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The Lost Marauder



Four year old Harry Potter closed his eyes tightly trying to remember the dream he had been having, he had been on a large black motorcycle and it was flying. He squeezed his eyes shut he tried to remember the feeling of soaring through the sky.

"Boy!" his Uncle's loud voice bellowed through the house making Harry's eye's fly open all thoughts of the flying motorcycle flying from his mind. As a lock clicked and bright sunlight entered the dark dingy cupboard he had been sleeping in. "Time for school." the large pig like man on the other side of the door bellowed.

Harry immediately jumped out of the cupboard and followed his uncle out of the front door to the car. He slipped into the back where his round cousin was taking up half of the backseat already.

Unlike many children Harry loved school, well apart from the fact he was in the same class as his cousin, He simply enjoyed not being at his Aunt and Uncles house. The teachers seemed to like him much more than his relatives though most of the other children were scared of playing with him because Dudley always threatened to beat them up if they talked to him. The Morning passed as usual first they had Literacy which Harry loved, he loved writing stories and was often praised by his teacher for his creativity. Literacy was followed by Maths which he was good at too. He happily headed out into the playground after lunch and made his way over to his favourite bench.

Unfortunately Dudley spotted him and came up behind him with one of his little friends following along behind. Harry heard him approach but ignored him but Dudley lunged forward grabbed Harry's arm roughly.

"Ow!" Harry complained

"Potter is teachers pet" Dudley spat before letting go of Harry's wrist and snatching Harry's glasses off his face

"Give me my glasses!" Harry said angrily

"Make me Potty" Dudley laughed meanly

Harry's face went red and suddenly Dudley flew backwards across the playground.

"Arghhh!" Dudley screamed before starting to cry like a baby

Shocked, Harry just watched as the Teacher on playground duty came over.

"he did it!" Dudley wailed

"Harry did you push Dudley?" The teacher asked

"I didn't do anything!" Harry protested

"He did!" Dudley screamed "Piers saw him!"

"He did it!" Piers backed Dudley up even though he looked quite confused by the situation.

"Lets go to Mrs Smith and discuss this" the teacher sighed "Come on Dudley" the teacher said struggling to pull the overweight four year old to his feet marvelling to herself that Harry must have been strong to knock over the large boy.

The afternoon passed slowly for Harry. Mrs Smith gave him a lecture about being nice to others and how pushing other children was very naughty before he was allowed to return to class. Uncle Vernon picked the boys up at the end of the day and his red face told Harry immediately that Mrs Smith had called him about the incident earlier. He knew exactly what was going to happen when they got back.

The second the car stopped Dudley ran into the house where he was greeted with a hug from his mother and a large bar of chocolate. Taking a large mouthful of chocolate he waddled through into the living room where the television was already blaring out his favourite cartoon.

Harry followed uncle Vernon nervously into the house.

"Kitchen." Uncle Vernon spat and Harry followed his order immediately and scuttled into the kitchen as Aunt Petunia shut the door on the living room.

"What did you do to my son you freak?" Uncle Vernon hissed as they reached the kitchen.

"I didn't do it!" Harry protested "I didn't touch him!"

"Liar!" Uncle Vernon screamed pulling out a long stiff looking leather belt

"I didn't!" Harry repeated backing away

Seconds later Harry winced as the belt hit his skin, he tried to ignore the stinging but as the belt hit him a second and a third time he couldn't help but whimper in pain. He opened one eye to look up at the large man towering over him.

"Get in your cupboard freak." The older man spat viciously

Harry pulled himself up and scuttled away he let himself into the cupboard under the stairs. He shut the door behind himself and heard the lock click shut a second later. Tears poured from his eyes, he didn't do anything, did he?


Four year old Sirius Black was always keen to make friends, the young boy often found it very lonely in his big family house, his younger brother Regulus was good company some of the time but he liked to make friends.

It was a cold winters day and Walburga and Orion Black had taken the two young brothers Sirius and Regulus to Diagon Alley to buy the boys their first dress robes for the up coming Christmas celebrations. Apart from Regulus's fidgeting the fitting went well and the boys now both owned matching deep blue velvet dress robes. They left the shop and Bumped into the Malfoy's, eight year old Lucius and his Father Abraxas. Orion greeted Abraxas and started talking to him whilst Walburga fussed over Regulus who had just eaten a chocolate frog (his reward for being good at the fitting). Sirius looked around the street and spotted a small dark haired boy who looked about his own age who was looking in the window of Quality Quidditch supplies as his parents talked with a red haired woman. Curiously Sirius walk over to the boy.

"Hi" he said nervously

"Hi" the boy replied turning to look at Sirius

"You like Qui-itch?" Sirius asked

"Yeah" the boy nodded "I'm gonna be a seeker when I'm big" he announced proudly

"I wanna be a beater!" Sirius said quickly imitating swinging a bat

"I'm James!" the boy said with a big smile

"I'm Sirius" Sirius told him

"You wanna play qui-itch at my house? I have brooms!" James announced proudly

"Yeah!" Sirius agreed quickly as a hand fell on his shoulder and he looked up into his father's eyes

"Its time to go Sirius" Orion's deep voice said emotionlessly

"Ok Dad" Sirius sighed sadly "Can I go play qui-itch at James house?" Sirius asked

"No, come on" Orion replied simply

Sirius and James shared a sad look as Sirius followed Orion away from quality Quidditch supplies.

"Bye" James said sadly

"Bye" Sirius replied annoyed that his father had dragged him away from the shorted boy

"What were you doing talking to that muggle loving scum?" Orion asked his four year old son once they were out of earshot

"He nice" Sirius stated bravely "Can I be friends?"

Sirius's innocent question was answered with his fathers fist colliding with his face. Sirius's sparkling grey eyes filled with tears.

"You will not be making friends with any muggle loving scum or mudbloods, you are a Black and you will live up to your name." he told his son through gritted teeth

"But…" Sirius protested

"Get walking, Now!" Orion told his son angrily

Sirius obeyed shooting a sad look at the carefree boy who was still studying the window of quality Quidditch supplies.

"I wanna make friend" Sirius told his father irritably as they arrived back in the black household.

"You will not be making friends with any Muggle loving scum." Orion told Sirius "The Potter's and Weasley's are well know Muggle loving scum."

"But I wanna" Sirius protested "I like friends"

"You do not" Orion yelled waving his wand at his son "Crucio!"

Sirius felt pain rip through his small body and he screamed. As quickly as the pain had started it stopped. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Still want to be friends with Muggle Scum?" Orion asked with a sneer

"No muddle scum" Regulus said proudly looking at his injured brother

"That's right Regulus" Orion smiled "At least one of you knows what is expected."

A/n - I know its not very exciting yet but stay with me! I wanted to use a time travel storyline but give it a twist so I hope this works out ok!

I've tried to make Harry and Sirius's speech a little more correct for their ages that's why some of the English they use isn't quite right, that will change when they are older, I've also tried to get my facts right but they might not all be right so I'll apologise now in advance!