A New Kind of Story

Song: This Is Where It Ends by Midnight Hour

POV: Bella Swan

I look down upon my wrists. I can no longer feel them. With the lack of oxygen and blood my hands had become a reddish tint that was slowly becoming a grotesque purple. I stare at the door waiting for my doom. I don't know what awaits for me but don't care.

No one will look for me and no one will find me.

I want so badly to go back and change everything I have ever done. Now I can only cling to the hope that Jasper will forgive and forget me because that's all I can hope for. I am a lost cause and to not accept that will only hurt all those who I love. The door suddenly opens. I am tired of this whole damn thing. Let it end.

Demetri smiles and holds boxes in his hands. "Hello love." I say nothing. His smile doesn't seem faltered by my mood. He walks slowly to me as if he actually cared. He bends down to kiss my cheek. I quickly turn away. He shrugs and sits down on the bed.

"It is comfortable." He grins. "Sweetheart, say something."

I glare at him. "Let me go."

He laughs loudly. "No." Suddenly his expression becomes hostile. He begins opening boxes. He walk back to me and takes my wrists. I try pulling them back but can't. With a twist the rag disappear. He repeats the process with my legs. He pull me off the bed and I almost fall. My legs feel weak and I struggle to maintain my balance. He push me towards into the bathroom.

"Shower and dress up." He places the boxes in front of me.

I don't move. He turns around with a smirk. "Unless you need help."

I close my eyes and force my aching legs to move. He picks me up and carries me to the bathroom. He lets me down and I scramble inside the door.

I take off my clothes and shower. The warm water does nothing to help stop my terror.

I walk to the boxes and take out the dress. It's a beautiful ivory color. I slip into it and don't think of the inevitable. I put on the shoes.

"Let me help." The door opens and Demetri steps in. He smiles and holds out his arm. With shaky hands I take it knowing that it's better to avoid pain. He helps me to the bed. I sit down.

He holds the rope. "I'm not going to hurt you if you behave." I don't say anything. He smiles and walk back to the bathroom. He return with the boxes. He strokes my hair with the brush and places a clip in my hair. He places a hand against my lips before taking my cheeks between his cold fingers. He laughs as I squirm and presses his lips against mine. He trails his tongue against them and lightly bites my lip until a drop of blood falls on his tongue. He sucks on my lips and after a while I grow numb to the pain. I close my eyes and feel myself falling into comfortable darkness.

"Bella." I open my eyes.

His green eyes bore into mine. He wears a black tuxedo. I look down and see my white dress. He holds out his hand and I take it.

The sky is purple and the trees have become a lovely pink. We run through the forest with its pink trees and the glimmering golden ground.

He takes my hand and twirls me around. "I love you."

POV: Alice Cullen

"Oh god." Edward hands her to me. This had been the plan. For them to go in, get her out, and for me to run away with her to somewhere safe just in case the Vulturi decided to intervene, but I never thought she'd be like this. Dressed in another wedding dress, unconscious, lips swollen and heart slowing down every second.

I take off running. She's going to change. It's happening. I can smell the venom in her. It's so little - barely a drop, but her body is processing it so fast. Even I know it's too late. Carlisle will have to understand. I can't take her anywhere 'safe' right now. The pain will become unbearable in the next few hours and in a hotel room people are bound to question and call the police.

"Alice, give her to me - I'll get home faster." Edward whispers running next to me. He takes her from my arms.

It was one thing to commit a mistake once - but not twice. We've doomed them both. I promised - oh god.