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Lelouch Lamperouge was in a very good mood. The reason for this was because his recent submission to the local radio's 'angst-ridden stories of the morning' had been played on the air. Since he was so pleased with himself, he decided to act like a kind big brother and take his sister out of the closet for the day and roll her around campus in her wheelchair. He wanted to show her all of the beautiful sights and sounds that the Ashford Academy had to offer. However, both due to his stupidity and his egotism, Lelouch forgot something very important regarding his sister.

"Brother...why do you keep pointing out the scenery? You know that I am unable to see anything, don't you?" Nunnally remarked after Lelouch had spoken in illustrative detail about how the female swimming team looked in their uniforms.

Lelouch rolled his eyes, snapping, "Oh, be quiet, Nunnally! There's no need to be so negative all the time! Stop trying to put me down!"

"B-But...but I'm not-"

"Shut up!"

Nunnally frowned, a single tear rolling over the curve of her pale cheek. The brother and sister duo went a little further along the path before they were suddenly confronted by Suzaku, Milly, Shirley and Kallen.

'Hmm...I think having so many women around me is doing bad for my image as either a pimp or a faggot; maybe I need more male friends...' Lelouch pondered. 'The orange guy might do well as a lackey or something, but he's not even in school anymore...damn it all! Having male friends probably wouldn't help either when it comes to the fanbase. The fact that I still get paired up with Suzaku more than anyone despite having a canon harem of sorts shows just how screwed the logic is of overzealous fangirls! I am stuck in a perpetual cycle of gayness...'

"Uh, Lelouch? Why are you staring at Suzaku's crotch so hungrily?" Milly suddenly interjected, freeing Lelouch from his lengthy inner-monologue.

'Dammit! I looked down there without realizing it!'

"Anyway, what's up? This is your little sister Nunnally, isn't it? You know, I don't think I've ever seen her out in daylight before..." Milly knelt down in front of the smaller, wheelchair-bound girl, studying her with her eyes. Nunnally had no idea what was going on, but she felt uncomfortable nonetheless. She actually wanted to go back into the closet with Sayoko instead of being out here.

"She doesn't look a thing like you!" exclaimed Kallen in surprise.

"Yeah, well...I like to think that it was expected," Lelouch shrugged, "My dad has a bunch of generic wives, and there tends to be a good bit of inbreeding involved with our lineage too, so it was inevitable that something like this was eventually going to happen. There's no stopping genetics, ya know."

"...I see..."

Suzaku and Shirley, who had nothing important to say just yet, remained silent.

Suddenly, without warning Milly reached out and placed a hand upon Nunnally's chest. "Damn, she's a flat-chested little bitch, ain't she?" Milly ran her hand up and down, side to side. This was definitely sexual harassment she was committing. Sometimes, she was even worse than Nina.

"S-S-Stop that right now!" Lelouch shouted, his face pale and his eyes practically bugging out of their sockets. Nunnally started to whimper.

"What? Why?"

"Because...that flat chest of hers doesn't belong to you..."


"You shouldn't touch someone else's property without asking!"

"Uh...can you just explain to me what you mean in a way that actually makes sense?"

Kallen glanced up, and she saw a figure plummeting from the sky, the sunlight shining off of its back. "Ah! What the hell is that?" As the figure drew closer, it soon became apparent that it was a grown woman in a maid's uniform. Milly had started to remove Nunnally's dress when a kunai from above became embedded into her hand. Screaming, Milly fell backwards, blood gushing from the wound on her hand. The blonde struggled to remove the weapon from her hand, but it was too deep.

"That delicious flat chest...BELONGS TO ME, AND ME ALONE!" Sayoko Shinozaki, Nunnally's personal bodyguard and a maid of the Lamperouge family, landed before the bewildered teenagers. Kallen opened her mouth to let out a shriek, but she was immediately silenced with a swift punch to the throat by Sayoko. Lelouch nearly pissed himself in terror.

Recognizing her guardian and secret lover's voice, Nunnally finally felt like there was hope for her yet. "S-Sayoko! You came to save me!"

Sayoko, however, was too preoccupied with chastising the blonde to respond to what Nunnally had said. "Listen here, you dumb slut! Nobody gives a damn if you play around with your friends' boobs from time to time, since it's just pointless fan service! But when you place your filthy little hands on Nunnally, then some people are gonna get angry, namely, me!"

"I'm...I'm sorry..."

"What was that? Say it again, bitch!"

"I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! I-I won't do it again! Now please take this...this thing out of my h-hand! It hurts...!"

"I'm glad you finally understand!" Sayoko kicked Milly in the face, knocking her out. She then made her way over to Lelouch and Nunnally. After witnessing the violent acts performed on his two friends, Lelouch simply backed away without a fight.

"Sayoko...thank you..." Nunnally whispered with upmost sincerity.

"It's my duty...and my pleasure," Sayoko whispered back. Lelouch cringed.

Sayoko scooped the blind girl into her arms, lifted the wheelchair over her shoulder, and then flew off into the sky. It was a slow ascension at first, but as Sayoko gradually picked up speed, she went further and further away from sight, and soon she couldn't be seen at all. The only remaining evidence of them being in person before was the lingering residue of the stench of rocket fuel in the air. Kallen and Milly were lying on the ground, twitching violently from the pain they had suffered.

Poor Lelouch didn't know how to properly react to this insanity. So, he decided to see how Suzaku and Shirley were dealing with it.

"Uh...so, what do you guys think about this-"

Lelouch gasped; Suzaku and Shirley had been replaced with Bert and Ernie at some point during the confrontation with Sayoko. Not only that, but Bert had just revealed that he didn't like Ernie the same way that Ernie liked him.