Part TWO,people! xD


So yesterday I got the conclusion that I'm not into girls...

And after a long talk [a slap] and a few curses we broke up.

Pink haired bitch,it hurt as hell.

Now,I've got another conclusion.

I like that blond guy...I couldn't stop thinking about his eyes. I think I'm obsessed...

Well,it's lunch time again,and he's sitting with his blonde friend,the one that likes me.

She keeps glancing at me,probably thinks I'm looking at her...

I'm not,I just wanna get a glimpse of his eyes. Oh look,she said something to him that made him turn around.

God,his eyes...I feel like I'm drowning...

He blushed and looked away. Heh,cute.

He got up and started walking to my direction. Calm down Sasuke,it's just a guy...a pretty damn hot one but err...yeah. just relax!

"If it's about your friend again,I don't give a flying shit like you said." I started.

He chuckled and sat next to me.

"Actually,it's not her again. I just wanted to talk,since you didn't seem to have a lot of friends." He said. Wow,so he is a nice guy like he looks. ",Sasuke right? What's up?".

"What about that girl? You just left her there?" I asked,isn't it weird that a person walks to you,totally abandoning his friends for someone he dosen't even know?

"Ino? Oh,she'll be fine,her crush moved to Shikamaru now. So anyway,I saw you looked at me. Like what you see?" Did he just hit on me?....I'm speechless.

"Err...what?" he looked at my eyes and yet again I got attached to his. Damnit.

"I what you see?" he grinned at me. Perfect teeth...


"And if I do?" keep it calm,Sasuke...calm...don't jump him and rape least not here.

"Then we could do something about it." He's really different from what he looks...all innocent and cute when he really is hot and smexy. Way to trick little inncoent kids like moi!

"How the hell do you even know I swing that way?" I smirked. "What if you just did a total fool out of yourself?" He smirked back.

"Dude,have you ever heard of a gaydar[1]?" Ohhh,I see...

"Tch. So what exactly makes you want to hit on me?" I asked,smirk still in place.

He stared right into my eyes and smiled.

"I heard you broke up with your girlfriend,since Ino's a friend of hers. Sakura,right?" I nodded. "So I have a chance!" He laughed. I smiled back. Damnit the bell!

I got a pen and paper from my bag and wrote my number,

"Naruto,right? Here's my number. Gotta go,call me!"

"And you ask how I knew you swing that way? 'call me'? that's so gay!" he said,laughing.

"Well,so are you!!" I flipped him off and continued walking to class.

I hope he'll call...,when I think about it...


'Call me' did sound seriously gay.


Done! :D hope you liked this stupid,one hour,no spelling checks,no deleting story xD it was all improvised. XD

Bye bye! :P