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After about an hour, Edward finally calmed down, and the game resumed. Since, for the most part, the game was almost done. Emmett was sad every time he got a big spin. Edward got happy every time he did.

"Can we like, take a break?" Emmett asked.

"And why, Emmett, would we take a break?" Edward asked. "The game's almost done."

"Well…I, uhh…have…to…pee? Yeah, that's it. I have to pee!" Emmett screamed as he ran out of the room, up the stairs, and into the bathroom. "I HAVE TO PEE!! I HAVE TO PEE!!"

"Emmett, you big fat liar. Vampires don't eat, so how could they possible have to pee?" Jasper asked quite curious.

"It's been all of that liquid I've been drinking for the past, what, sixty years!!" Emmett yelled from the bathroom.

"Well, technically, Emmett," Carlisle was saying in doctor mode. "Blood, for us vampires, is our life force. It does not pass though our systems like a normal liquid would through a human. So, Emmett, you SHOULD not have to pee as Edward said." Carlisle finally finished his rant.

It was quite for several minutes, and then Edward said, "Emmett, if you don't get out of that bathroom right now, I swear I will rip that door off the hinges!!"

"But Edward," Emmett whined still locked in the bathroom, "I'm going!!"

"Emmett, I clearly don't here you going." Alice said trying to cover a laugh.

"Do you even still remember how to use the human bathroom facility?" Jasper asked after a slight chuckle.

"Yeah I do!" Emmett said.

"Well, then how come I don't HEAR you going?" Alice asked again.

"Well, if you would shut up, then maybe you could hear me going." Emmett threw back and started to make a SSPPPSSSS noise.

"Emmett, that's you making the noise." Edward said reading Emmett's mind.

"Are not!! And get out of my head!!" Emmett yelled and ran to the facet and turned it on.

"You know," Rosalie said, "I'm here and I'm on Emmett's team, soooo, I could just spin."

"Excellent idea Rose!!" Esme said with a wink.

"Well, then, here it goes." Rosalie said as she slowly reached for the spinner.

"Don't you dare!" Emmett yelled and at the bottom of the stairs. The water was shut off up stairs and the toilet was flushed.

"Well, look who's back." Carlisle said like a father speaking to a five year old.

"Yeah, I'm back!" Emmett said and sat down in a huff. And the game continued.

Everyone has retired, sold their houses, and were counting their money.

"Well, I'd saw we did a job well done." Esme said to Carlisle. "Three kids, lived a happy life, and we retired well and happy without debt!"

"You don't have to rub it in!" Emmett said.

"Well, you didn't have to buy those expensive houses. And stocks. And well everything." Carlisle said.

"Well, it's," Emmett coughs 'her' and points at Rosalie, "fault."

In the end, Emmett and Rosalie was last place, Carlisle and Esme were next, then Jasper and Alice, and surprisingly, Edward and 'Patrice' won. So, as a Cullen tradition, the winner had to put the game away.

Just as Edward finished putting it away, there was a knock on the door.

"I GOT IT!!!" Emmett yelled as ha ran for the door. "Oh, hello Bella!"

"Emmett, your manners!" Esme scolded.

"Sorry," he murmured to Esme and to Bella, "Why, good afternoon, my dear Bella. Won't you come in?" He stepped aside and ushered her in. "Can I take your coat m'lady?"

"Uhh, sure." Bella said not knowing what was happening.

"Bella, I'm in here." Edward called.

Bella look behind her to make sure she wasn't being followed and sprinted, rather clumsily, to Edward. "What have you been doing?" Bella asked.

"Bella, you know we've been…" was all Edward got out before Emmett interrupted.

"Well, our little Edward is a married man now, so you must leave before Patrice finds you here." Emmett said.

"First, not what I'm talking about." Bella started. "Second, we're talking about this later. Third, you guys haven't been at school."

"What do you mean?" Esme asked. "We only started the game a few hours ago."

"Yeah, it's only Sunday afternoon, evening at the latest." Alice said from the couch next to Jasper.

"No, it's Tuesday and," she looked down at her wrist watch, "6:00 in the evening."

"So, you're telling me we've been playing this game for 3 days and 4 hours?" Carlisle asked.

"Pretty much." Bella said. And to Edward, "Now who is this Patrice?"

Before Edward could answer, Emmett did, "Well, you see, we were playing pairs, and Edward didn't have a partner,"

"No, thanks to you," Edward whispered.

"Anyway! When Edward landed on 'Get Married' he had to marry some one. So, being the excellent match maker I am, I introduced him to Patrice." And he motioned to the door sitting next to Edward.

"That?" Bella started.

"Yes." Edward said.

"Umm, O.K?"

"That's not even the best part!" Emmett said, "They have nine, count them, nine kids!" Emmett screamed.

"Patrice! I want a divorce!" Edward screamed.

"NNOOOO!!!" Emmett yelled.

"Well, Edward you know I did go to law school." Jasper said.

"Jasper, my good man, divorce us!" Edward yelled.

"Inside voices!" Esme reminded them.

"NNOOOO!!" Emmett screamed and he was on his knees looking up at the sky.

"Patrice, you can have the kids and all of my Life money." Edward said.

"You are now not man and wife." Jasper declared after a minute.


"Emmett how many times must I tell you not to yell in the house?" Esme asked highly angry. "You're grounded mister!"

"But…but..." Emmett stammered.

"No, buts, march." And she pointed for him to go upstairs.

He slowly got to his feet and shuffled up the stairs. When he was safely up the stairs Carlisle said, "Jasper, Alice, take this game and BURN IT!!!"

"Way ahead of you there." They both said, as they grabbed the game and ran out of the house.

"So, you really spent three days playing The Game of Life?" Bella asked.
"Yes, dear." Edward answered.

"So…" she asked slyly. "What really happened?"

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