House let the door bang a little louder than he intended as he left Cuddy with her bundle of joy. It seemed like everyone was getting what they wanted for Christmas, except him. He had even been nice, worn a tie and his lab coat, for Pete's sake.

He doesn't bother going up to his office. His car keys are in his pocket, and he heads out the door. The drive home is a little slower, due to the light snow that is glittering and falling from the sky. He finally arrives and when he opens the door to his apartment he is shocked to find Wilson sitting on his couch, takeout containers littering the coffee table.


"Hey." House takes off his coat and haphazardly hangs it in the hall closet.

"So, it looks like Cuddy's going to get her baby. She's already talked to a lawyer about getting foster care custody."

"That's good." Wilson stretches out the syllables, waiting to see if he can discover a tell.

"Yeah. Sometimes you get what you need." House walked over and sat down on the couch next to Wilson. He picked up a beer bottle and took a long swig.

"And what about what you need?" Wilson's voice rose on the you.

"What I need Wilson, what I need . . . ." House paused, gathering his thoughts. He turned so he was directly facing Wilson. "What I need Jimmy, is right here.

Wilson looked back at House, trying to determine if he was getting conned like the clinic patients. There is nothing Wilson doesn't hear about. By the time Wilson has decided he wasn't being conned, House's palm is on his face, softly and gently caressing his cheek.

Wilson leaned forward and tenderly kissed House, feeling House respond immediately. They continued to kiss and embrace until they were breathless like teenagers. They reclined back against the couch, fingers still intertwined as they caught their breath and drank their beer. Wilson looked over at House, and smiled. "Merry Christmas House." House returned the smile. "Merry Christmas Wilson."