Doki Doki! Bakery

Chapter 1

Sasuke let out a heavy sigh. His bakery had been open for over a month now, but he still barely got any customers, excluding Sakura, Ino, and Chouji. He slumped over the counter, musing on his depressing situation.

"Damn it didn't want to go to college...wanted to start a freakin' barely able to eat..."
"Nyaaaaaaaa! The stupid teme pities himself! Ahahaha!"

Sasuke twitched at the sound of his annoying voice.
"...shut up...stupid...kitsune..." he growled through gritted teeth; this was the downside of his bakery.
"Sasuke, you meanie!"
"Oi, dobe, thanks to me you have a job. Get your ass back in the kitchen already."
"Right away, sir!" Naruto gave a mock salute and skipped back through the kitchen doors with a catlike expression on his face. Naruto was Sasuke's constant headache, always trying to piss him off but doing a perfect job at the same time. Sasuke was surprised at Naruto's extremely good baking skills, considering all he made at home was instant ramen. Anyways, Naruto baked all the cookies and pastries and decorated them too, while Sasuke made cakes. And after all, Naruto's treats were bringing new customers, so Sasuke had to give him some credit. And as much as he didn't want to admit it, Naruto was his best friend. He pulled himself up and went back to check on Naruto. The blond was absorbed in frosting a tray of cupcakes. He noticed Sasuke's presence and looked at him through a pair of blue-rimmed glasses, cocking his head innocently. He knew that Naruto wore glasses because they helped him pay attention to small details. But when he looked at Sasuke like that, he looked so cute. Wait...did he just think that Naruto was...cute?! He grew cerise, the colour vivid and obvious on his pearly skin. Sasuke spun around and out the door, finding that there was quite a line of customers waiting. His blush grew more of embarrassment and he apologized, then started to deal with the rush.