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A year and a couple of months later...

"Yay! Don't you just love the holidays?!" Alice asked.

"Yup, I sure do," I giggled at Alice's hyperness. It was Christmas Eve, and we were all gathered in our apartment, with the guys of course, hanging out. We all flew in to Forks a few days ago to wish our parents and relatives happy holidays. The guys would most likely pass out on the couch, so we already agreed that they'd take the living room.

We were all spread out in the living room, Alice and Jasper sitting on the floor, Rose and Emmett sprawled on the couch. I moved my old recliner down, much to Alice's dismay. She said it didn't match the rest of the living room, but it was sure damn comfy. Edward and I were cradled together on the recliner, sipping eggnog and watching t.v.

"I'm tired," Emmett said, yawning then resting his head on Rosalie's.

"I'm not!" Alice said, practically jumping up and down.

"And this is the result of drinking red bull and eggnog," I said.

"That sounds...disgusting," Edward commented.

"That's because none of you haven't tried it! You like it, right Jazzy?" Alice asked Jasper.

"Um, yes, yes I do," Jasper said, downing the rest of his drink, then hiding his face from Alice so she wouldn't see him gag.

"Well if you excuse me, I'm going to get myself out from underneath this mess of my boyfriend," Rosalie said, attempting to lift Emmett's arms from her body. Jasper and Edward lifted Emmett's sleeping body up so Rosalie could escape, then plopping him back on the couch.

"Well there goes the couch," Jasper said. "I call the floor."

"Then what does that leave me?" Edward asked.

"The bath tub," Jasper said, pointing upstairs.

"Very funny. But bath tubs are quite comfy," Edward retorted.

"You've experienced that?" I asked.

"Yeah, don't you remember? Eighth grade, we went to Boston and Bella took up the entire bed! She made me sleep in the bath tub because Alice took the couch and Jake took the floor."

"Oh yeah I remember!" I laughed, remembering I turned on the shower while he was still in there.

"She forgot I was in there and turned the shower on me," Edward went on. Rosalie and Alice burst in giggles, Jasper chuckling.

"Why's everyone laughing?" Emmett asked in a sleepy voice.

"I told them the time Bella made me sleep in the bath tub." Edward explained.

Emmett suddenly erupted in laughter, waking himself up. "Jasper, Edward, did you remember the time we microwaved my old ipod?"

Jasper burst out laughing. "I remember that!"

Edward joined in their laughter. "You broke your mom's microwave. It exploded!!" We joined in laughing at their memories.

"I'm bored now," Alice said.

"Well I'm tired," I said.

"Let's play truth or dare!" She said.

"No!" We all said.

"Come on! You guys aren't that sleepy yet!" Alice retorted.

"Fine. One game. Then I'll pass out on the floor," Emmett said.

"Yay!" Alice jumped up on the couch. "Bella goes first!"

"Why me?" I asked.

"Because I said so. Truth or dare?"


"Lets see...ooh I got a good one! Rose, give me your scarf!"

"No way! This is chanel!"

"Come on, Rose! You have three more of those!"

"Fine," Rose said stubbornly, handing the scarf to Alice.

Alice tied the scarf over my eyes.

"Okay, you have to lick something I give you, and you can't refuse."

"Okay." I said. Alice lifted something to my face, and told me to lick it. I wrinkled my nose and stuck my tongue out.

Alice was laughing and jumping up and down, Edward and Jasper rolling around and chuckling.


"Okay, Bella, pick."

"Hmm... Emmett," I said.

Emmett's eyes widened. I laughed.

"Truth or Dare."

"Dare," he answered.

I tapped my chin for a minute. "Let Alice do your makeup."

"WHAT?!!?!?" Emmett practically shouted.

"Shhh, old lady Helen's next door sleeping!" Rose hushed him.

"Come on, Emmett! Please?" Alice asked, clasping her hands together, begging. "I can't pass up this opportunity of a lifetime!!''

"You did say dare," Jasper chimed in.

"Oh fine! But no pictures unless you want my fist up your asses," Emmett said.

"No need for that," Edward warned.

"I'll be right back. Don't move," Alice sent a death glare to Emmett. She ran upstairs to get her stuff.

"Evil little thing," Emmett said. Alice stuck her tongue out as she came back down with her huge bag.

"Don't move," Alice said, as she began attacking his face with brushes and powders.

"Gah!" Emmett said, and swatted Alice hands away. "What are you doing to my face?!"

"Covering up your dark circles. Geez, how do you put up with this, Rose?"

"Each day is a stretch," Rosalie sighed.

I laughed and sat back into Edward's arms and watched Emmett get primped by Alice.

"Now I know how you spent every morning with that attacking you," Edward said.

"I'm not a 'that', I'm an aspiring makeup artist slash designer. I practice," Alice said when she finally put her arms down. I held in my laughter as she got up.

"I wouldn't mind going gay," Jasper joked, taking a look at Emmett.

"What the hell did you do to my face?!" Emmett asked when Rose gave him a mirror to look at.

"All you need is a wig and you'll make the perfect girl!" Edward added.

"His face is too big, he couldn't pass for a girl," Rose commented.

"Well thank you for discussing my feminine side. Now I need to wash all this gunk off." Emmett got up and trudged to the bathroom.

I finished my fit of giggles and yawned.

"I'm sleepy," I whispered.

"Everyone's asleep. Well, except Alice. Jasper's barely making it and I think Emmett passed out in the bathroom," He informed me. "Want me to bring you up?"

I meant to say no, but that offer was so tempting. Very tempting. So I nodded my head weakly and he stood up to carry me to my bed.


I felt someone shaking my side.

"What?" I asked, my voice thick from sleep.

"Merry Christmas!!" Alice's voice shouted in my ears.

"What a way to wake us up, Alice," Edward said.

"You're welcome. Hurry up! I wanna open presents!" Alice jumped around.

"Yeah, wait a sec, will you?" I retorted groggily.

"Not a morning person, huh? Get some red bull and hurry. Emmett passed out in the bath tub and I'm too small to do it by myself!" Alice tossed us two cans of red bull and left the room.

"Merry Christmas," I mumbled and stood up.

"Merry Christmas," Edward greeted. "I love you."

"Love you too," I said. He cupped my face and kissed me before we fully woke up and helped Alice.

"Turn on the shower," Edward suggested. "That's what somebody did when she made me sleep in a bath tub!"

I giggled and kissed his cheek while Alice turned on the shower. Cold water sprinkled over Emmett's body.

"What the hell?!" He yelled, grabbing the shower curtain and pulling it down.

"Merry Christmas!" We all shouted.

"What's all the noise?" Rosalie asked, popping her head in. "Why are you watching my boyfriend take a shower?!"

"We were trying to wake him up," I informed her. Rosalie nodded in understanding and walked away.

"Damn, now I'm wet!"

"You'll dry off. Here's some towels," I tossed him a couple of extra towels.

"Thanks," Emmett said. He wrapped his head in the towel, then one around his waist.

"Now, while Emmett drys off, I'll make some coffee." I stated. I walked down the stairs, Edward following.

"You do know what's gonna happen, right?" Edward asked as his arms encircled my waist.

"And what would that be?" I asked before pecking him on the nose.

Edward whispered in my ear and I gasped.

"Oh my gosh! Are you serious?!" I squealed, jumping up and down.

"I know you can't contain yourself, but you have to keep your pretty little mouth shut, okay?" He asked.

"Promise," I said, then pouring him and myself a cup of coffee. We brought the pot and a couple of mugs to the living room, where everyone slowly started gathering.

"Who wants to open presents first?" I asked when everyone was settled in.

"Me!" Alice shouted.

We all laughed at her excitement, then handed Alice her presents. She opened Jasper's first, Gucci drop earrings.

"Jasper!" Alice ran and kissed him eagerly. "I love it!! Thank you!"

"Well, I had a little bit of help from Rosalie and Bella," he said, chuckling. Alice went back to opening Emmett and Rosalie's gift, a pair of pink peep toe heels by Dior.

"Eek!!!!! This is totally cute!" Alice put them on her tiny feet. "Thank you!"

Edward got her Miss Dior Cherie perfume, and then it was my turn. I handed her a colorfully wrapped box.

"Ooh, I wonder what this is?" Alice looked at me with hope in her eyes. She opened the box and found black mesh sweats and a jets jersey.

"You, gave me your clothes?!" Alice fumed. I burst out laughing and told her to calm down.

"Here," I gave her a bigger box. "Not my clothes, promise."

She opened the box warily, then her eyes widened. "Oh. My. Gosh!!!" She pulled out a dark blue leather bag by Marc Jacobs which I picked out for her.

Alice ran over to me and pulled me into a bone crushing hug. "Bella! Thank you! This is so not everyone! Eek!!!" Alice shrieked with joy and ran off to collect the presents she already opened.

Everyone opened the rest of their presents after. Edward couldn't stop smiling at the watch I got him, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of the sapphire necklace he got me. Suddenly, Emmett got up and slid to one knee in front of Rosalie.

I caught my breath as I watched them.

"Rosalie Hale? I love you, and always will. Will you take my hand in matrimony, and spend everyday together, forever?" He asked, opening the ring case to reveal a silver band adorned with rubies and opals.

"Yes! Of course I will!" Rosalie jumped into his arms and kissed him fiercely. I smiled at the happy couple, then my eyes wandered back to Edward's.

"One day, Bella," he promised. "One day."

I smiled as he kissed me once again. I can't wait for that day to come.

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