Drabble Challenge: Local

A/N: I'm posting way early because I have to work tonight.

Word Count: 100

Summary: EO CHALLENGE. Drabble prompt: local. Saving people, hunting things. Caught on tape.

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The film looks like "Cloverfield" all over again, but it's a harpy, all right.

Dean sits on his bed cleaning weapons. "Poser. He got lucky."

Sam shrugs. "These things mate for life. The other one'll be after him now."

"Yep." Dean smirks. "Can you say bait, boys and girls?"

Sam's still got a problem with using humans like that, but hell, the fool's made the local news. It'll be a circus now. "Well, maybe…"

Dean puts his hand on his brother's shoulder, deepens his voice and does a passable imitation of Darth Vader. "Welcome to the dark side, young Skywalker."