Chapter One: The Orphanage and Adoption

It was a stormy November morning the day that the Dursleys made a choice that would change the fate of the world. Mrs. Petunia Dursley had, as usual, went out to get the mornings milk bottles when she found her sisters dratted son on her front porch. "I'm not keeping him Vernon" she hissed at her overweight husband, who was starring fixedly at the toddler sleeping on his kitchen table. "Of course not" he agreed, I won't have him endangering our Dudders". "You're taking him to St. Elizabeth's Orphanage; it's the only one far enough away from here". Vernon nodded, quailing slightly at the ugly look on his wife's face.

Vernon hurriedly grabbed Harry who had just woken up and bundled him into Dudley's car seat, making sure that the neighbors did not see him. Mr. Dursley tore out of the driveway and up the street missing the fact that a new woman was moving onto the street, someone named Arabella Figg.

Two and a half hours later Vernon arrived at St. Elizabeth's, a large immaculate building with a perfectly kept front lawn and a large backyard. It's a nice place, Vernon thought approvingly, not that the boy deserves a nice place he added hastily, slightly afraid what Petunia would do if she knew he had thought that. There was a long winding drive way surrounded by the beautiful lawn that was still surprisingly green at this time of year. As Vernon passed through the wrought iron gates he couldn't help but feel slightly bad for the freak in the back seat. He just lost his parents, even if they were abominations.

When Vernon finally arrived at the front door he was slightly flustered. It was slightly unnerving that Harry wasn't crying in the slightest, Dudley was always bawling his eyes out. "May I help you?" A kind voiced asked, causing Vernon to jerk his head up and stare at the woman in doorway in surprise. The woman had long brown hair twisted up in a clip, and her cerulean blue eyes rimmed in light blue kohl. "Ah, yes, I came to give this boy up for adoption", Vernon stated nervously. Then you'll have to come in and sign some papers. Vernon glanced at his car, but followed the pretty woman into her office off the gray marble entry hall.

The woman's office was nice. She had a black walnut desk (with a gold name plate stating her as Ms. Melanie Apple), filing cabinets to the left of her desk and a black computer. In front of her desk were two leather seated chairs. Vernon placed the boy in one seat, and sat in the one opposite. Ms. Apple raised an eyebrow but said nothing. After clicking and typing on her computer for a moment she turned to Vernon and said "I'll need some information on him for his file". Vernon nodded; the quicker he answered these questions the quicker he could go home to his own son and forget today had ever happened.

"His name?" asked Ms. Apple. "Harry James Potter" replied Vernon. "Harry's birth date?" Ms Apple continued. "July 31, 1994", Petunia had given him all of the information he would need. "You're relation to him?" "I'm married to his mother's sister". "And who are you?" "Vernon Dursley". "His Parents?" "Lily Marie Potter nee Evans and James Potter." "Why are you putting him up for adoption?" "His Parents were killed last night, we're his only family left but we can't afford to take care of him." Ms. Apple nodded understandingly. "Does he have any medical conditions?" "Not any that I know of." "Is there any family history that could affect him?" "His father had glasses, um I really can't think of anything else on the father's side", I didn't know him well. "What about the mother's side?" "His maternal grandfather died of a heart attack, and some distant cousin of his is epileptic." Ms. Apple nodded and finished typing the information on her computer. "You can leave know, I'll get Harry settled and he'll hopefully get adopted soon." Vernon nodded, jumped up and fled from the room as fast as he could then left without looking back.

Ms. Apple sighed. "Let's get you settled down", Ms. Apple said to Harry. She felt sorry for the little boy who was so obviously not wanted. She walked up the left hand staircase to the fourth landing where the younger children slept. Harry moved into a nursery with only two other occupants, a little boy named Anthony, and a little girl named Caroline. Harry quickly became one of Melanie Apples favorite children. Harry was smarter than an average one and a half year old, and he didn't cry as often as the other borders. "Good Morning Harry", Mel smiled. "Mel", Harry giggled. "Come on little guy let's get you dressed". As Mel got Harry dressed in his denim overalls and red sweater, a couple walked into the orphanage followed by an elderly lady looking for a child to adopt. An elderly Matron known as Mrs. Porter brought them to her office.

"May I ask what your names are and who you are looking to adopt?" Ms Apple Asked. "Yes, my name is Grace Cahill and this is my daughter Hope Cahill and her husband Arthur Trent" the elderly lady answered. "We wish to adopt the little boy that was recently orphaned here". The Matron nodded, "That's Harry Potter". Grace smiled, this child was powerful she could tell, he would be the one to find the 39 clues she was sure. He was already of Cahill blood, if they adopted him then he would help them gain the 39 clues and become the most powerful Cahill. After all the paperwork was signed Harry came in. Grace took him in her arms, and said he will need a new name Harry is to plain. What do you suggest; Arthur asked looking at his heir. Nathaniel… Nathaniel Raven Cahill.