No Matter What

The chi vampress entered an underground bar where there were others like her. They'd been mortals she'd tricked into becoming full vampires and paid the price of a broken heart.

"It won't be long now. I know that young girl will fall under my spell. I saw the look in her eyes, the anger in them." she told them but a witch disagreed seeing an image of the girl Leah had to make a half vampire.

"She's nice and cares about u.

I can't let this happen!" she thought.

David waited until Leah calmed down before talking. She seemed really spooked for somebody who was a vampire.

"I... can't.... I won't!" she said through tears.

He was confused by this. What did she mean by this?.

"What're you talking about? I don't understand." he asked her.

She calmed down enough to speak.

"You know that vampire lady in Hong Kong who turned me into a chi vampire? She's here in Calvert County somewhere and she wants me..... to.... to turn Carley into a half vampire." she said.

David looked shocked hearing that. He had a feeling this wasn't something she'd made up. He remembered first seeing her eyes glowing that night in their hotel room.

"But why would some vampire make you do this to your best friend?

Isn't she your Soulmaka?" he asked her.

Leah nodded sadly.

"Yes she is. She means.... everything to me.

I would do anything to protect her so I have no choice.

I'm going to tell her my secret, that I'm a vampire. If she's my friend, she'll understand.

I know it." she told him.

David wasn't sure this was a good idea as they went to decorate the Christmas tree.....