(HMMMMMM . . .one shot? or maybe horribly ending love story . . .?)


Edward was off hunting again. Bella didn't want to shop, and, of course Jasper was studying the Civil War some more. I swear, that boy is obsessed. I mean, I know he was in it, and everything, but still!!

Bella sighed. She was reading Wuthering Heights for the millionth time, so I safely assumed that she was bored. "Bored yet?"

She smiled. "Yes and no. I can't focus because I miss Edward." I drew in a breath; it was silent, nobody had a chance of hearing. I hated it when she talked about him.

I loved her, more than he could ever dream of loving her. I knew that they were meant to be, but yet, I still couldn't help but sulk.

I watched her, intently. I wanted a sign, just one, that maybe, just maybe she could ever love me back? I sighed. I knew she belonged to Edward; she always talked about him in such a way that I wished she would talk about me. The longing in her voice . . . the way her eyes clouded over . . . and the way she smiled stupidly whenever she talked. I shuddered. I shouldn't be thinking about my best friend like this. But, she was so gorgeuos. Her brown eyes were so deep, her curves were not to big, and not to small, but just perfect.

I longed to trail my hand from her waist to her thigh. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted it sooo badly. Was it too much to ask of God for him to take away what I felt. If I had to be in here any longer . . .

"Alice?" I almost moaned at the sound of her voice, so alluring . . .

"Yes, love?" I said, mimicking Edward's voice. She giggled, then became serious.

"Why do you look at me, lick your lips, then sigh?" Oh, no!

"Oh, no reason," I tried to smooth, but Bella wouldn't have any of it.

"Alice! Don't lie!"

I sighed, this time in defeat. "I need to say something."

She looked at me, put her book down, and nodded for me to continue.

"Bella, I love you."

She laughed. "I love you, too, Alice. What's this about?" She giggled.

I shook my head. "No, Bella. As a girlfriend!" I was choking on my words, voice breaking with raw emotion.

She looked at me, incredulous. She stared at me, face black. After waiting what seemed like eternity, she choked. "WHAT?" She cried.