By: narutoprincess

Chapter 1: Find Me Here

NP: Okay so here's yet another Mac and Stella fan fiction. Hope you guys enjoy this one. I will still be updating on Story Time With Stella so don't worry. I'm not abandoning it. I just have this one written out about 9 chapters so I thought I should type it up. Oh, and this one is inspired by the song "Everything" by Lifehouse, hence the title. And like He Gets That From Me, each chapter will start with a line from the song. This time though, I'll try to go in order.


"Mac? Mac Taylor!"

It was cold. Too cold for anyone to be outside. But Stella Bonasera wasn't just anyone.


She called out into the frigid wasteland called New York City. All she got in response was a cold gust of wind blowing in her face. She turned away from it but not before it left a bitter sting. She trudged on through the snow, hoping to see a glimpse of Mac's blue eyes in the moonlight.

"Are you out there?"

Tears fell and froze on her cheeks. She knew he wasn't out there. It had been years and she'd never stopped believing.


The cold was getting to her now. She stumbled through the snow. Suddenly, she collapsed to the ground. She felt something on her outstretched hand. She turned her head to look at it.

"A snowflake..."

All the memories flooded her brain. Every moment Stella had shared with Mac. Snowflakes always did that to her. It was probably because, other than Mac, it was the thing she loved the most.


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