Note, I don't own any of these characters or anything, its all the genius of Rick Riordan. I own just this small insignificant tale.

I sat up shakily, and groaned. I felt dizzy and woozy, like somebody had hit me on the head with a frying pan. I stood steadily on my feet for a moment before glancing in the mirror. I had been here for…how long now? I had no idea, but it seemed like an eternity…and still I looked horrible. I pulled Riptide out of my pocket and uncapped it. It glowed faintly in the moonlight. I turned it towards my watch to check the time. 1:00 am. I stared at Riptide for a moment before putting it back in my pocket.

I slowly made my way outside looking for her. I found her, as usual, by her garden. Calypso. She had her auburn hair tied back in her customary pony tail and her hazel eyes were intent upon the garden she tirelessly worked on. She looked up and smiled when she noticed me.

"Hey, Percy," she said, looking beautiful in the moonlight. Since I first got here I was starting to grow attached to Calypso. Her beautiful smile was one of the greatest things about her.

"Hey…what're you doing up?" I asked, grinning back at her. That's when I noticed that the dress she was wearing was slightly see-through; I blushed and looked at the garden, hoping she couldn't tell in the moonlight.

"Just minding the garden. It's a lot of work sometimes," she replied. "Here, hand me that spade will you?"

We worked on the garden, chatting about anything that came to mind: her world, my world, the impending war between the Gods and Kronos, you know, nothing too big.

"That sounds exciting," she said with a sad smile, looking me in the eye as I finished telling her about the time some monsters had attacked me during dodge ball. I nodded back sleepily, stifling a yawn. She wasn't fooled.

"Go back to bed," Calypso ordered, sternly. "You need to rest up so you can go back and save the world Percy." She playfully pulled me up and pushed me towards the cave. I turned back to look at her.

"Don't you need help with your garden?" I asked, somewhat hopeful that she would let me stay."

She laughed. It was the greatest sound in the world. "Percy, I've been tending my gardens for years, trust me, I'll be okay." Another award-winning smile. "Off you go now." Defeated, I staggered back to bed.


Around 3:00 am I awoke suddenly. Since I had been staying with Calypso, I've been having nightmares about the pain and the Mt. St. Helens. But the longer I stay, the more those night mares have been punctured by dreams about Calypso. I took a deep breath and released. It had been so vivid…so life like…so sexy. If only Calypso knew what I thought about her. I shuddered at the thought. I was still feeling the effects of my dreams though. I sat up and looked around. I couldn't see Calypso and I couldn't hear her invisible servants.

I slid back into bed and pulled down my pants. My 7 ½ inch dick sprang to attention, pulsing with my thoughts about Calypso. I grabbed it with my right hand and started to rub it slowly, imagining running my hands up and down her body, licking on her tits, fingering her pussy. My left hand wandered down and I started rubbing my balls, imagining her strong but gentle hands doing the same. I was close to orgasm when I heard her.

"Well, well, well, what do we have hear?" came the playful voice in my ear.