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"Obviously, it's not allowed!" Kosemura exclaimed as soon as he heard Shindou's proposal.

Shindou didn't waste his breath to remind him that Kosemura was a /reporter/, and not a judge. However, he could see that even if the representatives from the Go Institute hadn't said anything yet, their thoughts were the same as Kosemura.

"Yamamoto-san," one of the judges - Kageyama or something, Shindou couldn't recall his name - said, looking at the mentioned boy in appraisal. "I assume you know how to play Go?"

Yamamoto looked sheepish as he replied, "Unfortunately, no, the only thing I've learned about Go is that it's played on a Go-board..."

"Goban," Shindou muttered, looking quite embarrassed.

Kageyama sighed at his answer. "Well, in that case, I'm afraid we can't allow you to place the stones for Shindou-sensei. Since this is an accident, we will reschedule the match to after Shindou-sensei was fully cured."

Shindou was actually relieved to hear that. Even if his proposal was accepted, he realised he wouldn't be able to gather his thoughts and concentration after such a day.

"Oh, all right then."

Hibari, however, looked extremely displeased. Kusakabe noticed the spreading dark aura and was prompt to interfere. "In that case, why don't we take Shindou-sensei home so he could rest?"

Looking like he only backed down because it would be too much trouble otherwise, Hibari hmmed and walked away, presumably to go back to their car. Left with no better choice, the others docilely followed suit.

Well, not without Touya's protests, apparently. The man frowned darkly as he stood strong in front of the door, successfully blocking their path.

Shindou sighed and hoped to the gods that Hibari wasn't in the mood to kill anyone, especially ones with long and girly hair...

To everyone's surprise, Hibari only said coolly; "Get out of the way."

Right, since he knew about me, then it's most likely that he knew about Touya. He's probably a fan, too. Shindou thought, strangely annoyed by this conclusion.

It seemed that Touya finally caught up on Hibari's murderous aura. He glanced at Shindou nervously, but still stood his ground.

"Why, no, where are you taking him?" Touya demanded.

Again, it was Kusakabe who interfered. "Touya-sensei, Shindou-sensei is currently staying with us. It's the least I could do for making him miss his important match."

Touya wasn't satisfied with the answer. "Excuse me for asking, but wouldn't it be more reasonable if you just admitted him in a hospital so he could be treated?"

"We are taking him." Even though 'and that's final' wasn't added, the implication was clear. Since the speaker of such sentence was Hibari Kyouya, that meant no more protests would be tolerated.

"Then I'm coming with you," Touya said.

If Shindou didn't know better, he would believe that the tone was petulant. That aside, this was one of the times that made Shindou doubt whether Touya was a hot-blooded youngster who believed in ideals over reasons, or simply a stubborn head.

"No." Again with the implied 'and that's final'. For the first time, Hibari looked at Touya with an expression akin to assessment. And by Hibari's standard, that assessment usually ended in two categories; bite-to-death-now, and bite-to-death-later.

Touya bit on his lip, hesitation apparent but eventually backed away from the door. He turned to look at Shindou with a blank face.

"I'll call you tonight, Shindou. Make sure you open your cellphone."

Rolling his eyes at the jab, Shindou muttered a compliance. "Fine."