The Twilight Of Dawn

Chapter One: End of a Life Chapter, Beginning of a New World Series

It was a long plane ride, so it was no surprise that a young raven-haired man was staring out at the clouds below as his two companions either slept or read. To an innocent onlooker, it seemed the 17 year old was simply bored, but no onlooker knew the horrors of his past, so they could easily be forgiven for their mistake.

The date was October 12th 1997, and it was a time in which the young man could breathe a breath of air freely. So much had happened in his rather short years; but now he felt he was finally free. Not many knew who this man was, at least not in the muggle world, the world of non-magical beings, but in the hidden world of magic, this youths name was known by all; something he did not like nor wanted.

Harry Potter was not your normal 17 year old, even for a wizard. Since the age of 1 he'd been famous for supposedly vanquishing the darkest wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort, but all at the cost of his parents lives and his own childhood. After that life changing Halloween, Harry had been sent to live with his mother's sister and her family, growing up hated, neglected and abused. At the age of 11 he was amazed to discover he was a wizard and a famous one at that. After that things went up for Harry.

Harry attended Britain's most esteemed school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogwarts. There he made friends and enemies, learnt things he never thought possible and went on adventures with his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. But there's always a downside to all good things in Harry's life. Each year Voldemort and his Death Eaters threatened his life and those of the students. Every time though, Harry thwarted their plans to bring Voldemort back to his former body and power, and in the process, gained back his Godfather.

However this all changed at the end of his 4th year at Hogwarts; Voldemort kidnapped Harry and a fellow classmate, Cedric Diggory and performed a ritual in which he used Harry's blood, and regained his body, power and minions. Cedric was killed in their escape and Harry was forced into a duel with the reincarnated Dark Lord, until their wands connected and released echoes of all Voldemort's victims back to Harry's parents. Through their distraction, he was able to escape and returned to Hogwarts with Cedric's body.

Things though didn't look up after that, the Minister refused to believe that the darkest wizard of all time was indeed back, which in the end led to his death when Death Eaters raided the Ministry of Magic and murdered him half way through Harry's 5th year. After that the wizarding world looked to Harry and the great Albus Dumbledore for guidance.

Through 5th and 6th year, Harry was trained and tutored in the ways of duelling, strategy, hand to hand combat, weaponry, and light and grey magic by Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix members. In private with his godfather, Sirius Black and old Professor, Remus Lupin, he was taught wandless magic, occulemency and legimency, animgi and muggle subjects, away from the knowledge everyone, including Dumbledore and Harry's two friends. He was taught muggle subjects as Remus felt they'd be of some help after everything was over and also that a well rounded knowledge of both worlds is a great thing to achieve, not everything has to be about war and fighting.

The war finally came to a head just over a month ago, as the Hogwarts students were arriving back at the school for the start of a new year. Students, teachers, aurors, Order members and death eaters alike were killed. So many lives were lost that day and still Harry could hear their tortured screams and yelled curses, could still see all the blood and bodies that had littered the street from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts and all across the school grounds. Most nights he was awoken screaming from all he'd seen and done. Even though he was only 17, he had killed people, and though it was for 'the greater good' as Dumbledore said, he still could not bear to think what he'd done was good. And yes, the people he'd killed had done cruel and inhuman things, but that does not mean there is a right to end their lives. Harry may have been destined to kill before he was even born but that still does not abolish the guilt that he felt.

Although, he did fulfil his destiny and had stopped Voldemort from destroying his world; with a thrust of the sword of Gryffindor, he had ended the Dark Lord's rein of terror over both the wizarding and muggle worlds.

Everything had started looking up from that point of, until a letter from Gringotts changed it all. It seemed that since the death of his parents, and his own incarceration to his relative's care, Dumbledore had been taking money from his family's vaults. And just before he started at Hogwarts, money had been removed from his trust fund and placed in 3 separate vaults, each receiving an annual allowance from his trust. These vaults belonged to Molly and Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.

It turns out that Ron and Hermione had been paid to be his friends, and to spy on him for Dumbledore, keeping him from studying and playing the 'Golden Boy'. Molly also was paid for the same, though in addition she was to provide for him at times. In total the two Weasley's and Hermione had taken almost 100,000 galleons from Harry's trust vault, with Dumbledore having taken a further 200,000 galleons from Harry's family vault.

To say Harry was furious when he's found out would be an understatement; he was down right enraged. He'd almost completely destroyed the office he was in meeting with the Goblins. He'd demanded for the money to be returned and if it was not all returned, to have possessions of value to be taken in the way of compensation. The Goblins did as he bid gladly, and had gotten back a total of 250,000 galleons back and had taken several family heirlooms from the Dumbledore and Weasley vaults, and many of Hermiones most valuable books.

When Arthur has found out what his wife and youngest son had done, he'd apologised continuously to Harry and had invoked the family magic to force Molly and Ron to return the money they had taken, along with several heirlooms to make up the difference. Harry hadn't blamed Arthur or the rest of the Weasley's in the slightest, saying they had nothing to apologise for.

However, he had felt that after everything that had happened in his life he needed to get away and most likely for good. So Sirius and Remus had started organising flights, accommodation and money transfers. They were leaving their only homes for a whole new place together and they weren't looking back.

And that's how Harry Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin came to being on the 1017 flight to the furthest and most unlikely place they could find, where it was improbable that they'd be spotted or found by any Wizard folk; Forks, Washington.

Remus had found it by chance when he and Sirius had been looking over maps of each country trying to find the perfect place to move to.

They'd all transferred their money to an American muggle bank that was a partner with Gringotts and run by a squib; this being a much easier way to access their money and less suspicious. All properties they owned were locked down and their keys locked in their vaults back in London. They'd all tied up any loose ends, bought all new wardrobes and jumped on their flight.

Remus had bought them a house on the edge of town, along with a car for himself and another for Harry, whilst Sirius shrank his returned motorbike and passed it off for a collector's model. Everything was ready and awaiting their arrival and hopefully that arrival wasn't too far away, they were all keen to see the place they'd be living in from now on.

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