It's been quite some time since I've last published anything--scratch that, it's been one hell of a long time since I've written anything for SasuIno. This story has actually been sitting on my harddrive for months. Perhaps even half a year. But I always loved the idea, and the possibilities that exploring the subjects that I'm planning to touch here would give me to develop my characters, so I decided it was about time for this little pet of mine to see the light of the day.

I, though, have not much of this planned. This is new to me, since I usually plan everything before hand and publish it only after I am positive of most of the stuff that will happen. But I've been victim of one hell of a writter's lock lately--blame that on the lack of continuation of Dancing Partner. But I swear, I'm going to finish it. And I'll probably write a continuation, a multi-chapter fic to give it some closure because I already have the ending to both in mind, so definitely look forward to that if you guys are interested!--and thought this could be a good way to get over it once and for all.

It's the first time I'm posting an AU, and hell, it's the cliched High School kind. Yeah, I want to shoot myself too. But believe me, I'm going to try and give this one a different approach, so hopefully you guys are willing to give it a try.

That said, SasuIno won't be the only pairing in here, of course. But I'll let them show up at their own time. Look forward to the rest! Though well, you all know NaruSaku is coming.

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Title: Away from the lights.

By: Goth-Punk88 [Kanae // TsukiKanae8]

Main Pairing: SASUINO.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, and lately, I love Kishimoto way too much so I'm happy Naruto is all his. He better not screw Hawk up, though.

Extended Summary: Mr. Popularity Sasuke Uchiha has girls throwing themselves at him left and right, but he doesn't care at all. That's until he lays eyes on Ino Yamanaka, the school's slut, who's never been in love. Now, things are bound to change, as Sasuke is dead set on making her his. [SasuIno AU]

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"But why not?!"

"I'm not interested"

"Come on, Sasuke! You just can't say no!"

"Really? Just watch me"

"Damnit, Sasuke!" Complains the other boy, loudly, "Why do you always have to do the same thing?!"

"Naruto's right!" Chimes in a dark-haired guy, "This is our perfect chance to get laid, and you're wasting it!"

"Not everyone is as desperate for sex as you are, Kiba" Is Sasuke's easy answer. Even after one whole hour of whining and begging from his loud-mouthed friends, his features still effortlessly remained arranged in that aloof, uninterested look of his that somehow managed to trap every girl under a 50 feet meter radius.

The dark-haired guy—Kiba, let out a loud growl. "Oi! I'm not desperate! I've already gotten laid, you know? If anyone should be desperate here, it should be you!"

Sasuke sighed inwardly, knowing all too well where things were heading—Naruto's words only confirmed his suspicions.

Sasuke resisted the urge to growl out of sheer annoyance.

"He's right, Sasuke. Out of all of us, you're the only one who's still a virgin" The blonde commented half-heartedly, but that hint of mocking-ness was still made apparent by his cocky expression.

Maybe they were right.

Still, Sasuke merely rolled his eyes and gave Naruto a dead panned look, looking as bored as always, "And that should be important because…?"

He already knew why it should be important; he knew it all too well. But he wasn't about to let them know that.

"That isn't normal, you know? You're Uchiha Sasuke, for fuck's sake. And no matter how damn unfair it is for hotter guys like me, you have all the girls willing to get into your pants. So why don't you just take the chance, it's beyond me" Naruto sighed, leaning back further on his desk while Sasuke felt four pair of eyes landing on him instead.

Still, he kept his cool.

No one knew the true reasons of why Sasuke Uchiha—the most popular and lusted-after guy in the whole school—was still a virgin.

Of course, that not everyone knew that little fact.

There were a few rumors going around, of how he always rejected girls who tried to get too touchy-feely with him, or how he always stopped things when the usual make-out session was about to get out-of hand. But still, that's all they were.


They were rumors made of nothing but truths, sure; but only his friends knew that for sure, and he knew that even if one of them spilled the beans, not everyone would believe it.

After all, there was always the desperate crazy fangirl who would claim to have gotten into his pants in one party or another. And regardless of how disgusting he thought that was, he wasn't about to reveal they were lying.

His pride would get on the way. His common sense as well. Perhaps even his survival instinct would want to have a say on it.

So as of now, he has supposedly slept with half of the female population of the school already—including one or another hot teacher that just didn't know how to act their age.

So much for being a virgin.

How things worked themselves out for him without him even trying to move a finger never failed to amuse the hell out of Neji, and annoy Naruto and Kiba to no end.

But it wasn't his fault now, was it?

He was just the common popular guy, with a twist.

A twist that apparently had his friends jaded.

But he had his reasons; reasons that he wasn't about to share with anyone, and much less them.

They wouldn't understand.

"I don't take them because I don't want to" Sasuke stated after some seconds of silence, and the mere comment earned him tired sighs and glares from his friends, "What's the charm of screwing a girl who practically throws herself at you?"

"The charm is, dear Sasuke" Kiba started, drawing out slowly every syllable as if that would make them get carved in his friend's brain. "In ripping her darn clothes off and fuck her until she can't take it anymore!" The dog boy blurted out, and Naruto nodded solemnly at his side.

Sasuke looked at them as if they were the most pathetic beings on earth. "For you, maybe. After all, you guys would go after anything with a skirt"

"A short skirt. Like, really short"

"Hey! Don't forget a hot ass!"

"Tch, whatever" Rolling his eyes, Sasuke stood up, grabbing his pack and slouching it above his shoulder.

"Where're you going, mate?" Asked Neji, while Shikamaru finally averted his eyes from the window he had been boringly staring through the whole time.

"I'm off" He answered, turning around. "These fucktards are killing my brain with their bullshit"

"Oi! Who are you telling that to, huh?!"

But Sasuke ignored Naruto's enraged yell and kept on walking, a smirk turning upwards the corner of his lips, "See you guys later"

Were his last words, as he left the room.

At his back the girls around him started giggling and whispering excitingly to each other, blushes painting their cheeks with mixed tints of red.

Naruto scowled, hearing all too clearly the ruckus the Uchiha caused with merely lifting a corner of his lip and feeling sick about it.

"Damn him" He murmured angrily, crossing his arms above his chest, "He doesn't know how lucky he is… the bastard"

She looks briefly above her shoulder, making sure he was coming her way before leaning down; the tight dress she had chosen that morning had just one purpose—and that was making her look smokin' hot while she did exactly what she was doing.

Really, managing to look fuckable while supposedly picking up a falling pencil was something that not everyone and their cat could manage; but she spent pretty much the whole night practicing in front of the mirror—and also while she was showering—and she was damn sure that she had gotten the movements mastered to nothing but complete perfection.


Her shoulders were inclined a little backwards, her chest pushed as forward as her petite body could possibly allow her; her hips managing to sway softly, almost unnoticeably; her ass standing out prominently thanks to the tightness of the dress. A lock of cheery-pink hair falling gracefully above her shoulder and above one of her emerald orbs, as one arm delicately and slowly—almost too slowly—reached forward and grasped the pencil between her soft, slim fingers.

Her mind screamed with joy, knowing damn well that she was looking hotter than she ever had; knowing that everything had gone according to plan. Now, now it was downright impossible that he wouldn't notice her. No when she was exposing herself so blatantly and shamelessly right in his face.

So when she looked to the side from the corner of her eyes and saw him walking past her, his eyes staring straight ahead and not even deviating by mistake towards her general direction, Sakura could do nothing but sigh with annoyance and disappointment. Quickly and brusquely she rearranged her position and snatched the pencil off the floor, her brow furrowed darkly, her lips curved into a deep scowl.

Really, it was a wonder how in the world Sasuke had managed to resist—ignore—her charms; she knew she had looked her finest right there! The jerks still ogling and practically drooling over her were living-proof of that!

"What are you idiots staring at?!" She demanded angrily, and it was enough to make them come back to their senses and quickly return their attention to whatever it was they were doing before she started her spectacle.


She thought airily, while arranging a misplaced lock of pink hair behind her ear; really, who gave them the right to stare at her? Only hot guys could ogle at her—or even dare to try a move on her, for that matter. But still, only Sasuke would be the one she would ultimately date; at least seriously.

That had been her main purpose in life since the moment she laid eyes on him when she entered the academy. And through the years they had been studying together, she hadn't even managed to get kissed by him! Really, she just didn't get it!

What wasn't she doing right? Wasn't she being sexy enough? Daring enough? Interesting enough?

'I guess next time I'll have dance naked on his lap. That will have to get to him'

She thought gloomily, placing one hand on her hips.

So absorbed she was into her thoughts, that Sakura almost doesn't hear the voice calling out her.

"Hey, Sakura!"

Blinking with slight surprise, she turned around only to find her best friend walking towards her.

All around her she could see heads turning towards the walking blonde, whose expression didn't change at all; the same soft, but somewhat mischievous smile still adorning her creamy lips, her brow still relaxed, her blue eyes sparking with that something that Sakura knew only too well; her hips swaying seductively, her long legs stepping on the floor with just the right amount of confidence and elegancy; the tips of her short skirt swaying around her creamy thighs and showing just the right amount of skin, leaving exactly the right amount left to the imagination; her blonde hair, which was up in a ponytail today, flying softly besides her, and managing to glow thanks to the lights of the corridor.

Sakura could literally see the saliva coming out of the guy's—and even some girl's—mouths, and rolled her eyes with disdain.

She was already way too accustomed to it; way too used to the fact that no matter what Ino did, she always attracted the stares. Being so used to it had—thankfully—allowed her to stop feeling the hideous jealously that had gripped her veins back when it all first started—back when Ino finally got her first period—but still, it somehow managed to pop up it's ugly head into her mind from time to time.

'Damn her, how can she look so damn sexy while merely walking?!'

She already knew there was no answer to that question, besides that it was just part of Ino's natural charm; but it still didn't stop her from asking herself the same thing every time the blonde seemed to be more like floating rather than walking.

"Hey, Ino. You're early" Sakura raised one slim pink eyebrow, as the blonde neared her, "What do we own the miracle to?"

Ino merely grinned, brushing one loose stand of hair above her shoulder, "Aw shut up, pinky. Why can't I be early merely because I felt like it?"

Sakura rolled her eyes, but smirked all the same, "Because that's just not you. Yamanaka Ino doesn't just feel like being early to something; she has to be as late as possible, merely because that's her"

Ino giggled, now standing right in front of her friend, "Hey! Things are bound to change, sooner or later, ya know!"

Sakura snorted, "Yeah, right. As if things could change with you"

"Aw shut up already!" Both girls erupted into cheery laughing as Ino hit the pink-haired girl playfully on one arm. Swiftly, Sakura closed her locker and started to walk arm-in-arm with her blonde friend.

"What are we going to do today?" She asks her, as they stroll together through the main corridors of Konoha High, her senses being able of picking up the dozens of stares that were placed upon both of them.

"Dunno, but I haven't been in a good party since forever!"

"We went to one last Friday, Ino"

"So? It's been a week already!"

"Heh, you're such a drama-queen"

"And you love me that way, Haruno"

"Shut up, Yamanaka"

Both girls giggled again, none of them noticing just by whose locker they were walking by right then.

Sasuke's head raised from the book he was eyeing, his obsidian orbs searching for the source of the cheerful talking that was reaching his ears and landing onto two girls that were making their way towards him.

And then, his eyes focused only on her, ignoring the pink-haired girl at her side.

It was a wonder, really, how the mere sight of her smile could manage to make his heart beat that much faster, but he guessed that it wasn't all that surprising, anyway.

Ino Yamanaka wasn't known as the prettiest, hottest, and downright most breath-taking girl in the whole school for nothing.

And as she and her friend strolled past him, her blue orbs not even turning to take a brief glance in his direction, he felt something inside of him sink.

Everyone could tell him that he was the most popular and sought after guy in the whole school; every girl could give everything and more just to get a look from him.

But it really didn't mean much, when the only girl you wanted to look your way, didn't do so.

- -

End Prologue.

Everyone is obsessed with sex lately, aren't they? Perhaps we are part of them, who knows. Regardless, I find the whole thing funny.

The personalities of some characters, specifically Naruto and Sakura are different from how they currently are in canon and instead have a lot of traits of their selves from part I--but do not worry, I took that route so I could develop them here. I'm not decided yet on Neji's personality and don't have a clue of where are half of the characters, but I'll manage, and they won't be OCC. Or at least, they'll have be believable changes in their personality and won't be OC's that share the canon character's name, like usually happens in these kind of story.

The idea of having Ino being the school's slut came because, from most of the AU's I've read that feature SasuIno, Ino is shy, geeky, tomboyish or something that's completely unlike herself; and though fun to read, I thought: what would the real Ino be? Obviously, the most popular girl in school. The blonde with the fame of air-headed, but that every guy wanted to fuck. I decided to give that a little twist, and this is what came out from it.

After all, SasuIno is the epitome of popular guy x popular girl. Pretty boy x Pretty girl. Hot boy x Hot girl. And though that's not a central element in the pairing, it is an interesting point so I wanted to explore it.

And now I'm rambling.

I can't assure you guys when will the next update come, but it WILL come. I'll start working on the next chapter today, for sure.

Right now though, I really want to hear your thoughts. I need some help with the summary, like I said before; and I also want to know if you guys would be interested in seeing more of this story, as well as the sequel for Dancing Parner. Not to mention, your reviews inspire me so the more the merrier.

Thank you all for reading, hope you enjoyed! And looking forward to hearing from all you.