Author: I_JOY

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Author's Note: Amy Stark, is my character. I made her up while sitting in my room.

Spoilers: None.


Bobby walked into the Official's office. "Hey boss. Sorry I'm late." Bobby said.

The Official looked up from the stack of papers he was going through. "Go home."

Bobby looked a little startled. "Boss, I said I was sorry. I didn't do it on purpose, I ran into some bad traffic."

The Official glared at Bobby. "I'm not mad at you. I'm mad because of this." The Official handed Bobby a folder.

Bobby looked through it, and stopped to look at an area that had been highlighted. Bobby looked at the Official. "Chief I can explain."


Darien and Claire stood outside the Official's office. They had their ears up against the door, in order to hear what was going. They could hear the Official yelling at Bobby. Just then the door opened.

"What do you think you're doing?" Eberts asked them.

Claire looked embarrassed to be caught eavesdropping. "Well I was looking for Bobby."

"Yeah, we need to talk to him." Darien said.

Eberts looked at them. "You can talk to him after the Official is done."

"What's he doing to Bobby in there?" Claire asked.

"Mr. Hobbes is getting in trouble for something he did." Eberts said.

"What did he do?" Darien asked.

"I can't tell you that." Eberts turned around and went back into the Official's office. Closing the door behind him. A few minutes later Bobby came out.

Hobbes, what is going on?" Darien asked.

Bobby looked at Claire and Darien. "I broke a few windows last week."

"That's it? That's why the Official was yelling at you?" Claire asked.

"Well actually, he didn't start yelling until I told him that Darien broke about half of those windows. He said that I was a bad example." Bobby replied.

"So that's it. Everything is alright?" Darien asked.

"Yeah, everything it great. For me that is." Bobby said.

"What does that mean? Everything is great for you." Darien asked.

"Well in order to make it fair, the Official has decided that we will both be paying for all the broken windows." Bobby said.

Claire started laughing. "I can't believe you got him to do that ."

"Hey, I wouldn't laugh too much if I were you." Bobby said.

"Claire stopped laughing. "Why's that?"

"Because, the same thing goes for you, if you're on a mission with us." Bobby said with a smile.

"YOU! You're just plain evil Robert Hobbes." Claire said.

Bobby smiled. "Don't be too mad at me. I did manage to get us the rest of the day off."

With that they all left, and headed in their own direction.


"So you want me to give you a job?" Stark asked.

"Yes, I do. And I'm well qualified. Here's my file." Amy said, Handing Stark a folder.

Stark read the file and then, looked over Amy's shoulder and nodded his head.

Amy turned around, and saw the man in the brown suit standing a few feet behind her. "Where did he come from?" She asked.

"Oh, he's been there for only a few minutes." Stark said.

"Who is he?"

"Well I guess you could call him my right hand man."

"What's his name?"

"That's none of your business Amy."

"Fine Uncle Jarod.

So, do I get the job or not?"

"Okay, the job is yours." Stark looked over at the man in the brown suit. "Make sure she has everything that she needs."

Stark looked back at Amy. "Follow him and he'll get you set up. Okay?"

"Okay." Amy turned around and walked out of her uncles office. The man in the brown suit Followed.

"Well, if we're to be working together then you should have a name."

The man smiled. "Call me Killer."

"I don't think so. I know, how about Bruno?"

"NO. I don't like that name."

"Too bad, because I do."

"You should be very careful around me, I can be vary mean. So if you don't want to get hurt, then I suggest that you not call me that."

"Oh, quit complaining Bruno."

"I said don't call me that!"

"Too bad your already responding to it. To change it now would be just too confusing."

Bruno glared at her.

"Oh, don't be so touchy. Okay, where to?"

"Well, first we need to take your picture for your ID."

"And then?"

"Then we get you a gun."


Darien parked his car, and turned off the engine. He stepped out and locked the doors, and headed for his apartment. He had just reached his apartment door when he heard the phone ring. He quickly unlocked the door and opened it. He ran to the phone and picked it up. "Hello." Darien said.

"Hi, this is Archie. Can I speak to PK please?"

"Sorry you have the wrong number."

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry."

Don't worry about it. These things happen all the time."

"Yes, well thank you. Goodbye."

"Goodbye." Darien hung up the phone. He looked at his watch, it was six pm. There wasn't much to do, so he decided to order takeout.


Amy sat at her kitchen table, looking at her new ID. She read it out loud to herself. Agent Amy Stark. Chrysalis. Born 1979. She had just turned twenty-two. She put her ID down, and picked up her new and first gun. It was a Glock 9mm. She set it down, stood up and walked over towards the fridge. She pulled a piece of paper off of the fridge, and picked up the phone that was to the left of the on the wall. She looked at the piece of paper, and then dialed Darien's number.


Thanks to my Beta Reader Liz_z.

Bobby and his broken windows is dedicated to iwomans_sister.

Archie looking for PK is dedicated to IWOMAN.