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The two doctors lay naked, covered in sweat, and panting, on the bed.

"Wow," Cameron said.

"Good?" House asked arrogantly.

"...Wow," was all Cameron could manage to respond.

House laughed. He rolled onto his left side and started kissing his bedmate. She was content, for the time being, with short the kisses, as she was still out of breath. She suspected he was too. Cameron rolled over so that she was straddling her boyfriend.

"Okay, I know I'm good," House started, "but you're gonna have to give me some time..." House's voice trailed off as he realized Cameron's focus had shifted. She was now pouring two vicoden out of the orange bottle on his nightstand. She held her hand out and he looked up in surprise.

"I thought you might need these," Cameron said.

She didn't realize how much of a turn-on that had been for House. He swallowed the pills and sat up to claim her mouth fully.


For the second time that day, the couple lay speechless next to each other.

As their respiration rates began slowing, Cameron snuggled into House's chest. It was only then that House started having regrets.

"We shouldn't have done this," he said, staring into space but stroking her shoulder with his thumb. "We shouldn't have slept together without a condom."

Cameron could hear the well-hidden worry in his voice. "It'll be fine. I won't get pregnant."

She shifted her neck, so that her head found that perfect spot on his shoulder.

"What if you get sick," he asked.

"I won't," she replied immediately. Then she thought for a second. "And, even if I do, I don't care. This was too amazing to have passed up. I mean..." she hesitated. She hadn't really been open with him since that first date. She decided that this, too, was worth the risk. "Your first time with some one isn't supposed to be good, and it certainly isn't supposed to be like that was."

He grinned, thinking she was just trying to stroke his ego to settle him down.

"I mean I've never," she cleared her throat, "never had an... an orgasm my first time with some one. It usually takes three or four times before I can..." She let her voice trail off. Cameron had never talked about her sex life with any one, much less the person it involved.

House chuckled inwardly at the irony; She talked even less easily about sex than he did about emotions. 'Maybe men and women really are from different planets.'

He kissed the top of her head. "Maybe you're right. Maybe nothing will come of it."

Cameron paused. "What... what's gonna come of us?" She craned her neck so that she could see his eyes.

He looked at her cherubic face and kissed her lips. "I'm not sure. But I'm willing to give it a try." The question, 'Are you?' hung in the air, never voiced, but thickly implied.

She looked up and smiled, reciting the words he said to her on their first date.

"Then we try."