House pulled Wilson down to him, so that he was straddling his good leg. Reaching down, he palmed Wilson's erection and then his own, having to bite his lip to keep from moaning audibly. The fingers of his other hand tangling in Wilson's thick hair as Wilson's lips met his own.

Wilson kissed back earnestly, moaning softly as House lifted his hips to meet Wilson's. He kissed a pattern down the side of House's face and neck as House continued to rock their erections together.

Wilson pulled back reluctantly, but needing more skin to skin contact, he stood, bringing House with him, pulling House's shirt up and letting his hands explore beneath the fabric. House kissed Wilson tenderly, moaning his approval at Wilson's actions as he began to urge Wilson in the direction of his bedroom.

The two slowly made their way to the bedroom, the progress towards the room hindered by kissing, belts unbuckling and shirts being un-tucked, unbuttoned and shed. Wilson got House's shirt off and jeans unbuckled by the time they reached their destination. Wilson finished pulling his own shirt off, along with sliding out of his too-tight pants while House removed his jeans.. House eased himself further up the bed and pulled Wilson toward him, up over his good thigh again, eager to continue where they had left off.

They both had left their boxers on, unsure what the other had planned. When House, however, reached down and pushed Wilson's boxers down, freeing his erection, Wilson was hardly able to keep from coming all over House's strong hand. He moaned, throwing his head back, exposing his neck, which House began to trail kisses down.

The extra contact on his body was all he needed and with a shout of House's name, he came hard all over House's hand and stomach. Wilson could hardly believe his eyes as he watched House lick every bit from his hand, if he could have come again, he would have. Wilson immediately reached for House's cock and using his own come as lubricant, he began to pump House's erect member.

House watched Wilson, his eyes widening as Wilson changed speeds and intensity, experimenting, to figure out what House liked best, what he needed. Wilson leaned down and kissed House hard. "That was so hot," Wilson told him through the kiss. House smiled wickedly and groaned as Wilson hit the perfect intensity, arching into Wilson's touch and coming with a moan.

House's eyes closed as he settled back into the pillows, spent. Wilson reluctantly pulled away and returned moments later with two bottles of water, a damp washcloth, and House's pills. House grinned at the familiar rattle. He accepted the water and pills with a relaxed smile and downed two before Wilson's generosity turned to lecture.

Wilson smiled back as he settled down next to House, still slightly unsure as to what had just happened, but when House pulled him down for a slow, soft kiss, he knew it was his Christmas wish come true.