Author's Note: Thank you so much for your lovely reviews :D. I know this chapter is very short, and I'm sorry. I got stuck while writing the chapter, and I figured it was better to post a little something than nothing. I have at least one more chapter I want to write, possibly more. Feel free to give me ideas ;). Cate.

Cameron's fingers slide under the soaked fabric of Thirteen's shirt, teasing the damp skin beneath. Thirteen's breath hitches, her eyes fluttering as she fights to stay in control of her body.

Cameron laughs as she hears Thirteen trying to control her rapid breathing. Thirteen notices the loss of the warmth of Cameron's skin against hers before she's aware that Cameron has stopped kissing her.

Cameron leads Thirteen into her bathroom, turning on the faucet of her antique claw foot tub. She lights candles around the bathroom and dims the lights. She stands before Thirteen, a mischievous smile upon her lips.

Cameron tugs her shirt over her head, slowly exposing her skin inch by inch. Thirteen simply watches, transfixed.

"Your turn," Cameron whispers to Thirteen, her nipples hardening in the cool air. Thirteen can barely focus. She pulls her shirt and bra off quickly, her eyes never leaving Cameron.

Cameron smiles seductively, her fingers playing with the fly of her jeans. She tugs the zipper down, pushing the jeans down her hips. She reveals a cream silk thong that makes Thirteen's breath catch in her throat.

Cameron points to Thirteen's jeans, and Thirteen rapidly obeys. Thirteen stands inches from Cameron, biting her lip. Patience has never been one of her virtues.

Cameron turns off the hot water, slides off her thong, and gets into the tub. She swears she hears an animal-like whine from Thirteen.

"Join me," Cameron whispers, "This tub is perfect for two."