Do you feel like a man

When you push her around?

Do you feel better now

As she falls to the ground?

Face Down

The girl crouched down, her blue eyes narrowing as she stared at the blond and the brunette. She was invisible to them, and her energy felt sapped; it took much power to enter even their dream worlds. Though they didn't know it, because they were them, they had more power than ever before… She smiled faintly as she remembered the reason: so they could save the worlds from falling apart.

The Sora and Roxas she knew were long gone, but their spirits clung to these bodies that look like their own. The children, the other Sora and Roxas, would carry on their originals' legacy… After all, isn't Destiny Island famous for the Keybearer legend?

Her fingers brushed a bush, and she pulled away immediately, unsuspecting the sting the contact would bring. She grimaced, touching her hand gingerly; such a simple thing hurt her now. Soon, she wouldn't be able to communicate with Sora and Roxas. They'd be left on their own. That worried her; they weren't educated enough! There were still hidden memories—buried deeper than the others, because they were dangerous—they had to unlock. Sora didn't remember how to summon his Keyblade, Roxas didn't quite remember Oblivion and Oathkeeper, and so much more—how could she possibly leave them?

Her fists clenched in frustration, and she stiffened at the pain it caused for her injured hand. Tears pricked her eyes; why did it have to be her that told them everything? Why not one of the higher level ones, like Kadaj? She pressed her lips together as she shook her head, trying desperately not to cry.

Kadaj couldn't be the one to tell them, because, even though he could stand everything she was going through, they didn't know him.

Familiarity seemed to play a role in the process of remembering; Sora didn't know her, however. She gripped the necklace she had stolen from Roxas in her uninjured hand; but she was a part of the Keyblade Master, and the only one who knew him even vaguely that wasn't reincarnated, so it made sense for her to tell both boys everything.

Her energy was drained because the strain of being in two dreams at once every night—saying different things, acting differently to both—was just too much for her.

If anyone attacked, she'd be too weak to defend them…

She froze. With cold certainty, she knew. She knew why no one had attacked yet. It was because they were biding their time, waiting until she was unable to fend for even herself in this realm, and she'd been too slow to catch on until now.

She'd have to warn them, but how? She stared in dismay at the two teens appearing at their door, oblivious to the danger as they talked. She wouldn't be able to warn them by herself. Who had classes with them both that would heed her warning…?

A name sprung into her mind immediately: Namine.

Namine had every class with them, and best of all, she always sat near at least one of them! Brilliant! The girl snapped her fingers, and a portal appeared. With one last look around, making sure Roxas and Sora were far away that they would reach Axel soon, she stepped into it. It closed behind her, enveloping her in welcoming darkness, rejuvenating her.

She walked out once she was close to Namine's spot, and the blond girl almost halted in surprise. The mysterious girl grabbed Namine's arm, dragging her behind a cluster of bushes, and pulled her down. "Namine, you've got to listen to me," she hissed, using every ounce of strength she had to talk to her. Already, she felt her energy level going steadily downward. "Protect Roxas and Sora with your life. I'm afraid that I don't have much time left in this world. Xemnas is planning something, and I'm sure it involves Roxas and Sora joining before their time."

"I'll do everything I can," Namine promised solemnly, recognizing the danger. She had remembered almost everything on her own. "I'll tell Zexion and Larxene, so they can watch who are in their own classes."

The still unnamed girl smiled gratefully. "Thank you, Namine. From the power I've lost since coming here, it'll take me a week, give or take, of staying in the darkness from whence I came until I am able to fight with you. If anything happens, tell Zexion—he'll know what to do. If it's life-threatening, tell Kadaj. He'll do anything if you tell him it's to repay the favor he owes me."

Namine nodded, and the girl finally sank into the blackness, allowing it to encase her in its warm embrace.

Namine stood up shakily, glancing around, before heading off in the direction of her school once again, determination filling her body. She wouldn't fail this time, if it's the last thing she does.

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