "But I have to be back for fifth period."

"Can do." Axel said, obviously trying to hold down an excited squeal of delight, but I paid no more attention to that than I usually did.

Axel was excited to get to be in my car. Who wouldn't be? He stared around and I had to slap his hands to keep him from messing with my radio.

"But, where are the mix CDs I made you?" He asked, looking at me with an ignorant, confused sort of expression.

Not exactly wanting to hurt his feelings, I quickly replied, "Uhh… In my room, I listen to them when I sleep, really calms me."

He blinked, "Mindless Self Indulgence, it… calms you?"

I had no idea what exactly was on those CDs. He gave me them here and there, usually I just gave them to Sora.

"Uh, yeah…"

"You're so weird, Roxy. "He smirked, "That's why I like you."

I chose not to respond to that, instead mentally remembering to listen to one of Axel's CDs later to figure out just why it was so weird. Music was supposed to calm you; I didn't see why it was such a big deal.

"Rox! Left! His house is left!" Axel cried just before the turn passed. I swerved and just made the turn albeit narrowly.

After settling down I swung a glare at Axel. "Tell me these things sooner," I growled. It was harder not to get irritated at something like that, really.

"Sorry," He replied. He didn't seem sorry at all, but I held my tongue. "You're gonna want to pull into that driveway."

I did, right behind two other cars. Normally I would have put into consideration the other's with their cars and if they wanted to move… today, I didn't care. I just parked and started to unbuckle my seatbelt, but Axel hadn't moved.

"What?" I asked, pausing in undoing the belt strapping me to my seat.

Axel began to fidget uncomfortably. "Er… I… I need to ask…"

I just stared.

"Do you… like ice cream?"

"That is so not what you wanted to ask. Spit it out." I snapped.

"Okay… I… look, Roxas. I don't think I can be your pretend boyfriend. I… it hurts, and I'd do anything for you but, well, this is too hard to do. I want to actually be with you, I can't just pretend." He looked about to cry, I mean, I knew he wouldn't, but obviously spouting all that took a lot out of him.

I'd never really thought about how he had felt, I was just selfish and thought he'd be happy to comply.

Overwhelming guilt struck hard. I was able to rant about how horrible I had it but yet… I'd been shitter than shitty to Axel. I mean, sure he was… weird, but he'd always been there for me. A true friend.

And I'd been a shitty one.

I sighed and pulled my hands into my lap. "I'm sorry, Axel. I didn't consider your feelings. I-… I don't think we knew each other well enough to actually date-"

"I know everything about you!" Axel interrupted; making me bit the inside of my cheek to keep from speaking against him.

He calmed and I continued, "Maybe I don't know you well enough then. You're a great guy, but I'm not sure if I could… harbor romantic feelings for you." There. The truth, for once in a long time.

He glanced out the window of my car for a moment, probably trying to think of something to say.

"We… we can still try, right? Maybe you just haven't noticed my charm!" He laughed. Oh thank god for the comic relief. I laughed with him, and soon we were both laughing to tears, I doubled over and held my stomach.

"I can't-" I wheezed through fits of laughter. "I can't breath!"

This made the red head laugh harder, "I think I ruptured my spleen."

"W-where's that?" I asked, trying hard to clam myself down.

Axel shrugged and motioned towards his belly. "Somewhere in there."

"I… if you don't know where it is, how do you know it's ruptured?"

"Well, its not but… it sounded cool." He grinned, the giggle fit had subsided, and I shot him a smile.

"Even if I can't… if I'm not able to like you… romantically, I want… to be friends." There had been a day where I thought pigs would fly before I became friends with Axel for real. Now it felt right to be friends with him.

"Sure, but you just wait, you'll fall for me and I'll be waiting to catch you with open arms."

Demyx's house was nothing like I expected. It was fairly normal. A normal kitchen, accompanied by a normal living room, entertainment room, a dining room, and bathrooms of course. When he invited us up to his room however, it got strange. His room was total disarray. Clothes were everywhere and band posters appeared to be clumsily slammed onto the walls. He was a teenage boy, so sure, it was normal. But… there was a corner, an entirely clean corner with the framed portrait of some mullet man. Candles littered the ground around it, and although they weren't burning at the moment, it was evident that they had been burned before.

It was like… a shrine.

"What's that?" I pointed and asked him as we all, me, Axel, Little Emo, 'Puppy', and Tree Girl, piled into the room.

The blond boy blinked, "My shrine to David Bowie, of course."

"Who's David Bowie?" I asked. I wasn't over interested in celebrities. I knew a few, but that was mainly due to Sora.

Demyx, however, went crazy upon hearing my question. "Who's David Bowie?! Who's David Bowie?!" He exploded, grabbing me by the shoulders and shaking me, "Only the best fucking man to walk this planet!"

I, of course, was horrified and jumped away from the now crazed Demyx. "I just… I just never heard of him." I said, fumbling over my words. The others sat around, all laughing widely. I mouthed the words 'help' at Axel, but even he just laughed more.

I never knew Mullet Boy could even really get angry. "How could you never have heard of the best man to ever walk the earth?! The man that brought creation? The man that is the reason you are alive today?! The man that can walk on water and bring the rain?!"

"Uh…" I stumbled, yet again, "I think you're talking about Jesus…" And I wasn't even religious.

"David Bowie is Jesus! My Jesus! He is the most talented man ever and you will do good to remember that!" The blond boy finished.

I slightly wondered how Zexion felt about Demyx's… shrine, aka obsession, to the guy, considering they were supposed to be dating. But, I didn't care enough to pounder over it.

Finally the laughter began to subside; I however didn't find it entertaining in the least. But the sooner it stopped, the sooner it could be thrown into the past and be forgotten forever. Thank God.

"It's like a history lesson. Think you'll be able to actually remember?" Tree girl asked, and I think she was nicer than she had ever been to me. Speaking of Tree Girl, if I were to actually become friends with Axel, I should learn her name…

I nodded my head embarrassed, but quickly changed the subject. "So… do you guys skip often?" I mean, I wasn't really surprised that the group would skip class, with the exception of Zexion who seemed like school was his hobby for life.

Damn smart people.

"It's kind of like… a weekly thing." Tree Girl answered rather quickly.

"Oh? And what do you do?"

I looked around the room once more, beginning to wonder if they came to Demyx's house every week. There wasn't even enough room to pack everyone in. Tree Girl, Axel and Zexion sat crowded on Demyx's… water bed? Figures the boy would be weird enough to have a type of bed that could pop.

Puppy sat on top of a pile of clothes that appeared to be levitating and have legs… I think it was a chair. Oh god! Mullet Boy's room ate a whole chair! I didn't even want to know what was hidden in the corners, under the bed, or in the load of clothes, figuring if I found out its secrets, it'd try to eat me too.

And then there was Demyx himself, who began to make his way into his boyfriends lap on the already crowded bed. Lastly me, frozen stiff in a small foot on the small bit of viewable carpet, apart from the shrine in the corner.

"Depends on the day."

I turned to find it was Little Emo speaking, smirk already on his face.

Not my favorite.

"W-what are the plans for today?"

"Oh? Today's a good day. We're playing poker."

Poker? Slowly I could feel the grin run its way across my face. I was good at poker. But, my grin fell about as instantly as it rose.

"Strip poker."

My jaw dropped. They had to be joking, and if they were, it wasn't funny. Not funny at all. But thank the lord for jokes, whether they be funny or not. Funny in which everyone else in the room found entertaining except for me. Again.

I was not liking being the source of entertainment. Even thought about if it would have been better to stay and face Riku. Of course, I quickly countered the thought with a 'no'.

"You should have seen the look on your face." Tree Girl spouted between laughs which nearly made her fall off the bed.

I continued to mope at how not funny it was.

"What exactly do you think a bunch of nerds like us do in our spare time, apart for the strip poker which you easily believed."

"I… uh…"

"We play video games." Puppy cut in. I actually don't think I had heard him talk before that point and it was slightly shocking to hear his voice, which was surprisingly calming. "And we're up and running." He finished, pulling away from the two connected television sets that I hadn't even noticed he had been messing with, and handing out controllers. One for each, with the exception of Zexion.

I stared questioningly at said boy.

"Oh! Zexy doesn't play. Prefers to just watch." Demyx said, answering my unspoken question.

"Probably because he fails, but don't let that discourage you!" Axel cut in, grabbing the Xbox controller from the tall bluenette.

"Name of the game is Halo. Hope you've played before." Tree Girl smirked.

"We'll go easy." Puppy finished, getting himself settled once again in the levitating clothing chair.

I looked around the room for the last time, but decided it best to just sit on the floor in which I had been standing, seeing as I couldn't really find any other part without clothes, again apart from the shrine corner.

And then, the game commenced. It took me a while to get reacquainted with what I was doing. I had played the game many times before, but it had been a while. And not before long, I was back into it.

It was actually… rather fun. Even proved a great distraction, which was exactly as I needed. Too bad it ended far too soon.

Next thing I knew I was out of the clustered, messy bedroom and was back at school, standing face to face with a very pissed off Riku.

Kitii; Never thought it'd be up, huh? It just… took a while. I mean there was con and school… in September… Now about the two months before that… Uh… There is an excuse for that… I just have to remember what it was…

Kuri; Yeah connnn ! That was really fun and stuff, even though they had to give us a disabilities hotel room because they messed up our reservation. But, we hope you can forgive us for taking so long, really. Other works have come on to our work pile so it makes it hard to prioritize.

Kitii; Ohgosh, like what we started for Halloween. Yeah… after it passed we kind of stopped working on it so intensely… We are great at keeping on track… yeah?!

Kuri; Yeah we were going to have a halloween one-shot but... it didn't work out. ALSO, we are going to start the sequel to RVW sooooon. Or at least, I will once me and Kitii talk about it, since I dunno how she feels about writing it yet.

Kitii; Yes, we will be doing that soon, if anyone cares… ANYWAYS, that's it for now. We'll try not to wait so long between updates next time. Kay, BYE!