Every Season in this World (subject to change)
Pairing: Yamamoto Takeshi/Shindo Hikaru (Yep, it's a cross over between Hitman Reborn! and Hikaru no Go) hints of Yama/Tsuna, Hibari/Tsuna, and Akira/Hikaru
Warning: um... bad grammar & awkward phrasing? I dunno man, it was a type or die kind of battle! (hint: google "Write or Die")
Summary: A chance meeting on a train, a bullet, and a match of Go. What would be a better courtship than this?

Yamamoto sighed as he looked out through the window. The train was moving so fast to his destination that the scenery behind the glass blurred together like muddy river after a hard rain.

He was heading to Aomori because of a prod from the "little guy". He only heard the infant mentioned something about Tsuna's safety, and he couldn't be out for this mission fast enough. Grinning ruefully, Yamamoto thought back to the last few days he spent avoiding Tsuna and had to sighed again. He was fully aware that what he had done was not and would not make the matters go away, but he just couldn't stop the urge to avoid the problem for as long as possible.

Clenching his hands until the knuckles turned white from the force, Yamamoto leaned back into his seat and wait for the train to stop. He would soon arrive at his destination and, after the mission which he would finish as soon as possible, he would confess his sin to Tsuna. It's the least he could do for someone who had saved his life. It was the right thing to do. And even though he might be in serious pain because of this, he intended to do it anyway.

His train of thought was rudely interrupted by a loud screech as the door to his compartment was ripped open and a boy - no, a young man rather - entered his line of sight. Even ten years from now on, Yamamoto would still could not explain what was the feelings fluttering just outside of reach inside his chest.

The young man was clad in a casual attire mostly composed of jeans and a lot of number 5s. What was most striking about this person would be his round eyes, which Yamamoto could unashamedly call pretty. His jet black hair was tied in a high ponytail, but Yamamoto easily could judge how very long it would be if left loose. He was lean, almost skinny. His skin was pale like someone who had not been under the sun for quite a long while. All in all, he was ridiculously pretty.

Yamamoto only noticed the fan when the young man raised his hand to shut the door with a loud bang. It was a plain white fan made of Japanese rice paper, but its texture was rich and it looked extremely expensive. Judging from the gentle way he treated the fan (as opposed to the way he handled the door or the way he threw his carryall onto the seat), he seemed to care for it a great deal.

He could swear that his heart almost slowed to a stop when the stranger turned his pretty eyes to him and the pale face turned a fetching pink.

"Um...," the young man stuttered, "I didn't see you there."

Yamamoto nodded (no, he didn't know what he meant by this nod either!) and smiled as he gestured for the young man to take a seat opposite him. "I don't mind the noise. Haha. There's this friend of mine who is always really loud."

The young man gave a small smile as he seated himself. When he didn't seem to be prompt with introducing himself, Yamamoto could not resist his unexplained curiousity about the other.

"I'm Yamamoto Takeshi, by the way," he said, trying to sound casual and had to mentally winced when it came out more enthusiastic than Ryohei on a bad day.

The other hesitated but, apparently already casing Yamamoto out for whatever reason, eventually he said, "I'm Shindo. Shindo Hikaru."

When Yamamoto didn't make as if he knew of that name, Shindo relaxed and smiled in relief.

"You seemed tense just before," Yamamoto said, his mouth as usual ran faster than this head, or he wouldn't say such thing.

Coughing to hide his embarrassment, Shindo rubbed the back of his head and admitted, "Well, I'm kind of, well, I am like a celebrity to some people. Just a few minutes ago, I was running from a groupie-- forget I said that, or Nase will kill me."

Yamamoto had no idea who this Nase girl was, but he started to not like her for some weird and unexplainable reasons. He also didn't like that Shindo was harassed by this groupie.

"I think I'll rest here for a while before moving on, if that's all right with you?" Shindo asked as he grabbed for his carryall and rummaged through it for something.

"No," Yamamoto said faster than he could think (again), "you don't have to move! Like I said earlier, I really don't mind the noises. You can stay here until your fans go away."

Shindo paused in his search and glanced at the door. Well, the door seemed sturdy enough to hold off a few fangirls who weren't -probably- trying to look for him very hard. "You sure?"

At Yamamoto's nod, Shindo grinned. "Ah, thanks so much!"

"I'm taking off at Aomori," Yamamoto offered.

Shindo looked surprised. "Me too! I'm heading for the match right after checking in at a hotel though."

"The match?" Yamamoto frowned as he tried to place Shindo with any sport he knew off. Shindo's physique was lean and even though he wasn't short, he's not really tall. Neither his arm or leg muscles were developed like an athlete. And Yamamoto would definitely remember this kind of face on a baseball field. So no, not baseball player, perhaps a jockey?

The other licked his lip and said, "I'm a professional Go player..."

Go? This was not the word Yamamoto was associated with very often in his life. He heard about it once from his gramp who's a Go enthusiast, and he heard it once or twice in news report when he was looking for the news about baseball.

There was a pregnant pause before Yamamoto grinned winningly. "My gramp probably hears about you a lot then!"

Shindo was about to reply when there was a loud screech and he was thrown down onto the dirty floor followed by the heavy weight of Yamamoto on top of him. As he opened his mouth to protest, Yamamoto covered his mouth with his left hand while his right grabbed for a long sword. Eyes wide, Shindo shut up immediately and waited for the other to proceed with whatever he was going to do.

Lifting up into an awkward crouch to avoid crushing the smaller body beneath him, Yamamoto struck his sword behind him in a fast and graceful arc. They both heard the loud crank as two pieces of metal fell down, almost in the same shape it used to be before Yamamoto's sword tear it down from its path.

It was a bullet.

Shindo would have been freaking out now if it was not too unbelievable. It was a freaking bullet! What the heck?

Glancing at the other, Shindo found himself even more speechless as a huge transformation occurred before his very eyes. The gentle and happy face of Yamamoto turned serious and his laughing eyes could almost be called deadly. The previously smiling mouth was pressed into a thin line as he inspected the bullet.

"...Millefiore?" might be what Yamamoto had muttered before he jumped up and opened his, before now unnoticed, suitcase. Pulling out a thin blanket of sort, Yamamoto turned to Shindo and ordered curtly, "Keep your head low and do not run anywhere while I take care of this bastard."

Shindo could only nod and gulped as yet another -probably- bullets tried to pierce through the blanket Yamamoto used to cover the window. Amazingly, none of them managed to come pass it.

"How the hell did they know about this mission?" Yamamoto complained as he rummaged through his suitcase once again for his cellphone.

"Little guy," he said without any pleasantry, "we have a problem here."

He paused as a tinny voice answered him, then continued, "no, I have a civilian with me."

After another short pause, Yamamoto nodded. "Understood."

Shindo still did not know what to think after listening to the one-sided conversation. Was this guy, like, a cop undercover? Why would someone want to kill him?

"You will come with me," Yamamoto was saying, "I'm sorry, but you need to be under protection until we took care of the bastards who've seen your face."

Shindo protested, though only weakly, "What about my match?"

Yamamoto was apologetic but resolute, "I'm afraid you have to postpone it then."

Helping Shindo up and gently pushed him onto a seat, Yamamoto's cellphone rang, cut off any more of Shindo's questions.

"When?" he asked even before the other end of the line could say anything.

Receiving his answer, Yamamoto gritted his teeth and refused vehemently. "No, leave Tsuna out of this. Send Gokudera or something. Send me Squallo, even. And I need him now. We will be at Hibari's base until he arrived."

Without further ado, Yamamoto drag Shindo up, snatched both of their things and threw everything out of the door, though he was much more gentler when it's Shindo he's tossing out.

By now, the train had came to a halt as the passengers screamed and tried to escape with their lives intact, while the officers on board ran left and right, looking for the culprit and pretended that they could organise the escape route for passengers. Lucky for everyone that this particular point of the railway was cutting through a wide lush plain, and not on a cliff.

Shindo was still in a daze when he was drag through the mostly vacant train, dodging and jumping to avoid another volley of bullets. At the corner just before they could reached the door handle, a bullet whipped passed and seared across the tip of Shindo's index finger. With adrenalin shot through his veins, Shindo didn't complain when they jumped out and left a trail of blood on their way to the nearest tree.

Swinging his sword to block a few bullets here and there, Yamamoto tightened his grip on the other's wrist and pushed the other to hide behind a tree. When the bullets stopped raining on their tree, Yamamoto frantically searched around for the telltale stone statue, indicating Hibari's domian.

iThere!/i Yamamoto mentally cried in triumphant as once again he tossed Shindo out into the clearing next to the statue. To an untrained eye, this action did not result in anything except a surprised and pained cry from Shindo, but to Yamamoto, a flicker was sighted in the statue, betraying its disguise as a garden ornament.

His domain is breached, and Hibari did not take well with that...

Less than a minute later, the Cloud Guardian could be seen appeared from thin air just right outside the clearing, his face formed into a sadistic expression. Before his signature tonfas could show themselves though, Yamamoto threw something he had been hiding in his pocket to Hibari. Catching it, Hibari glanced at the thing for only a moment and, if it was at all possible, his face turned even scarier.

"Millefiore? Around here?"

Yamamoto didn't deem it's necessary to answer that question. He walked past Hibari to help Shindo up (perhaps "gather" would be more appropriate, as for others, Yamamoto looked very much like he was holding Shindo in a loose embrace) and noticed for the first time, his bleeding wound.

"You all right?" he asked softly, and sighed in relief when the other nodded. Very gently, Yamamoto wrapped his handkerchief on the wounded finger. He could not help but to stare at how small and pale the other's hand was inside his palm. How could he let anything happened to th--

"You herbivores should get out of my way now," Hibari said, his voice stated very clearly how his mood was right now. "I have crowding herbivores to bite to death."

Not needing any more prompt, Yamamoto muttered a thank and took out a ring. Shindo could not describe what the feeling he was having at the moment, but it soon passed as he was distracted by other things.

Well, he was pretty sure that this entrance way wasn't here just moments ago!

"Come on," Yamamoto urged, hand made as if to grab the other's wrist again but thought better of it.

As soon as he entered the facility, Shindo noticed the change in atmosphere. It was almost like Fall season was caged in here. The smell and overall atmosphere was like he was lost in Nara. At distant, he could hear soft music and the drip, drip, drip of water drops falling into a pond. It was so peaceful Shindo could not associate it with the younger man he saw earlier.

"Shindo-san, come," Yamamoto prompted again, waking Shindo from his reverie. "This place is Hibari's, and you don't wanna be out in the open when Hibari might come prowling down the hallway. He's probably finished with the bastards by now."

"Indeed," another voice confirmed, which made Yamamoto jumped almost a foot off the floor. Shindo watched with wide eyes as a man with a regent haircut stepped out from a half opened door.

"Please," the man said, "come this way, both of you."

Having no intention of arguing with Hibari's right hand man, Yamamoto signaled Shindo to follow the man's instruction. Shindo later learned that the man was called Kusakabe.

After a while, they ended up in front of a door which Kusakabe opened for them. It was a room a size bigger than the room Shindo had at home. The decoration was pure Japanese with sparsely any furniture.

"You two will stay here when I inform Kyou-san about this young man's injury and ask for a doctor's help," Kusakabe informed them and promptly left.

They didn't have to wait for long. When the door opened and a man stepped out from the doorway, Yamamoto's grin turned bright and genuine.

"Fucking baseball freak! What the hell have you done NOW?!" the newcomer screamed as soon as he saw the two of them sitting close together, Yamamoto holding Shindo's injured hand. (Yamamoto said something about inspecting the cut, but that was about five minutes ago, and Yamamoto still hadn't finished inspecting it.)

Wow, and Shindo thought *he* was the loud one!

"Yo, Gokudera!" Yamamoto greeted, finally letting go of Shindo's hand.

"Don't 'yo' me, you bastard! What were you thinking, compromising the family by bringing this brat here?!"


"Brat?! Who the hell are you calling me brat?!" Shindo cried out, having had enough of this hectic day without this person calling him names.

Although, ...family? They all didn't, even a bit, looked alike.

"Ma, ma, Gokudera, this is an emergency. I was attacked on the train and he was injured because he had been sitting with me."

Gokudera looked every bit unmoved as he always had been if it did not involve his precious Tenth. "So WHAT? Reborn-san was nice enough to send me here. Perhaps to collect your bones. Now you can go and die so that I could finish my job!"

Shindo was not impressed. He was still angry at being called brat. He was pretty sure that the other was younger than him, possibly a few years younger even. Added to that, his new friend was being verbally harassed by this rude person! However, before he could do anything, a cold voice could be heard from the doorway.

"Gokudera Hayato," Hibari growled, "crowding with other herbivores and causing disturbances right in front of me. If you have a death wish, you simply have to ask!"

With that, Hibari strode into the room and made his displeasure known.

Within minutes, Gokudera was lying in a heap along with Yamamoto, both bruising nastily. Surprisingly though, Shindo opened his eyes to see that he was spare from this vicious punishment.

If someone dare to ask Hibari why Shindo was spare, he would get a surprising answer.

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