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SUMMARY: After what happened in Chuck's attempt to have a normal relationship with Jill, his ex from college who turned out to be a Fulcrum agent, General Beckman orders Chuck and Sarah to maintain their boy friend-girl friend cover relationship on much stronger levels, meaning live together and give all appearances of a happy, loving couple to ward off any troublesome normal girls coming after Chuck. Sarah decides to take advantage of the situation to make Chuck hers.

NOTE: If you are looking for adventure and suspense, you won't find it in this story. This is all character, romance, and fluff, fluff, and more FLUFF!


Everything went great with Sarah and me from our vacation to Port Aransas and beyond. I had never been happier and I think she had never been happier. Surprisingly, our relationship brought no problems with the CIA and the NSA. Sarah and I had prepared all sorts of arguments and plans if they objected but Beckman didn't as long we continued "to do the usual good job" we had been doing.

So Sarah and I continued to work on missions with Casey while maintaining our jobs and REALLY living together at the apartment. Later, we decided to look for another place as Ellie and Devon's wedding was coming up and we thought that they needed a place of their own, as did we. And we found one. While looking at one of the large bedrooms in the place, I suggested that we get a bigger bed to which Sarah immediately frowned and nixed that idea. It always amazed me at how Sarah was one of the bravest, toughest, strongest persons I had ever known, yet she was very clingy when we were in bed together.

We put down a deposit, signed all of the paperwork. And after we told Ellie and Devon the news, they wanted to give us a celebratory dinner for our "first home together" the next evening. It just so happen that the next afternoon, Casey and I had to go undercover at a big formal bachelor party at a "gentlemen's club." One of the members supposedly was in possession of some super important microchip and we were supposed to try to get it. I had to go along to see if I flashed on anything that would identify the guy and give us a clue as to where the chip might be. Sarah did not look happy about this assignment. After the briefing ended and Beckman signed off, Sarah looked at me and declared that she would be going with us.

"Unless you're planning on popping out of a cake Walker, I don't think so. The only girls allowed at this party are the strippers. You're concerned and don't want Bartowski going to this thing? How do you think he's going to feel about you posing as one of the strippers? He'll be totally distracted and upset and we won't get anything done," Casey declared.

"Fine! Then I'll do video surveillance on this," she fired back.

"We don't need video for this mission! And we certainly don't need it just so that you can keep track of how many lap dances your boy friend gets!" Casey snapped.

Then she and Casey yelled at each other for a while. I managed to calm them both down and then Casey and I convinced her to let us do things our way. She didn't like it, she didn't like it at all. Sarah gave me a lot of stern looks from then on until I left for the mission. And while I was getting into a tuxedo for the party, she helped me with the tie which she knotted very tightly as she laid down some ground rules about my behavior in the club. I did the best I could to appease and assure her. I just wanted to get this mission over with as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, things went well. The party was wild but it was surprisingly easy to find the microchip. Our mark wore quite a few rings on his fingers and I flashed on one. We apprehended him, got the ring, a gold band with a large diamond in the center, back to the NSA lab. Casey and I were there when they examined it and found a microchip under the diamond. I was amazed at the tiny, tiny size. They got the chip, put the ring back together, which Casey tossed to me. I put it in my tux pocket and forgot about it.

I had to get back in time for that dinner with Sarah, Ellie, and Devon and I couldn't walk into the apartment wearing the tux. So I had brought regular clothes in a knapsack and changed into them before Casey drove me back home. Sarah was right at the door when I walked in. I set my knapsack with the tux in it on the dining room table and then hugged and kissed her. While in her embrace, she whispered in my ear, "I expect a FULL and COMPLETE report about what you did at that bachelor party."

Ellie greeted me from the kitchen, "Hey Chuck. You're just in time. Come help."

And what happened after that was … well, amazing, incredible and unbelievable. I would have never imagined such a thing happening – especially the WAY it happened.

It's a little difficult to describe but I'll do my best. I was on one side of the kitchen filling glasses with ice and then going to pour tea. Sarah was on the other side getting plates out of a cabinet. Ellie was in the dining room clearing off the table. Devon walked into the kitchen and was about to greet Sarah and me when a shriek erupted from the dining room.

The three of us turned our heads and saw Ellie kneeling on the floor. She was looking at something in her hand and exclaiming "Oh my God!" over and over again.

Then she looked at me with an expression of both joy and apology as she stammered, "I'm … I'm so sorry Chuck. I, I … moved your knapsack off of the table and it fell out. I'm so sorry. I … I guess I ruined your surprise."

What fell out? What surprise? I hadn't a clue as to what she was talking about. Then I saw what was in her hand -- the ring that Casey and I had retrieved in that mission this afternoon. Ellie thought that she had found an engagement ring and that I was going to ask Sarah to marry me.

I started to laugh and explain the misunderstanding to Ellie when there was a loud crash on the other side of the kitchen. We all turned our heads in that direction and saw Sarah standing there with the dropped plates at her feet. Fortunately, the plates were plastic and we didn't have a bunch of broken glass to clean up.

Her eyes and mouth were wide open as she stared at the ring in Ellie's hand. Then she looked at me.

"Chuck?" she said softly.

I waited for her to laugh. Once she did that, I could laugh with her and then explain that this was all just a misunderstanding. Then everybody could laugh and we could eat dinner.

But Sarah didn't laugh. Her head turned back and forth several times from the ring to me before finally stopping and looking at me adoringly.

"Chuck," she said again softly and tenderly.

Huh? I thought.

Then Sarah launched, and I do mean launched, from where she stood in the kitchen down to the dining room floor by Ellie, where she snatched the ring, put it on her finger – her ring finger – and then swooped back to me. All of that took her no more than a few seconds.

If it hadn't been for the kitchen counter behind me, I would have fallen over as she crashed into me and embraced me tightly. Then she gripped my face with both of her hands and kissed me – again and again and again!

"Chuck, Chuck, Chuck," she kept saying the whole time.

She stepped back, held up her left hand and gazed intently at the ring on her finger. It fit, fit perfectly. She looked directly at me with a gorgeous smile and bright shining eyes and said "Yes, yes, YES! I will marry you Chuck!" Then she embraced me again and wouldn't let go.

Devon came over, patted me on the shoulder and said "Awesome Chuck! Way to go!" again and again and again. Ellie rushed to us and hugged both Sarah and me and told us how happy she was for us and started talking about how we could get married when they did and we could have a double wedding.

And that was how I became engaged to Sarah.

Don't get me wrong, I was delighted to be engaged to Sarah. It just surprised me that she was so delighted to be engaged to me.

I worried about her finding out where the engagement ring came from. Every now and then when Casey got mad at me, he'd always threaten to tell her. I tried several times to replace the ring with a duplicate so I could honestly deny, if she ever found out, that the ring came from a strip club.

But it became impossible to switch it. Sarah always wore the engagement ring. She never took it off. I once asked her about that and when she gave me a deathly glare, I realized that I was treading dangerously.

"We are engaged Chuck, engaged to be married. And I intend on advertising that fact to everyone including Jill, Lou and any of your other brunette bimbos," she said.

"You aren't actually thinking of visiting Jill in prison and waving that ring in her face, are you?" I asked Sarah.

She smiled and didn't say anything. I never did know for sure if she really did that. But she definitely never took off that ring and I wasn't able to switch it. Well, she did take it off one time – on our wedding day, when we said our vows and the wedding band had to go on her ring finger first, then followed by the engagement ring.


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