Hello this first chapter is a poem but the rest of the story isn't the poem is in Angela's point of view but the next chapter will be Jaspers. Hope you enjoy please review: I want to know what you think of the poem; even if you think its crap I want to know. Okies? Then read on! Lol Thank you to gethsemane342 for telling me about the box palava! :D

Jasper: ma'am Meyer owns it all.

In the moonlight

I saw him first

he hunted while

I watched him

quench his thirst

His golden hair

swayed in the breeze

and when I gasped

I saw him stiffen and freeze

He turned around

and saw me there

I knew it was rude

but all I could do was stare

A battle seemed

to rise within

I stepped forward

to comfort him

He whispered:

"Don't come near me"

as I watched his eyes

brew like a stormy sea

Ignoring his orders

I took a step towards him

I noticed his eyes

blacken and dim

I blinked and then noticed

inches from my face

the males head at my neck

at the base

I frowned in confusion

pushed him away but in vain

I felt my flesh tear

and then came the pain

He had bit my neck

that much I was sure

I was moving very fast

while not moving at all

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