Takes place the Christmas after season seven. Just a short story, not individual oneshots like my Anastasia special. Mostly Luke/Lorelai, but a lot of Stars Hollow in there too. Reviews make great stocking stuffers...:D




"The fries or the coffee?"

"Should I have to choose?" Lorelai held up her empty mug and crumb-filled basket. "Must have snackage!"

Luke rolled his eyes from behind the counter and took the empty basket from her hand, transferring it to Ceaser. "Refill on the fries."

Ceaser wouldn't take it just yet. "I'm supposed to be taking my ten, you know."

"Oh, really!" Luke's blue eyes lit up with unbeleivably fake enthusiasm. "In that case, go ahead. In fact, take thirty. Or an hour---hell, take the week off. Ignore the hungry customers, they'll just graze on the lawn like God intended."

"This bitter attitude of yours can't be healthy," Ceaser pointed out, and snatched the tray, heading back to the kitchen.

"On the contrary, my blood pressure's been excellent." He turned back to an amused Lorelai, and swapped the sarcasm for curiosity. "So what were you saying about Saturday?"

"Oh, that." Lorelai deflated noticeably. She loved to talk, but this particular subject was about as much fun as being one of those moles in a Whack-A-Mole game. "The Gilmores are hosting their annual Christmas party---which of course is not acually on Christmas. It's supposed to snow on Christmas, and that would just be a bother....I mean, what is so wrong with a little snow on Christmas? It's a New England tradition. Bing Crosby sang about it. Frosty sure as hell couldn't get by without it.... And she said we were 'expected.' Just like that. 'Expected.' Can you believe that? Catharine The Great has summoned. I suppose we have to bring a severed head to pass, and bow five times when we enter or leave a room.... Which would be cake compared to an evening with Emily. We should just stay home and watch Saw II again, it's the same basic idea, except the evening with Emily doesn't have the warm and fuzzy morals...."

She was in rant mode now, and Luke cut her off. He fully recognized that she'd gotten better at this since spending time with him, and he didn't plan to call attention to it. "Anything I can say to shut you up?"

By now her fries had been refilled, and Lorelai stuffed one in her mouth. "That my mother's spending Christmas in Europe would be nice."

Luke poured a fresh batch of coffee into her mug for the third time in a row and nodded toward the window behind her. "How about 'it's snowing?'"

She gasped, whirling around on her stool and sending her dark brown waves flying. "No!" she exclaimed, but it wasn't a sad 'no.' It was a happy 'no.'


"You know what that means?" she asked semi-rhetorically, turning back around.

"Uh, let's see..." He was trying to remember what she'd said a long time ago.... "Hot cocoa, hot toddies, sledding, curling, and various other 'magic?'"

"Well." Lorelai let a develish look cross her face. "That, and my mother will be so ticked off tomorrow."