A series of knocks rapped on Sasuke's door. He sighed with the knowledge of who it was.

Just leave me alone... he thought to himself, or you're going to get splinters if you knock on the door any harder.

"Sasuke, I know you're in there!"

"Go away…" moaned the raven as he plugged his ears.

"You know why I'm here, Sasuke."

Exactly. Sasuke knew exactly why Naruto was there. And that's why Sasuke wouldn't answer the kitsune. No, not yet.

As rays of sunlight morphed into moonbeams, Sasuke finally got up from lying on the couch, to stop drowning in his misery. He went outside to check if the pestering man was still there. Naruto leaned on the balcony railing, staring up at the stars. He mumbled something about his hunger but Sasuke didn't catch it as he walked towards him, grabbing him by the shirt and picking him up off the ground.

Naruto was then introduced to a pair of lips that tasted like sugar. Sweet, sweet sugar. Sasuke set the man down, his hands resting upon his shoulders.

"I was expecting food, but you do taste pretty damn good. I think I can survive on it for a while."

"I thought it would suffice."

"It did taste quite well; in fact, I'm in the mood for some more…' Naruto's stomach grumbled loudly, as if in protest.

"Now now, Naruto, don't worry, you've got an ever-lasting supply. I'll along you to think with your stomach right now. Oh, one more thing."


"I love you."

Naruto had never tasted such a incredibly sweet flavour.

And with that, Doki Doki! Bakery has ended. True, it's a bit open-ended, but that's why people have imagination, correct? Thanks for reading, and please review! ^_^