Have you ever heard the tale of the magic mirror which broke into thousands of pieces? Of how little Kay was pierced in his eye and his heart and was taken to the high north by the Snow Queen?

Of how his best friend, little Gerda, followed and freed him from the spell?

What if not all the pieces stayed on earth? What if they flew through time and space and one eventually ended up in the distant past of a two mooned planet.

A planet which is now known by the name of Abode.

What if that piece lodged itself into the heart of a young beautiful healer called Winnowill?

Because that's what happened.

Her heart was pierced. And the kind, joyful girl was gone; in her place was a frozen hearted, malicious person.

The Black Snake.

Now you'll probably say: "But! Gerda was able to save Kay. But showing emotions near him. By being a warm person in the midst of the Snow Queen's coldness."

Yeah. That's true. But you forget one thing: Kay only had the splinters in his heart and his eye for one year. In Winnowill's case they've been sitting there for thousands and thousands of years.

Why am I telling this story?

To tell everybody not to judge her too much on her actions. No one would ever judge Kay for the pain he cause Gerda. And Winnowill could as little help it as he could.

Imagine the pain of living for thousand years like that.

Imagine living with a frozen heart.