The Goddess of Freedom!

SUMMARY:Takes place in 1918. Bella is a Greek slave and is sold to the Cullen's but Bella is strong and a fighter! She is the one who gives hope to all other slaves and is known as a hero to kids of slavery! Cullen's are Vampires. Rated T, for future events. (No lemons!)

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Chapter 1 (Sold)


I held the body of a small male child close to me as the train kept shaking. I could tell the boy was sobbing. I had been here in the train before, more times then I can count since I was 10. No older then the boy here in my arms. The train went from city to city stealing the kids and teens from smaller and pourer towns and selling theme to the richer ones for slavery. A lot of the older teens that were kidnapped for slavery or had been on this train before and were calming the littler kids and explaining what was going to happen.

"Shhh, Were almost at the next town. When we get out of the train we walk to the auction stand were people will bid and by you. If you don't get picked you go to the next town and they will try again there. And sometimes if your masters aren't happy with you they will ask for there money back." One of the older teen's explained.

He was around 19 (2 years older then me) with dirty blond hair that went down to his shoulders. He had been kidnapped at the age of 16 and returned from his rich owners few days ago. I on the other hand had been returned to many times to count.

I was not like normal slaves. I didn't let myself be pushed around. I fought back. Most men bid on me in the auctions in hopes to break me, teach me to respect theme but it never worked and I had scars on my back to prove it.

My life was an endless circle.

1) Get sold,

2) Beaten to a pulp for talking back,

(And at the end of the month when the slave-traders return to sell more slaves)

3) Returned.

Sometimes I would stay at a place for 2 months; no one has ever kept me for more then 3. I had actually been on this train for over 3 weeks now. 2 days ago we stopped in Greenfield's Town to collect slaves and the poor kids hadn't stopped crying.

As much as I missed changing into different uniforms and seeing the kind of ideas men had to tame me, I liked comforting the kids. I was known as the hero of slavery, Goddess of freedom and I always told the kids of how I would never give in. It gave theme hope and the news of slaves growing more confident traveled fast. Less people tried to tame me and I wondered when the slave-traders were going to kill me soon. I was nothing but a burden at this point if no one wanted to by the great 'Hero of slaves'.

Most of the new kids had only crinkles on there close but if you've been on the train for as long as I, getting fed every 3 days only, your close become horrible. And it was a lot worse for the women then for the men. The women's legs were sticky and there skirts had brown stains of dried blood and everyone smelled after not having a bath. Your hair itched so much you wanted to cut it all off. The cart was coming to a stop and 2 men opened the big doors.

In front of us was a big platform and after that bunch of men and women who were going to bid. I knew the spot was Chicago. It was a very rich city and they never bid for slaves cheap.

"Welcome Lady's and gentlemen, before we begin I would like to ask for all people who would like to return there slaves to do it now." The gruff man said and no one returned a slave. The other man slowly took one kid at a time and sold theme off. A few weren't sold and they ran quickly back to me. When one of the gruff men tried to grab me I bit at his hand and he pulled away before grabbing me by the hair. He pulled me out and through me on the floor. A lot of the women were mumbling how I was what they called 'The wild one.' as they put there stupid white handkerchiefs to there noses. I scanned the crowed of people and saw a fat man smile.

"100 pounds for the slave!" He cried. There was a 3 second silence before a man with blond hair and blue eyes spoke.

"150 pounds!" He cried.

"200 pounds." A man with a skin problem and black hair said and some of the women gasped. A slave was hardly worth 100 when tamed. I had been sold to men for 30 before.

"As much as I love business I must warm you she's feisty."

"Don't worry; I like my bed slaves that way." He said and I felt sick to my stomach. I was NOT going to be sold to him and I was going to show theme exotically how lively I could be. I got up from the wooden stage and ran strait for the announcer. He moved but I was to fast and had kicked him in the nuts. He groaned in pain and bent down. As he did that I elbowed him on the head. The slaves were grinning and cheering wildly but then I felt it.

A bullet shot on my left arm. It just gaze me but it hurt and I screamed as I fell on the floor. The man took a few steps forward and pointed the gun at my head.

"Sorry love, your cute but you've gave us far too much trouble." He said. Everything was dead silent. Even the whispers from the annoying chattering women. And then, clear as fire at midnight, a man spoke.

"700 pounds for the slave with the wounded arm!" The man pulled back his gun.

"I will refuse to take refunds with this one anymore. If you don't want her after, you shoot her!" The gruff man said and I heard the man speak again but this time like he was out of breath.


"Very well, going once, going twice, sold to the man with the bronze hair for 700 pounds." He said and the man who used to be clutching his head and balls, took my solders and picked me up then slammed his knee into my stomach before throwing me off stage. I screamed in pain as I fell in front of the main that now owned me. I looked up to see the most beautiful man. But he looked furious. His jaw was set and I could have sworn he was not breathing. He threw the bag of money at the man and helped me up by my good arm and out of here. All around us the girls were whispering.

"Can you believe one of the richest men in Chicago would buy the wild one?"

"He looks mad!"

"I would be too if I paid for something only to have it bruised and shot."

"Oh gosh the Cullen family is gorgeous."

"Do you think they'll have a ball celebrating Edward's 18th birthday?"

"They must if that's the year he must marry. That's probably the reason he got the wild thing in the first place. I here she cooks as well as she fights." I didn't hear the rest of there rambling as 'Edward' (I guess that's him name) tied me to the back of the carriage by my good hand. It was the most extravagant carriage in the parking lot.

"Sorry that you must run but we can't have you getting blood on the seats." He said and I spat at his feet. What kind of man cares more about objects then people? Oh I forgot, almost all the men now a day.

Edward was amazingly beautiful but it was all on the outside as I watched him get into his carriage and told the driver to go. The horses jump started and I fell down. I was in so much pain and was pretty much dragged the whole way there. When Edward got out of the carriage, I was face down on the cobble stone driveway with dirt and sticks in my burning cut wound and panting heavily. A maid quickly ran to us.

"Angela, get the slave cleaned quickly after hosing her down and then bring her to the ball room." Edward said without looking at us as he ran inside.

"Sorry miss. Come with me." She said and untied my ropes. She seemed kinder then Edward so I let her take me out back wear she told me to wait. After a few seconds she came back holding a garden hose and sprayed me down. I was used to this. It's not like I had never been dragged or hosed before but the cold water shocked me slightly. It was cleaner and colder then most hosing and it made my bullet wound hurt so much more.

After Angela shut off the hose she rushed me inside through the empty kitchen. It was strange for a kitchen to be empty but I didn't question. Once we were in a small bathing area, Angela striped my clothes and through me in. The cold water and warm water were a shocking contrast but I knew I had to enjoy every second of this bath because the next one I have will not be so luxurious. I washed myself till my skin was red as Angela worked on my hair. I felt so good after. It was amazing and the maids outfit's were well made and not to reviling. They were short sleeves so I didn't get my sleeve bloody with my now stopped bleeding cut. After getting it cleaned and bandaged from Angela it did feel better but my gut was still soar. I used to be terrible with blood but slowly adapted over the years.

"Angela, who am I now working for?" I asked her and her eyes lit up.

"The Cullen's. There one of the most rich and powerful families in Chicago! There also very friendly. Edward's just grumpy cause of his birthday coming up and he must wed. Otherwise working for them is very nice… well, as nice as it can be."

"Do you know call them by Master or Mistress?" I asked and she laughed.

"Only when there in public." She said as she led me to a room. Inside was a big ball room with tables all around the sides and a stage in the far back. On the right was a built in bar and on the stage was a big white table that had 8 chairs. Or should I say 4 benches. A small pixy like girl with black hair and a lean blond haired man sat on the right in one bench. Then Edward was alone in a bench. Then there was a small space and another couple in the middle. The girl had caramel hair and the man was again blond. But this couple had more of an air with power and I knew immediately that they were the true masters of the house. Next up and on the far left was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen sitting in the lap of a very muscular man. I found this rather… non gentlemen and lady like but they looked like they did it all the time and who was I to tell them to stop.

"Welcome." The blond in the middle said and I walked in front of them. They looked down on me but I didn't feel threatened.

"I'm Carlisle, this is Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett and I'm sure you've met Edward."

"I'm as acquainted with Edward as I am with the dirt behind his carriage." I replied and Carlisle and Esme's smiles faltered as they looked upon Edward. Rosalie looked sternly at me like I was dirt and Emmett and Alice giggled although Alice's were far more quiet. Jasper was emotionless as he stared at me like he was trying to decipher a code.

"I did not want her smell in the carriage." Edward said simply and Esme looked very sternly at him while Carlisle looked like he was trying to understand something. After 3 seconds Edward gave a small nod and Carlisle looked back at me.

"I'm sorry for that. I hope you have not been injured." He said and what confused me the most was that he looked like he actually cared. I put one foot behind me ready to run if they tried to attack me.

"Don't worry; you couldn't hurt my pride or strength even if you did try." I said and a few of them looked taken aback by my cruel tone.

"You've had some cruel owners, haven't you?" Jasper finally spoke up.

"Have you ever been dragged by a wild carriage by your foot? It's truly a life changing experience." I said like I was talking about some summer camp." Again Jasper turned into a mask. Carlisle looked stern and Esme looked sad.

"Well, Edward was originally going to get us a boy but we could put you in garden duty and Edward can fetch a boy next month."

"Are you implying I'm too low to succeed in a man's job?" Carlisle didn't look taken aback like I thought he would. He seemed to see it coming because his voice was level and kind.

"I was never implying that but it's harder and longer hours."

"I'll take both the mans and the garden job you thought would fit my standers better and I will do them both splendidly." That shocked Carlisle.

"That's more work then any slave should ever be put through-"

"So you believe I am any slave that can only do so little?" I knew it was rude interrupting and that I was being rude but there were only 2 things that could make my patience wear thin and that's being ignored and underestimated. Carlisle thought for a second.

"Very well, you may have both jobs until Edward fetches a boy next month. If you believe it's too much you will come to me directly if I am not there Edward or Esme. Is that understood?" Carlisle asked.

"Unforgettably" I said but I knew I wouldn't go to them even if it kills me.

"Angela will escort you to your sleeping quarters. Originally we had prepared for a male so you will be staying on the floor of Angela's room."

"Thank you." I said and nodded respectfully before walking away.

"Slave!" Edward called and I stopped in my tracks."

"My name's Bella." I said and turned around to see Rosalie laughing.

"Well you're hardly beautiful." she said before calming down. Esme sent a warning glance but Edward was looking me straight in the eye.

"The rumor is your one of the best slave cooks?" He said and I smiled.

"You heard true."

"Then the night before and the eve of my birthday you shall cook and serve instead of your normal chores. You shall wake early with Angela and do what she does till breakfast where you shall go after to the stables and take care of the horses. After which when the sun had set and the horses are asleep you shall water the garden." He said firmly.

"Very well."

"Good, now go. It's lunch and after you're done Angela will give you a tour." Edward said and again I nodded before leaving. As the door shut I saw Angela waiting for me with a smile.

(Back in the Cullen's ball room) 3rd POV

Carlisle as the rest of the family turned to Edward.

"Edward, what did you do to her?!" Esme asked. Of course she was most concerned about her being dragged behind the carriage.

"Esme! Her smell it was over powering!"

"Then why did you by her?!" Rosalie cut in harshly.

"Cause he wanted to eat her of course!" Emmett said and Edward glared.

"They were going to kill her on stage. I couldn't let that happen and if she bled any more, I would have lost control. I can't keep my anger down around her. It's like she dares me to test her!" Edward explained.

"I've heard of her. She's known as 'the goddess of freedom.'" Carlisle said.

"Try. 'The goddess of my hell.'" He shot back.

"Edward!" Carlisle said in a commanding voice and I knew what ever he wanted I would not disobey.

"You will get over her scent and will apologize. I don't care how long it takes; you will do whatever until she said she forgives you! Until she does, you are forbidden from music, listening or playing." Carlisle commanded.


"No buts!" He said and got up symbolizing that the conversation was finished.

(Back with BPOV)

"Come with me and I shall explain a map of the house on the way." Angela said. I followed her as she began talking.

"This house is one of the biggest and first built in Chicago. It has 8 floors.

The 8th floor is the attic where we keep any junk or storage.

The 7th floor is the men's chambers. There are 10 rooms (Each comes with a bath room) 3 men in each chamber and the man who leads the outdoor activities just like I lead the indoor one's has his own room.

The 6th floor is the women's chambers, again there are 10 rooms, each holding 3 ladies and I get my own. (Each room again comes with a bathroom)

The 5h contains the Cullen's bedrooms.

The 4th contains our dining hall, the music room, the library, the men's 'cigar and brandy' room (Complete with pool table), and Carlisle's Study.

The 3rd floor is also known as the main floor and has the kitchen, living room, dinning room (Also known as the lunch room), Ball room, (which you have just been in). This floor is obviously the biggest in the house and most used.

The 2nd floor is the bathing chambers, pool, hot tub, and anything else about bathing. It also holds the biggest bathroom in the household and the cleanest. All slaves are forbidden to use it. Only the Cullen's may bathe in it. We are also forbidden to use the hot tub and pool unless it is our day off.

Each slave had a different day off once a month. Your day off is 3 days from now. If you forget you don't have to work that day and come in then don't come back asking to take tomorrow off.

Our bathing camber looks a lot like a giant hot tub. We bath every other day and the men bath the day we don't. (The men get the tub tomorrow morning.)

The 1st floor is the dungeons and torturing chambers. Let's hope you never find out what's in there."

When Angela was done her rant I felt much more prepared. The house was very open and you could tell which room was which just by looking inside. It was terribly easy to get from one floor to another cause of the giant stair case right in the middle on every floor.

"Also, one more thing." Angela said as she had her hand on the doorknob.

"There are secret passages all over the house and if you know them then they could lead you to where you want to go. Anywhere on the grounds of the house. Even locked rooms. But if you find one and don't know where it leads then I suggest you never use it. The secret passages where invented for 2 reasons.

-To get people around the grounds faster

-And so when robbers come to the house they go down one and into a trap.

Half the secret passages were designed to kill anyone who walks down them. We lost a lot of people because of those passages. I just thought I should warn you." She said and that sent a chill up my spine as she walked into the dining room.

There were around 60 women and men in the dining room. It looked more like a cafeteria with 6 long tables, each holding 10 people and one across the back holding 6 big pots of amazingly good smelling food with a big stack of plates. Girls and boys were mingling and laughing and it looked just like a party with no music.

"I'll introduce you to James, the manager of the outside work and he'll show you your work-mates for the stables." She said and looked around before leading me to a man with black hair and brown eyes.

"Pleasure too see you, Angela." James said and Angela gave her a big hug with a swift kiss on the lips. When I looked at her she looked like she had just removed her top, she blushed.

"Bella, this is James. He'll be showing you the stable boys."

"Ahhh, yes. BEN, MIKE!" James called and the room went silent as the 2 men ran up to James, Angela and I. Mike had his eyes on me but Ben was looking at Angela. It was clear as daylight that he had a thing for her and I honestly thought he would be better for her then James. James had this dark vibe about him that I just didn't feel comfortable around.

"Mike, Ben, tomorrow this is your new stable helper."

"But she's a girl!" Mike said. I glared.

"And you'll be one too if you don't shut your trap!" I said and he took a step back. James laughed but said in a serious tone.

"I like fighting women just don't talk back to me." I nodded and he and Angela walked away.

"Ummm Bella?" Angela said looking over her shoulder.

"When you hear the bell, meet me in front of the house." She said and didn't look back. I would be a fool if I said I wasn't hungry. And it wouldn't be the truth if I told you I didn't run to the good smelling pots like a mad women. When I arrived I found out that one of them was filled with punch. I filled my plate to the brim of thick pasta. Mike and Ben talked with me as I stuffed my face.

"There are 10 horses in the barn." Ben explained. "I'll tell you their names when we get there. In the morning we feed them then take them for a walk through the forest. (The path is really easy to follow.) After lunch we feed them again and then let them roam through the fields. The horse's fields are fenced up so you don't need to worry about them leaving and at night we let them wander from stable to fields. Wherever they like to sleep best. I know you'll love it here. The Cullen's are really nice and baths always warm." He said.

"How can you talk like that?!" I asked and again the room went silent.

"You're slaves! Yet you dress, eat and talk about you're Masters like their your friends. Do they not whip you, punish you, and rape you!" I screamed and some of the slaves cringed.

"A lot of us thought it was a trick too at first but the Cullen's are different." Angela said from a few tables down.

"If their as good as you claim, then why don't they free you? Pay you? Let you leave?"

"They pay for the food we eat and all we need to do is make it!" A fat lady who was clearly from the kitchen yelled.

"And they give us a nice bed!" Someone else yelled.

"Even if they let us go, where would we live?" Angela said.

"What about the other slaves that are dieing!!! If your Cullen's are so great what are they doing about them?" I protested.

"What are the Cullen's going to do! They can't free us all." At this point the girl who had spoken had tears in her eyes. She was a middle aged red head with a tan and bony arms.

"Fine! Eat your warm food and drink your punch but remember every time you breathe some innocent kid is screaming, dieing, suffering, and being scared huddled in a corner!" I yelled before running out of the room, my stomach full and my hair flying behind me. I didn't know where I was going until I was in front of the house. Looking at it again I started to notice some details. Like on the left was a big field of fruits and foods that grew on trees. Lines of wheat, carrots, fig trees, apples, oranges! On the left was a big fenced field with yellow grass and a big barn near the far corner. I knew at once that that was the horse stables and ran to it. Once I was there I saw all the horses. Each had a stable for 2 I walked around and looked at the names.

Carlisle and Esme's horses, Crest and Grace: Crest was a blond stallion with a kind face and strong legs. His partner, Grace was white with black legs and clearly pregnant.

Alice and Jasper's horses, Starfire and Ecstasy: Starfire is a brown horse with a blond mane and Ecstasy was a bold looking blond with a brown nose and main.

Rosalie and Emmett's horses, Beauty and Gloves: Beauty was a blond horse with a white main wile Gloves was a brown horse with its front feet white. He looked the most playful.

Edward's Horse, Spirit: This horse was alone and a pure black stallion. It's beauty was amazing and it had this wild look like it knew what I was thinking and if I took one step closer I'll be dead.

I didn't even have to look at the other stables. I knew this was the one I wanted to ride. Edward's or not. I quickly put the rains on. It seemed only a little resistant. When I went for the saddle the horse bucked. I knew then that it would get mad the second I picked it up. But understood why a horse wouldn't want an extra weight on its back. This horse was clearly smart.

I opened the stable door and jumped on its back. The second it was free to go it ran. Once outside I was steering it to the exit to the woods but it had none of it. It ran straight for the fence and jumped it. It was exhilarating. For a moment I thought I could fly. It landed and we were galloping through the woods. No path and no one telling us to slow down.

We ran for what must have been 10 minutes but felt like both seconds and hours at the same time. When I wasn't sure how much more my ass could take we found our way into a beautiful meadow. The horse went straight for the river. Once there, I got off as it took a drink and pet him as he drank. Once it was done, I lead it to the middle of the meadow and we both sat down. Spirit rested in the flowers, and I looked at the sky. I don't know how long I watched the clouds go by and walked around, but the second I noticed the red of a sunset I took spirit and got up. We were about to walk away when we heard a growl.

The horse immediately ran and I only got glimpses of gold as we ran back. At one point I saw a main and I knew what we were being chased by, a mountain lion. I didn't understand why it was so close here. The next mountain was far away but it was and I pushed the horse faster. It tried to jump on us a couple times but Spirit avoided it and kept running. When we reached the end of the woods and were now in the back yard of the Cullen Mansion.

It was the most beautiful garden I have ever seen with perfectly green grass, flowers of all shape and size and a small tree near the pond with a bench under it. I however didn't have time to notice its beauty for I was facing a ferocious cat. When the lion came out of the forest, Spirit turned quickly and jumped on it with its 2 front feet. I heard the crack of one of the lion's hind legs as it ran/limped away. The horse cried in victory as I put it back into the fields and let it wander back to the stables for a good nights sleep.

"Ahem." A man cleared his throat and I froze then turned around to see Edward leaning against a wall with a murderous expression.

I was in big trouble.

"This way." He said simply but forcefully as he led me to the ball room. Again, all the seats on the stage were filled.

"Hello." I said but they all looked serious.

"You took my horse." Edward said simply.

"But I gave it back." I said.

"That's not the point!" He yelled and banged his fist on a nearby table.

"Then get to it!" I cried back. He seemed used to my talking back.

"You ran through the forest even though it's strictly forbidden to go in when you're not on the path! You were being chased by a lion! Did you ever consider how dangerous that is?!" He said walking around the table.

"Danger wanted a dance, how could I resist?" I breathed. Edward was in front of me now and I took a step forward to show him I was not afraid. I heard a small growl.

"Why do you test me?"

"Why can't you respect me?!"

"I'm trying!" Edward ran another hand through his hair.

"Your attitude begs to differ." He let out a frustrated sigh.

"Listen, I'm sorry for the way I acted before-"

"Well I don't forgive you. Good night." I said and turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm.

"Why can't you see that if you're in the woods at the wrong time, you'll find something far worse then a lion?!" He said shaking my shoulders.

"Why would you care?" I whispered and he froze on the spot. It took him a second to compose himself.

"Do you think I want to be responsible for your death?"

"It's my choice to go into the woods."

"Again you miss the point!"

"Then stop beating around the bush!"

"I'm trying not to!"

"Well when you find a reasonable question I'll be in my room." I said and grabbed my hand back. I smiled at Carlisle and Esme and nodded my head in respect. They nodded back and I smiled before leaving. When I was shutting the door I heard Carlisle say.

"You could have been more sincere on the apology." But I didn't here the reply as I made my way to the dorm room. 5th floor, I remembered and smiled as I saw the long hallway with doors. At first I was worried I wouldn't know which belonged to Angela but soon found our names carved into a plate on the door. As soon as I found Angela's I walked in. It was a cute little room with a small bed and on the floor a sleeping bag. Angela was reading a book.

She looked up when she saw me and smiled.

"Your uniform for tomorrow is on the sleeping bag along with your pajamas and you have the blue toothbrush in the bathroom. There are a few books over there if you want one." I was glad she didn't mention my outburst in the cafeteria earlier. I don't regret it but I'm not in the mood for sympathy.

"Thanks." I told her and got ready for bed. When I was brushing my teeth I heard a horse noise and saw a black figure with bronze hair go into the forest. Not on the path, just into the forest and grew mad. When I came back into the dorm, Angela was sleeping and I went to my sleeping bag to do the same thing. Just before I fell asleep though, I could a sworn I heard a lion roar.

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What happened to Bella to make her hate kind owners?

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