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Norato was a bit blurry on some crucial points in his son's life. Crucial, as in, he remembered next to nothing about the first year and a half. Whenever anyone asked about details, especially "firsts", he would go blank.

When they had gotten back together, Keira had a whole list of questions as she went through her son's childhood photographs:

How long did it take for him to start walking? When did his interest with the hammer start? If Norato was so passionately against it, how did Rocket find that football he rolled around as a toddler? What was the first word he said? Was he always interested in flowers like his dad or was it because his dad was a florist he just got used to them being around?

Norato sighed, glancing at his torn looking son who was leaning against the opposite wall –his arms crossed across his chest, head bowed in deep thought.

He didn't remember when he first said "Daddy."

He did remember when it first made him realize that he was, in fact, the "Daddy" in question, though.

Being a single parent was hard. Especially if you had other jobs like; trying to form a greenhouse full of exotic flowers, helping a planet being rebuild from beneath snow mounds and being sour for losing your wife, brother, career and leg at one go –not to mention the entire planet of peoples deep in sorrow. Thankfully, he was still popular and had some neighbours who were more than happy to take care of his little son as he was away working.

That day was not different than any other one. He and some other people had helped builders to resurface the old ambassador residence for Wamba planet. For all would now, they had come within an inch of being slaughtered by a falling glacier. The fact that they were lacking on all sorts of technological guidance, thanks to the damn snow covering every little part it could reach, had been underestimated by the civil engineer who was guiding them. Convincing the medics that he was fine Norato went to Planet Akillian to have a drink before going home –well that snow mound he was working on turning back into his home, anyway.

The helpful girl from next door rushed in with Rocket even before he could take his coat off. She said he had been uneasy since the morning and rambled on about how she had checked for fever, hunger and everything she could think of but Norato didn't hear any of it.

No. The moment his son had walked in, he had lurched towards his father as fast his young legs could carry him, let out a desperate "Daddy!" before wrapping both his arms around his healthy leg and Norato was not in any state to comprehend anything other than the existence of him.

His little son.

Despite everything he had lost, that little boy was there –living, breathing, growing and doing all the stupid things toddlers did. One could only guess what had made him sour all day. And he had no one else but his father to run to when he was sick or scared or excited or happy. Suddenly, having a son made every other thing look so unimportant. Norato could remember how happy he was when he found out he would be a father, but up until that moment, he realized, he didn't know what being a father really meant.

When he noticed the young girl had been waiting for a response with a sorry look on her face for a good minute, he bent over and took his son in his arms and thanked her, convincing her he would take care of the situation. Rocket had rested his head on his father's broad shoulder already, breathing calmly as his eyes scanned his father's –now stronger looking- face. Norato smiled at his son and for the first time, unlike before when he found him to be too much of a disturbing reminder of the woman he loved; he thought his son having his mother's looks was not bad at all.

The doors slid open and out came the medics.

Rocket looked up at them and then turned to his father –the golden eyes of Keira promising him that whatever may come they would stand together to face it. Norato stood up and gave a reassuring squeeze to his son's shoulder: he had seen love, anger, regret and even hatred in those eyes but he had never seen them lie. He knew they could take it.


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