Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all

Nothing's like before…

Simple and Clean

Stop it stop it stop it stop it…

Roxas tried to shut his eyes, tried to block the images coming from eyes that were not his, tried to look away, tried everything he could not to witness this event—but couldn't. He was no longer in control. He stared in horror at his best friend, darkness slowly climbing up the redhead's body. Axel smiled weakly, and uttered words Roxas never thought he'd hear again, too low for Sora or the others to hear: "See you in the next life…"

Roxas knew Sora was bewildered, too confused to do anything but stare as the darkness consumed Axel, but it didn't make it right. Roxas wrenched his gaze away with all his strength, and was thankful Sora's head followed the movement.

What did I do to deserve this? Roxas screamed, overwhelmed with emotion, emotions that weren't supposed to be there. He willed Sora to hear his cries. What did I do to deserve watching him die?

If it were anyone else, they would be blaming Sora for everything, but Roxas knew better than that. He was Sora, a part of him that yearned for Axel's company, mourned his losses. Yet, Sora couldn't hear him, couldn't understand—couldn't feel his anguish. It frustrated Roxas to no end; he was trapped, unable to escape, forced to watch his former family's deaths, one by one. He thought of the Organization as family; Sora viewed them as enemies. How ironic.

Xion and Axel were gone; he had no one else to live for. He wanted desperately to die, to go into the afterlife Axel used to speak of—but couldn't. He was connected to Sora, and therefore could not die until Sora died.

It was always Sora this, Sora that.

He was tired of it.

I'm not you! Roxas shrieked, holding his head in his hands, tears streaming down his face. I will never be you! Stop making me become you, Sora! Stop it!

Stop it stop it stop it stop it…

It became a chant, long after his tears dried up, and he wanted to look away when Sora was reunited with his friends. Sora stole his friends, stole them and killed them, erased them from existence—and what did he get? An extended life that wasn't worth living.

He threw up a wall against Sora, forced himself to fall into the black abyss, unwilling to see any more. When he was brought back by Sora, he was resigned to his fate, and tried his best to stay positive, because Namine was there.

"When Sora and Kairi are together, we'll be together, too, Roxas."

That was the only thing he had to look forward to—pitiful. Roxas felt a moment of self-pity, before shaking it off and gave Namine a shaky smile.

When he disappeared into Sora again, Roxas despaired.


"Do you think we'll ever become normal again?" Roxas asked, glancing at her.

Namine shook her head with a sad smile. "When were we ever normal?"

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