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SUMMARY: After what happened in Chuck's attempt to have a normal relationship with Jill, his ex from college who turned out to be a Fulcrum agent, General Beckman orders Chuck and Sarah to maintain their boy friend-girl friend cover relationship on much stronger levels, meaning live together and give all appearances of a happy, loving couple to ward off any troublesome normal girls coming after Chuck. Sarah decides to take advantage of the situation to make Chuck hers.

NOTE: If you are looking for adventure and suspense, you won't find it in this story. This is all character, romance, and fluff, fluff, and more FLUFF!


Hi! I'm Chuck! And here are a few things that you might need to know.

I guess you could say that this all started with Jill, my ex from college. She came back into my life and I started dating her again. But it turned out that she was a Fulcrum agent and she caused all kinds of trouble for me and Sarah and Casey, the CIA and NSA agents that I work with.

So, to make a long story short, I thought for a while there that I actually had a normal relationship with Jill. I had really wanted a relationship with Sarah, the CIA agent who is part of my security detail and who poses as my girl friend in order to stay close to me and protect me. I thought that Sarah might have developed feelings for me and actually felt something for me. I had certainly developed feelings for her and would have liked nothing better than to have a relationship with her.

But I had been told that such feelings could put Sarah in danger. In her line of spy work, she deals with and faces people all of the time who have no emotions or feelings. Romantic feelings can get in the way of her job, put her in danger, and maybe even get her killed. So, in spite of how much I wanted to be with Sarah for real, I broke up with her, saying that I wanted a normal relationship and I didn't think that would be possible with her. She agreed and that was about it.

And then Jill came back into my life. Things looked great. Well, if you can call sneaking around great. I had to do that so that Ellie, my older, protective sister, and people like my best friend Morgan, wouldn't know that I was with Jill. They didn't like Jill after she broke up with me back in college. I did tell Ellie about that first date I had with Jill when she came back into my life and Ellie had a fit. So from then on, I tried to keep it a secret.

Then Sarah and Casey discovered that Jill was actually a Fulcrum agent. In spite of that, I held out some hope that I could work something out with her. But in the end, I realized that could never be and that I would never want it to be.

What happened was Sarah was trying to apprehend Jill in the BuyMore. While searching one room, Sarah didn't know that Jill was right behind her down the hallway and had Sarah in her gun sights all set up for the kill.

I saw this and panicked. Panicked? I nearly went nuclear. There was no way that I could let Jill or anyone harm Sarah. I quickly got Jill's attention and convinced her that I could help her get away. I took her to the back of the BuyMore where the Nerd Herd vehicles were parked, set her up in one. She tried to convince me to come with her. But the deceit, betrayal was all over. When Jill intended to kill Sarah, I had seen her true colors and I had also seen mine. I couldn't let Sarah die, I couldn't let Sarah get harmed, I didn't love Jill, I loved Sarah.

I told Jill that when she intended to kill Sarah, that made the decision for me. I imprisoned Jill in the Nerd Herd vehicle with the secret security and lockdown features that were in the car and told her that she was under arrest and that I was breaking up with her. And that was that.

At least I thought it was. Little did I know what was awaiting me at briefing with General Beckman a few days later.


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