Yeah I know it's been a while. Well I have good news, really good news, bad news, and stupid news.

The bad news is that the last chapter was the last chapter of The Last Airbender and The First Shinobi. This story is dead. I had a bad case of writer's block for the third chapter, but that's not why I'm ending the story.

The stupid news is I was going to continue but then someone called me a bastard and accused me of stealing this story. I know what stories, yes, stories; plural, my story is compared to. I read both of them when they first came out and I didn't have a problem with them, I still don't. It's actually surprisingly flattering that your work is considered good enough to be copied. It's also pretty damn funny. What I have a problem with is being called a thief when there's blatant undeniable proof that I'm not. I'm not mad at those authors, I'm mad at that accuser, of course if that accuser is one of the authors then… So to the dumbass who is accusing me of plagiarism, look at the date my story was published, late '08, and the publish date both those stories, early '09 and early '10, and tell me who's stealing.

Whew. Moving on…

The good news is I'm sort of rewriting this story. The reason I say sort of is because it's almost going to be completely different from The Last Airbender and The First Shinobi. Slightly more Naruto characters, less Avatar characters, and many many more OCs. The really good news is it should be out… now. I'm know how slow I am, I'm not going to tell you it's coming then make you wait for god knows how long.